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Fall Away

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What did Ryuhou say to Mimori on the way to the coast when he told her not to go on the trip to the Lost Ground? RyuxMim, enjoy!

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Fall Away

By: Brynn Parker


Author's Note: This will be a one-shot, because I'm firmly against not staying faithful to the events in any series. I always try to fit things in to the series. I'm just sneaky like that...hehe...

This is what I thought happened on the trip to that bridge place between Ryuhou and Mimori in the episode "Mimori Kiryu", where Kazuma had to get medicine for Kanami so he got help from know the one.

I haven't seen much of the show yet, but I was struck with this idea and had to write it be kind please!



He was bringing her with him so that he could talk to her about the trip into the Lost Ground. She knew that he thought she shouldn't go, that he was going to try and stop her.

Maybe she could get through to him.

"Ryuhou," she said quietly, nervously.

"Yes, Miss Kiryu?"

She winced. Why did he have to call her that? Had she come all this way just so that she could chase after him while he insistently kept his distance?

All those years ago, he had been different. What had happened to him to make him so sad?

"About the mission into the Lost Ground-"

"I didn't want to talk about that until we got to our destination," he said stiffly. She looked away from his face. It felt like his eyes were burning into her, telling her to back down and quit trying.

"Alright," she said, looking back up at him and defying his gaze. "What am I permitted to talk about?"

She was going to get him to talk to her.

"You may talk about anything you want, Miss Kiryu," he said curtly, saying the formal name a little louder.

"Alright, Ryuhou," she said, stubbornly refusing to call him by his last name. She searched her mind for what else she could say. didn't have much experience with this...jealousy? "How much do you know about Straight Cougar?"

He didn't move a muscle. "He's reckless," he said in monotone.

'Alright, that didn't work,' Mimori thought, toying with some other options. She took the piece of stone on her necklace into her hand and brushed her thumb against the smooth surface. She didn't notice when Ryuhou glanced over.

"Ryuhou," she finally said. She had to keep saying his name, otherwise she might forget that it was still the same boy that she'd known all those years ago. "Do you remember..." She trailed off. It might be too much to bring up.

"Do I remember what, Miss Kiryu?" he asked, no expression.

Her desire to get him to show emotion overrode her caution. "Do you remember when I came and visited your house?"

He simply nodded stiffly. She continued. "You were so optimistic back then. What changed?"

He glanced over at her and then clasped his hands together. The muscles in his forearms tightened visibly as he clenched his clasped hands tighter. "It was time to grow up," he said finally, "Childish dreams are a hindrance when you are doing more important work at HOLY."

She turned more towards him, frowning. "Don't you remember how it feels feel?"

"I'm afraid I don't," he said. He looked towards the front when the car stopped. "We're here, Miss Kiryu."

He went to open the door but her hand reached out and covered his own before he moved further. "Call me Mimori," she pleaded.

He didn't respond, pulling his hand away and getting out of the car instead.


Author's Note: I know it was short, but I just felt like writing it. So review please! Thanks for reading!

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