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Boy you must be dreaming


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Chapter Ten – Boy you must be dreaming
It was the first break of the tour and I couldn't wait to spend time with Pete. We seemed to be lacking it lately. The only time we were ever alone together it was at night and we were both too exhausted to talk.
Finally, I thought as Pete and I walked through the biggest park I had ever seen. Our fingers were laced together as he tried to get me to skip with him. That was not going to happen. We amazingly went unnoticed, steeling kisses now and again.
Pete and I sat down on top of a picnic table in the middle of the park. He sat cross legged while I rested mine on the seat below.
"Are you gay?" He asked suddenly breaking the silence. I was taken aback by the question. Was I gay? I had never really thought about it.
"I don’t know." I answered honestly. "I guess I've never have really been attracted physically or emotionally to anyone, boy or girl. That is until I met you." He blushed and looked away smiling. I laughed lightly loving the fact I could make him blush.
"So are you physically or emotionally attracted to me?" He asked turning back to me, a smirk playing on his lips. I leaned in and kissed them pushing him back onto the picnic table.
"Can't it be both?" I whispered kissing behind his ear. He nodded vigorously before I kissed him again. His fingers worked their way into my hair as the kiss deepened.
"Whoa!" Someone screamed.
"This is better than fan fiction!" Exclaimed a girl.
"Hell yeah!" Pete and I pulled apart and sat up looking around for where the voices were coming from. There wasn’t anyone in site.
"Oh s**!" The girls voice screamed. There was a thud and a grown behind us. We turned around to see a girl sitting at the base of a tree. Pete and I jumped off the table to go and help her.
"Smooth Em." The other voice said. I looked up in the tree to see a boy there with long brown hair. His pierced lips smirked down at me.
"Are you okay?" Pete asked kneeling down next to her.
"Better than ever!" She exclaimed happily. Pete and I glanced at each other in confusion.
"Wow Em, just wow." Said the boy before jumping out of the tree landing right next to me.
"Shut up Noah." 'Em' told him letting Pete help her up. "Hi! I'm Em."
"Pete." He smiled shaking her hand.
"Oh, I know who you are!" She exclaimed then looked at me. "You too!"
"Could you get anymore fan girl?" The guy asked folding his arms over his chest.
"Probably!" She smiled. "That's my twin brother Noah! Pete even though he's trying to act all cool deep down he is going all fan boy! He loves you!" I couldn't help but snicker when Noah glared at her and his face turned bright red.
"Really?" Pete asked turning to him. I don't think I've ever seen someone turn that shade of red before.
"What were you guys doing in the tree?" I asked changing the subject for Noah's sake.
"You know," Em started.
"Stuff." Noah finished. Pete burst out laughing; I just shook my head smiling.
"Awkward." I mumbled causing Pete to laugh even harder.
"You know you dudes are pretty rad," Pete said between fits of giggles. "You wanna hang out?" Their eyes widened as they looked at each other.
"Hells yeah!" They said in unison, Pete laughed again.
"So what do you want to do?" He asked looking at me. I shrugged and looked to the twins. They looked at each other then back at us.
"Laser tag!!!" They yelled.
"THAT SOUNDS LIKE FUN!" Pete exclaimed jumping up and down. "Come on Kev can we? Please, please please??"
"Come on Kevin please?" The twins asked begging.
"How old are you people?" I asked laughing.
"18." The twins answered in unison.
"28." Pete smiled. I shook my head laughing.
"Okay we can go." They all cheered. Pete and I followed the twins as they led the way. As we exited the park Pete slipped his hand into mine. I smiled intertwining our fingers.
*after laser tag*
Em and I sat outside the local Burger King waiting for Noah and Pete to come back with the food.
"No matter what they say, we kicked their butts!" She exclaimed.
"Duh!" I laughed. Today I had the most fun I'd had in a long time.
"The chickens are coming!" Noah yelled before setting the tray of food down.
"You are so random." I told him as they sat down.
"Am I Mr.Kevin? Am I?" For some strange reason at some point in the day he took to calling me Mr. Kevin.
"Yes." Everyone except him answered. We ate and laughed and joked.
"Underworld is way better!" Noah told me as we threw away our trash and started back to the buses.
"No the Matrix kicks Underworlds a** any day!" Pete countered smiling at me.
"I agree with Noah." Em nodded.
"As do I." I said smiling at Pete who was glaring playfully at me.
"Ha!" Noah yelled at Pete. "Put that in your juice box and suck it!" Pete smiled and started laughing. Suddenly I didn’t feel so comfortable with Noah there. Why I'm not sure.
When we got back to the buses Em and Noah informed us that they had to go home.
"Hey can I have your guys number?" Pete asked them taking out his phone. They nodded and took turns programming their numbers into his cell. I felt a twinge of jealousy when Pete smiled widely at Noah as he took his phone back. That was the smile he always used on me. I sighed in relief as they walked away. I tried to hide how upset it made me when I stepped onto the bus. That washed away when he pinned me up against the wall and pressed his lips to mine. As far as I could tell we were alone on the bus. Perfect.
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