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The Second Show.

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Andrea enjoys her second show Backstage. Why? Read and find out.

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-Chapter Six: The Second Show-

I got off the bus and started walking toward the venue. I decided to stop by Starbucks first and get a Latte to warm me up abit. The weather hadnt changed at all, it
was still gloomy,cloudy, cold, and foggy. But for someone reason it was my favorite type of weather, it always seemed to resemble what my soul would be
like. Still pondering I grabbed my Latte and left Starbucks. The strong wind was foricibley pushing my body back, the wind was watering my eyes. I couldnt see
where I was going. Walking through the strong breeze, a waist high pole hit the left side of my hip. Causing me to fall over, spilling my Latte my yellow tank, the hot
liquid scolded my skin underneath. Then someone hovered me, sheilding the wind with their body. My vision was clearing up and the figure kneeling beside me was coming to focus.
"Are you alright?" I recognized the voice, it was his voice...Gerard's voice.
"Gerard" I said, my eyes cleared and I saw his face not far from mine.
"Yeah, its me, but you didnt answer my question." he said irritated and worried.
"No. My whole body hurts" I said with pain in my voice.
"I bet! You fell down really hard and you spilled your Starbucks all over you. Isnt it burning?" He was pushing my hair back with his right hand.
"I dont know? I dont remember falling." I said trying to get up on my own but my head felt like a thousand pounds and once again I hit the pavement with a thud.
"My head!" I moaned rubbing my head.
"C'mon, I gotcha." He said, pulling both my arms and getting me to my feet.
I put my arm around his shoulders and he put his around my waist. A peircing pain traveled through my body making fall on my knees.
"OUCH!" I yelled.
He kneeled beside me again.
"Alright, I need to get you inside another way." He said. You could tell he was thinking of something in his head.
"I'm cold." My teeth were chattering.
"Hold on." He got up from kneeling.
All of sudden the ground from beneith me was no longer there. I noticed that Gerard was craddling me in his arms. My body felt warm against his, he opened the
front door to the venue and the warm breeze comforted me.
"Damn! What the hell happened to her?" Frank chuckled a bit.
I Flipped him off. I didnt mean to, happened kind of like a reflecs. Gerard laughed.
"She had a nasty fall outside." Gerard explained to Frank.
He kept walking me all the way to the back to the stage. He laid me on the couch that was there. He went and sat down on a metal fold out chair and shrugged off
his leather jacket that I found for him. I looked down at my shirt and noticed the crusty brown stain on it.
"I wished I had extra clothes." I said.
"Oh, hold on!" He ran out the room for a minute. He handed me a black shirt.
"You can borrow my's clean so don't worry."
I unfolded the shirt to read the lettering in front.
It read: 'Motor Head'.
"That's my favorite shirt by the way, so don't lose it." He smiled.
I got up slowly, I was still very sore.
"Uh, can you turn around?" I said to him.
"Oh, you're going to change in here? Alright." He said turning the chair around with him.
I took of my tank and put the 'Motor Head' shirt that I borrowed. It was baggy but comfortable and it smelled just like him, it smelled...good. I sat down on the
couch slowly.
"You can turn back around now." I said.
He turned back around with his chair again.
"Wow, you look better in my shirt then I do." He Smiled, "Well, I don't think you should be out in the crowd during the concert, you have enough bruises as it is."
Gerard said getting up from his chair, "You're Lucky I was outside having a smoke. I probably wouldn't of been there to save you."
"Do you want a trophie or something? That's all I will give you, if you're looking for a blow job find Alyssa she'll probably do it. Not me though I'll just give you a
trophie not suck your dick." I wasn't really making sence it was probably because I had a knot in the back of my head.
"Um, no I don't want you to give me a blow job, a trophie is fine but you don't have to get that either. You have quite a mouth on you, don't you?" He said laughing at
his last sentence, "Well, you just have to stay in here." He left the backstage.
I could hear the band play song, after song, after song while I was backstage. After a while my muscles were sore and crampping up. I lifted my borrowed shirt and
pulled down my pants alittle from my side. I saw the ugly purple bruise taking half the side of my left hip. It really was a good idea that I didn't go out there, well more
like his idea.
Alittle while later the guy's came into the backstage area after they finished their set. Gerard was the first to walk in.
"You look better. So how'd you like yout second show?" Gerard looked sweaty and exausted, So did the other guys when they walked in with him.
"I didn't even get to see to see the show." I said.
"But you got to hear it." He said trying to be smart.
"Hey," Ray was the last person to walk in cause he stayed behind to talk to some fans. "I heard you fell out ealier." He said with amusement in his voice.
"Shut Up! I could have ended up in the hospital you know! How would you feel then?" I said with sudden anger. The amusment from Ray's face was completely
"Oh, c'mon Andrea don't be dramatic." Mikey said to me. "He wasn't trying to be mean." He took a sip of his soda right after he finished talking.
"It's her head," Gerard said. "She hit it really hard on the concrete, when she fell outside." He was explaining to Mikey. " It's been a long day for you." He said talking to
me now. "How 'bout I take you home?" He clapped his hands together and stood up. "So you don't get lost on your way." Being saracastic, he smiled at me.
"Not Funny." I said with exastion in my voice, Gerard walked over to me.
"I take that as a yes." He held out his hand for me to grab. "C'mon." He Said.
I was looking at his hands that were hovering over my face, I was in a daze just by looking at is long, rugged, artsty fingers. Suddenly, his hands were no longer where they used to be.
They were now pulling me up. I stumbled as I got up, I clutched Gerards wrist to catch my balance. We both walked out of the venue, my hand still on his wrist. After two failed
attempts Gerard finally was able to get a hold of a taxi. He helped me in the cab and got in on the other side.
"Where to?" The taxi driver asked.
"Go right 'till you get to 42nd and Rockwood, turn left, and stop a the True Winds Appartments." The driver was already heading towards the appartment before I finished the directions
"What's the appartment number?" Gerard asked.
"A13" I said yawning.
I fell asleep on the way to the appartment. I woke up realizing I wasn't in the taxi anymore...
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