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Chapter 13

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December 17, 2007.

Posted to: GuitarHero

Adam, Ai, and I are going to sell re-vamped clothing and small thingies next year at an anime convention. We'll have our own booth and everything. It'll be awesome and I'm excited. :D

I miss my smiley. I am still trying to find out how it fell out. XD CRY.

I really, REALLY, really want to be friends with this kid in the 7th grade. Even to the point where I was going to go up to him and fall to my knees and scream my everlasting love for his hair. But not really. Then I remembered: "Wtf, Frank. You're stupid. You don't talk to people! LOLZ. GO BACK TO STARING AT YOUR SHOES, N00B." And I have that oh-so annoying feeling that he stares at me in the hallway. So paranoid. Oh goodness.

My eye has been a funky shade of red since like, last Tuesday. It's getting quite irritating.

MIKEY IS GOING TO ASK HIS PARENTS TO ADD AN EXTENSION ON HIS ROOM SO I CAN LIVE WITH HIM. :D How awesome is that? I totally didn't force him to write that on his Christmas list, by the way.

Comment(s): 5
Sing4Absolution: WAIT. Your smiley fell out!? What the hell? When did this happen?
--GuitarHero: It happened about a month ago when I slept over Mikey's. I went to touch my nose and it just... fell out of my mouth! Ugh, I'm so distraught.
---LittleDrummerBoy: God, you are a n00b.
KissMyBass: Now remember Frank, talk to people if you don't want to be alone.
--GuitarHero: Shut. Up.


December 18, 2007.

Posted to: KissMyBass

-So I finally managed to change my smiley. But it looked ridiculous with my braces so I changed it right back.
-My mom is mad because I threw out my contacts box like six months ago. WELL MAYBE SHE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ME NEW ONES WHEN I ASKED.
-I still haven't found my shoes. But I did find my mp3 player that was missing from Wednesday last week until yesterday. My mom found it Wednesday morning on my front lawn and didn't tell me about it until last night so I was going crazy looking for it for a few days.
-I do not want to write my art paragraph thingy.
-I saw my cousin Jen yesterday and her boyfriend Tim. And I swear, it's the weirdest thing. They remind me of a quieter, more subdued version of Geray.
-I feel bad for laughing at Nick today, so I really am sorry.
-I watched Thumbellina when I got home from school with my little sister. I haven't seen that movie in the longest time.
-I'm having A LOT of trouble coming up with things to put on my Christmas list.
-I really hate those "EVENT INVITATIONS" that I get sent on myspace. They are incredibly annoying and pointless. I don't care about a show that's coming up for a band up in Canada. I really don't.
-I found the weirdest picture of me and Frank when I was looking through his photobucket. Now that I look back on it, we're kind of disgusting asnd unsanitary.
-I am rambling so much in this entry. So I'll stop now.

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Sing4Absolution: YOU have a smiley too!? Why don't I have one?
--KissMyBass: Of course! Frank pierced it for me. Bob nearly threw up when Frank did, too, because apparently he's a SISSY and can't stand to watch piercings. Then Larz squirmed about and complained with Bob.
---GuitarHero: It's true. Bob is a big, fat baby. End of story.
----LittleDrummerboy: Watch your mouth, idiot. I'll kick your face in.


December 20, 2007.

Posted to: Sing4Absolution

The guys and I have created a glossary. It's really, really fantastic.

Bob: n; adj. To be whiny and loud. Often complaining about nothing. "Shut the hell up and go sit in the corner, you Bob."
Biff; Biffle: n. Best friend. "Shut up, Dylan. You're my biff and that's that."
Gerard: a; adj. To be glamourous and beautiful and perfect in every which way, shape and form. "Wow, Cher. You are looking positively Gerard tonight."
Dino Hug: v. A small, insubstantial hug administered by pulling one's arms into one's sleeves and slapping the huggee with the empty sleeves. Difficult to do in warm months. Named for it's resemblance to a T-Rex's fore legs.
Elbow wars: v. Smacking one's elbows into the elbows of another in an attempt for "fun".
Emocoaster: adj. An emotional roller coaster. Something that has dramatic ups and downs, usually literature.
Fleshy stilts: n. Synonymous with legs.
Dave: n; adj. To be disgusting.
Mikey: n; adj. To be scary and insane. Generally associated with uncontrollable laughter over nothing particularly funny. "God, there is nothing funny about that pothole. Stop being such a Mikey."
Frank: n; adj. To be spazzoid and uncomfortable in just about every situation, especially with dealing of affections of the heart. "You are being a Frank. She likes you, okay? Deal."
l;ert[nh4589=hbfgj: exp. An expression used on the internet, or occasionally spoken, to imply that you are tongue-tied or nervous. Variations are acceptable.
Lololol, LololFEST, Lollercoaster, Lollerskates, Lollercaust, ROFLcopter: exp. When something is hilariously funny. "Oh my God. That was such a lololFEST."
Ray: n; adj. To be charming, but a ruiner of lives. "Stalin was kind of Ray, if you know what I mean."
Thnkyuyesplz: exp. Thank you, yes, please. To accept something. Must be said in a Russian accent.
Wigglebottom: n. The last name of anyone you find strange. "No, that's Dylan Stern-Wigglebottom. His last name is hyphenated!"

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LittleDrummerBoy: God, we're incredible. EXCEPT that I'm not whiny and you don't even know what you're talking about.
--KissMyBass: Don't be such a liar.


21 December, 2007. (authors bithrday)

Posted to: LittleDrummerBoy

Okay, okay. Gerard and I want to create World War Two! The Musical this Spring. I mean, I have ideas for it and it's going to be so good. Our aim is to recapture our Jew, our Jewish friend Rachel, since I'm Russia and Gerard's Germany. I'm so excited for it. Rachel thinks this is the funniest idea ever. Dave wanted to help out too, but we told him no since I clearly explained to him how I do not tolerate the gay-loving of one of my best friends (Frank). Dave shut up right about then, which was very smart of him to do. I didn't want to have to whip out the cocksucking jokes on him.

Ahaha. Dylan and I, despite how much we tell each other we hate each other, are seriously the greatest of friends.

hesahorrorfilm: But I love surgery, so I wouldn't mind.
I Am F ing Awesome: Yup... You probably do... Hehe. I'm a junior! ^-^
I Am F ing Awesome: ::Junior Rave party::
I Am F ing Awesome: Hah only juniors are invited.
hesahorrorfilm: ::Sadness, for I am not a junior.::
hesahorrorfilm: But I have pretty hair, so I should be invited anyway.
I Am F ing Awesome: Yeah but then I am kicked out of my own party after they soon realize I'm not a junior. "Oh no! They've commandeered my party" Dylan shouted as he got up from the bloody concrete. He then proceeded to ask for help from his friend, super Bob!
hesahorrorfilm: Then, with a gust of pixie dust, Adam flew through the air, proclaiming, "Who the fuck cares! We have beauuuuutiful hair! We are allowed in!" And so it was.

Hesahorrorfilm = me. I Am F ing Awesome = Dylan. Me + Dylan = SuperDuperRad.

Comment(s): 3
KissMyBass: I know that I tell you we're friends and all, but after reading that line about the pixie dust, I'm really reconsidering it.
GuitarHero: GOD. STOP. Dave doesn't like me. I don't know what you're talking about. fioerhgip Ugh. Just stop.
--KissMyBass: Even though I'm reconsidering my friendship with Captain Pixie, I'll have to agree with him. It's true. Dave has the queer-hots for you.
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