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All I Want For Christmas...

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Gerard just can't seem to find the perfect gift for Frankie! Brrr...Frrrerard.

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Gerard Way was a Christmas shopper extraordinaire. He had a knack for finding the perfect gift for every single motherfucker on his Christmas list. But this year, there was a certain someone whose name could not be checked off, no matter how hard he tried. That certain someone was Frank Anthony Iero.

Gerard and Frankie were the closest pair of friends you’d ever find. Although they’d known each other for only a year, they were inseparable. It had gotten to the point where no one knew either one of them as just Frankie, or just Gerard. It was always Gerard and Frankie, Frankie and Gerard, never apart.

It was only natural that Gerard should know exactly what to buy for his very best friend. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Even after a whole five hours of present-hunting, nothing seemed good enough for Frankie. It was hard for him to admit, but Gerard really loved Frankie, in more than a friendly way. He wanted a gift that would make his best friend love him back with all his heart. Why couldn’t any of those rich manufacturers create one single, wonderful item which would make Frankie’s mouth stretch into a wide grin as he ripped off the wrapping paper? It was fucking ridiculous!

A dejected Gerard walked from F.Y.E. to the central place in Willowbrook Mall. He hoped that a bite to eat from David’s Cookies would give him more energy to continue searching. He found nothing particularly appealing among the wide assortment of calories and trans. fat galore. His hazel eyes wandered to the Christmassy cottage set up nearby. ‘Santa Clause is in!’ a sign outside read in pretty red and green lettering. Gerard grinned to himself and left the cookie line.

A few minutes later, he stood in another queue, waiting. He was the sole person over four feet tall. Parents from the boundaries gave him weird looks and frowns. Their children stared up at him, tiny jaws dropped in awe at this...this...this giant. A bold young girl in front of him tugged at his pant leg.

“Santa doesn’t give presents to grown-ups,” she informed him.

“Yeah? Well...” he browsed through his library of comebacks inside his head, but could not find a suitable one, “Well, shut up before I squish you.”

The little redhead stuck out her tongue and turned around haughtily. None of the other kids dared to talk to him. He was quite content with this as he waited his turn to go see Santa. Finally, the time came. An old man with a beard that was almost falling off of his face sat atop a big, throne-like chair. His blue eyes bulged when he spotted Gerard. Gerard suddenly felt very stupid, standing there in the midst of all the toddlers. Talking to some fat guy dressed as Santa Clause? What the fuck had he been thinking?! He quickly turned around, only to be stopped by the little girl.

“What? Are you scared?” she asked tauntingly.

He raised his eyebrows, “Oh, it’s on, Red.”

He pivoted on his heel and marched up to Santa. The jolly man looked at him expectantly.

“I am not sitting on your fucking knee,” Gerard said defiantly.

Santa shrugged, “Works for me. What would you like for Christmas, young man?”

He sighed, feeling utterly embarrassed for doing this, “Actually, I’m here for one of my friends. He’s kind of...bisexual, right? And he really likes this guy. So he wants to buy that guy the perfect Christmas know, to show how he feels. Except, he can’t find anything quite good enough. What should he do?”

The red-suited man looked contemplative, “Well, not all gifts have to be material items, you know. Maybe your friend should just tell that guy how he feels. That could be the best gift of all. Christmas is about—”

Gerard rolled his eyes, “Please cut the Christmas crap. What if the guy thinks I’ friend’s a total weirdo? What do I...what does he do then?”

“It doesn’t matter. Your friend will feel a lot better if he tells...Trust me. Now turn around and smile for the camera, son.”

Gerard slapped his hand on his forehead. This guy was a total nut. But a nut with a point. Maybe Frankie would feel the same way back... It seemed impossible, though. Frankie was perfect in every way. He had no flaws whatsoever. But Gerard, he was a good-for-nothing artist with no future career. He sighed. Frankie was too wonderful to ever love him back. He looked at Santa.

“Should I...he....I try even if I think there’s no hope?”

Santa seemed to be annoyed, “Yes you should, okay? Could you just smile for the damned camera? I need my lunch break!”

Gerard moved himself to lean on Santa’s chair as he faced the camera, “Cheese,” he said and forced a smile.


Name: Gerard Way
Occupation: Fuck-Up Cartoonist
Location: Frankie’s House
Mission: Confess love for Frankie
Mood: Nervous as a chicken in a wolf pack

Gerard sat on Frankie’s sofa with a bowl of chips hugged tightly to his chest. He had been munching on Doritos for the past hour while watching all the other party guests dance and talk. He wanted to wait until he and Frankie were all alone before he humiliated himself. That way, none of his other friends would think he was a freak. Of course, the only person whose opinion Gerard really cared about was Frankie’s. Any chance of Frankie ever even speaking to him after this was slim to none. But he knew he had to do it, or his head would explode into a million bite-sized pieces and vultures would peck at his rotting corpse. He hated vultures and thus, could not let that happen.

After what seemed like an eternity of gaining weight, the room was cleared out. Frankie stood in front of the Christmas tree, fixing some of the ornaments which had fallen off. He did not seem to even notice Gerard sitting there. That was fine for him since he didn’t have a clue what to say. Then, he had to cough. Damn.

Frankie spun around, “Gerard! I didn’t see you here! I’m sorry...” he approached the sofa, “I’ve been ignoring you the whole party, haven’t I? I’m really’s just that there were weird girls crawling all over me,” he laughed and sat down.

Gerard stared at him. Man, he was one gorgeous guy. His eyes were mesmerizing. His voice was a smooth as silk. And he was straight as a stick too, quite obviously. What the hell was he going to say once he found out? Would he be grossed out? Would he smile? Would he burst into laughter? Would he slap Gerard’s face and kick him out of the house?

“I...I gotta give you your Christmas gift,” Gerard finally said.

Frankie blushed, “Damn it, Gee. I was hoping you’d forget. I didn’t get you a present. I couldn’t find anything...I feel stupid now. I should’ve bought that special edition Morrissey CD...fuck...”


Gerard stopped. He was stuck. His voice was caught in a huge lump in the middle of his throat. Frankie was sitting there, waiting. He was probably expecting something amazing, like an Italian sports car, or a puppy, or at least a gift card. All he would get were a bunch of words. A bunch of goddamned words which would most certainly creep him out.

“I didn’t get you anything either,” Gerard mumbled.

Frankie smiled, “Well, that’s okay...I don’t feel so horrible now.” He crept a little closer to Gerard with a sly grin on his face, “There’s only one thing that I wanted, anyway. And you can’t find it at any store. Will you find it? Will you give it to me?”

Gerard was not sure what exactly this meant, but was captivated by Frankie’s tone, “Yeah. Anything. What do you want?”

“All I want for Christmas...” Frankie whispered, moving even closer. Then, in a sudden movement, he grabbed his friend by the back of his head and forced a kiss. Their lips were pressed closely to each other and their heart beats were perfectly in sync. His tongue pushed into Gerard’s slowly parting lips. Their tongues danced together, keeping time with the Christmas song playing in the background. Gerard slid down onto his back so that he was beneath Frankie. With new found courage, his hand crawled under his friend’s shirt, roaming all over. Frankie grinned and kissed Gerard’s neck softly. Gerard traced his chin with his lips. His body was hot wherever Frankie’s fingers had touched him. It was more than just a want now. He needed Frankie so badly. His held his friend tightly in place. He never wanted to let go. If only time could freeze right there. At that moment. That’s what Gerard wanted. Frankie laughed in his slightly deranged giggle. He held Gerard’s face and kissed his lips one more time.

“All I want for Christmas...” Frankie repeated, “ you.”
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