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A Christmas to Remember

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Silly little Christmas one shot I wrote last night becoz I was bored. Frank's POV. Mikey/Frank pairing.

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Christmas is a time for loving, caring and sharing, eating yourself silly and having arguments about things neither of you really care about. It’s a time for great expectations and regrets. A time for beginning new relationships or having one night stands you’ll regret for as long as you live.
I’ve already stuffed myself silly thanks to Mikey who appointed himself chef on the 21st and didn’t stop baking until Christmas Eve. Mice pies, pizza and muffins with sugar Christmas trees of top never tasted so good.

We all traded presents earlier and now we’re just sat around mine and Mikey’s flat drinking wine, pretending to be civilized, and kicking each others asses on Bob’s new PS3 game. When I say mine and Mikey’s flat I mean the flat me and Mikey live in. We’re not together or anything. Just good friends as he constantly reminds everyone we invite inside. Talk about being paranoid of people getting the wrong impression. One day I’m going throw man thongs and sex toys all over the place when he goes to answer the door just so I could see him turn beetroot and fall over himself to explain.

“You alright Frank?” The man himself asks me. He takes a seat next to me and follows my gaze to the TV where a furious game of virtual tennis is taking place.
“Yeah. Just thinking.”
“About anything interesting?” He asks. I think about telling him about my plans but decide he’d take it the wrong way. “Nah… Just a load of nothing.”
“Come on. Your thoughts are always interesting I bet. If they’re anything like the crap that comes out of your mouth anyway.” I frown and shake my head with a smile. “I’ll take that as a compliment shall I?”
“Yeah.” He smiles. “You want anything to eat?”
“No. Please please please stop asking me!”
“Sorry.” He laughs. “I’ve found a new passion. What can I say?”

I ignore the way my heart skips as the words spill carelessly from his lips and put it down to being single for far too long.
“Yes!” Comes Gerard’s triumphant cry immediately followed by Bob’s demands for a rematch.
“I’m going to go get another bottle. You want to share?” Mikey asks motioning to our empty glasses.
“Sounds good to me. Make sure it’s red. Gerard keeps giving me that pansy white shit.” He laughs at me and stands. Disappearing into the kitchen briefly to find a new bottle of something alcoholic.

The intoxicating liquid flowing through my veins is freeing up my mind. Stupid then that the only thing I can think about is bloody Mikey. I mean I can think about him any time I want. I’m living with him, working with him, spend every bloody spare minute with him. So so stupid.

“Hey short stuff. I could only find this but it is red.” Mikey apologises, brandishing the oldest looking bottle of wine I’ve ever seen.
“Urgh. Do you have to call me that?”
“Yes. It’s your name .”
“Well it isn’t really is it?” I counter.
“It is now.”
“What if I don’t want it to be?”
“Want what to be?”
“/That/ . What you just said.”
“Go on say it. Why won’t you say it?” He chides me.
“I just don’t want to say it.” I growl, snatching the wine off him and pouring a large measure into my glass. So large it spills over the sides.

“Clever.” Mikey smirks. “Short stuff.”
“You are so annoying! Do you know that? You think you can say anything because your big bloody brother will protect you! Well he doesn’t live here! I’m going to get you in your bloody sleep!”
“Well I can think of an easy way to avoid that.”
“Oh yeah? How then smart arse?”
“Higher my bed by a few inches and then you won’t be able to reach me.” He chokes out before succumbing to the inevitable laughing fit. Another thing about Mikey that annoyed me; the way he’d laugh at his own jokes for up to half an hour even though they weren’t funny in the slightest.
“You done yet?” I scowl.
“No…” He snorts then carries on laughing.

“You’re so infuriating.” I sigh.
“Aw you don’t mean that.” Mikey pouts. Suddenly recovering from his laughter.
“Yeah. I really do.” I sulk. He puts his arm around me and hugs me. “How could you hate me?”
“I don’t hate you. You just piss me off.”
“Sorry. I won’t take the piss outa you any more.”
“Promise?” I ask as he removes his hand from around me. The area on my back where his arm had been now feels strangely lonely.
“Yeah I promise. See that’s how much I love you Frankie Boy.”
“Argh! Please don’t tell me that’s my new nickname!”
“Oh yeah.” He smirks.
“Mikey Way you do my nut in.” I laugh and that was the end of the first Christmas argument of the year.

All that was left was the new love.

“Frank.” Mikey moans from the floor of the bathroom.
“Ok Mikey I’m coming.” I sigh and make my way towards him. Someone couldn’t handle their drink and I was the one having to hold his back because everyone else was passed out or just asleep.
“Hurry up.” He grumbles and I quicken my pace.
“It’s gunna be alrite.” I sooth as he convulses again and practically submerges his head in the toilet.
“No it’s not.” He counters and sits back down on the tiled floor next to me. I place the flannel I’d been fetching on his head and the barely audible sigh of comfort that leaves Mikey’s mouth almost makes up for all of this.
“Come on. Let’s get that shirt off of you.”
“I didn’t know you felt that way.” He jokes half heartedly.
“If only you felt the same.” I admit quietly. What did it matter? He wouldn’t remember any of this tomorrow. Might as well get the feelings off my chest now rather than when he’s sober.
“What if I do?” Mikey whispers before lurching towards the toilet to rediscover his Christmas dinner.
“Then it would be awesome…” I admit whilst rubbing his back. “But you don’t so… let’s end this conversation now.”

Somehow I end up spending the night with him in his bed. If I remember rightly it involved a lot of crying on Mikey’s half that he didn’t want to be alone on Christmas night and a lot of worrying on my part that he would choke on his own vomit in his sleep. Then who would I fantasize over?

“Mmmpht.” Mikey groans. Turning over and hitting me in the face with his elbow.
“Ow! Jesus! Shit! That hurt...” I grumble. Waking up quickly thanks to the pain spreading up my nose.
“Oh God I’m sorry Frank!” He gushes and leans over me, inspecting my face to make sure he hadn’t done too much damage. “Nah, still as ugly as ever.” He grins and leaps out of bed so I can’t hit him.
“You shouldn’t be this happy in the morning when you were so shit last night.” I complain and follow him downstairs.
“We uh… nothing happened did it?” He asks suddenly while I make coffee for the both of us. Everyone else was still asleep.
“No. No nothing happened. Except you spewing up all over my new shoes, and my jumper, and my feet.”
“You must have meant what you said last night.” He sighs looking amazed.

My chest tightens and bile rises slowly up my throat. “What did you just say?”
“Last night when you um… confessed your feelings to me. You must have really meant them or I’d be dead right now for ruining your new shoes…” He looks uneasy and there is a faint red blush creeping up his cheeks.
“Shit.” I take a seat across from him at the table clutching my coffee craning my brain for a way out.
“Did you really mean it?” I just nod knowing that my voice is practically useless right now. “That’s cool, I just thought that maybe you were really drunk too and just thought I was some hot chick from your past or something.”
“No.” I confess quietly. “What about what you said? You said you felt the same way but I mean I know you were really out of it so don’t worry that you were just saying things because I totally understand. I mean I don’t even know why I told you anyway, you were so out of it I was kind of hoping you wouldn’t even remember it…”

My words are choked off by a pair of lips pressing themselves against mine. When the pressure is released I open my eyes and look into Mikey’s wondrously. “You talk too much Mr Iero.”
“Only when I’m scared.”
“You scared now?”
“No. I don’t think so.”
“Cause if you are I’d love to shut you up.” This time I lead the kiss. Melding our mouths together in the most passionate kiss I’d ever imagined. Tongues dance and weave and explore and hands move up to trace jaw lines and stroke hair.
“Is this just some stupid Christmas mistake?” I ask him as we come away for air.
“No way. I’ve waited too fucking long for this.”
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