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Chapter 15: A New Turtle In Town Part One

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Fifteen: A New Turtle in Town Part One:

A small group of Foot Ninjas patrolled an underground cavern deep beneath New York, while several of their fellow ninjas carried a large crate containing a super powered thermal device. Their master, the Shredder, sought the device. The purpose was unknown to the Foot; they just quickly slinked into the shadows doing the job that their master requested to them. Failure was not an option when working for the Shredder.

Smoke filled the cavern in moments, causing the patrolling Foot Ninjas to remove their weapons before walking forward. A shadow that resembled a large turtle raced into picture, prompting one of the assassins to move on the attack, but a quickly swipe broke his sword in half before he was electrocuted. The ninja spent his last few seconds in pain, before dropping to the ground, his heart having stopped from the electrocution.

Three more Foot Ninjas moved forward but a jet of red light flew from the shadows, slicing their weapons to dust. The warriors cautiously moved back, but their attacker had moved behind them. A blade swiped from mid air, slicing into the throats of two of the ninjas in the speed of light, before quickly stabbing a third.

The men carrying the crate moved as fast as their legs could carry them but an explosion blasted the ground beneath them, causing several of them to smash right into the brick walls, killing them nearly on impact. Two ninjas remained in the tunnel and one foolishly charged the figure, but the arm was blocked, twisted around, before the hand of the figure grabbed the hand of his attacker, using strength to push it back. The second ninja charged but was quickly kicked hard, knocking the wind out of him. The figure turned his attention to his first attacker, grabbing him by the mask before viciously smashing his head into the brick twice. The ninja slumped down to the ground. .

The final ninja slowly backed off but a green hand reached forward out of the shadows, grabbing his arms, before hoisting the ninja up with one hand.

“You will deliver a message to your master,” declared the figure in a gruff, dangerous voice.

“What?” whispered the ninja.

“Tell him that he will pay for what he did for my race,” replied the mysterious attacker.

“Just who are you?” demanded the ninja.

“You may call me, Slash,” replied the attacker, leaning into the light to allow the ninja to get a good look of his face. He looked very much like one of the Turtles, only he was a bit larger and wore a black facemask, with a cybernetic replacement where he had lost his left eye, not to mention the scar running down the left side of Slash’s face, from his forehead all the way to his shoulder. “Now leave before I change my mind about not murdering you.”

Slash dropped his victim to the ground, who wisely staggered off as quickly as he could to deliver the message to his Master like this vicious turtle creature had insisted.

“Soon, Ch’rell, they will all be avenged,” muttered Slash as he watched the terrorized warrior scramble off, before the reptile walked forward, before hoisting the crate up with ease and walking down the caverns towards his underground hideout.

Just a few miles away from the American Wizarding Government headquarters, Harry barely managed to land firmly on his feet, avoiding his attacker, who seemed to be using the heavily shadowed environment around him to cloak his attacks.

Harry closed his eyes, before rolling underneath and pulling a pair of shuriken out from underneath the sleeves of his robes, before flinging them towards his opponent, but the unseen force that was attacking him had managed to deflect the attack but Harry remained vigilant, ducking the attack, before rolling forward to the ground and shoot a jet of smoke from his wand to obscure the vision of his attacker as well to make the battle more evening. Harry used the distraction as the means to leap to a tree, before pulling his way up to the branch and pulling out his blade. With a quick swipe, Harry sliced the branch, before kicking it down and then gradually dropping down. A loud grunt told Harry that he must have connected with some part of his shadowed attacker’s body.

A Kusari-Gama chain whipped from the shadows, wrapping around Harry’s right arm and attempted to pull him into the blade, but Harry quickly sliced the chain with his weapon, before flipping up over his attacker, and removing his wand from his sleeve. He waved the wand, shooting a large orb of light from it. The orb bounced off a tree, causing the entire area to illuminate, showing a white outline of his attacker. The attacker pulled a staff out, twirled it, before shooting a dagger from it at Harry. Harry leapt over the dagger at the last second, causing it to impact into the tree. Summoning the dagger with his wand from the tree, it flew into Harry’s hand and the Boy-Who-Lived leapt into the air.

With a quick swing, the staff cracked Harry in the chest, causing him to fall down winded. The light from his spell had disappeared, giving the shadow warrior an attempt to cloak himself. Using his left arm to shield his vision, with his weapon in the other hand, the Boy-Who-Lived listened for the incoming attack. When a swish was heard in the darkness, he swiped his weapon in the air. A grunt of pain echoed and Harry uncovered his eyes, revealing drops of blood falling to the ground, giving Harry a fix on his opponent, dodging around, before swinging around the tree and kicking his foe right in the face with both feet. The shadow assassin landed on his feet, before throwing a pair of daggers at Harry, pinning him to a nearby tree with his sleeves.

In a flash, the attacker leapt up, with sword in hand aimed right at Harry’s skull. Harry managed to yank himself free at the last minute, causing the sword to become stuck in the tree. More blood dripped to the ground as the attacker swung around, before grabbing Harry by the throat and attempting to force him to the ground, but the Boy-Who-Lived grabbed the assassin by the arm, before managing to flip him to the ground. Leaping up, Harry attempted to kick his downed foe in the face while he had the chance but another chain shot from the air, wrapping around Harry’s ankles, swinging the young wizard around. With a large crash, Harry landed elbow first on a rock, scrapping it up. He pulled himself up, managing to barely block a swipe towards his chest. Another swipe with the sword knocked the weapon out of his hand, disarming Harry. The assassin seemed to be done toying with Harry, a fact that was proven by a couple of sharp kicks aimed right at Harry’s knees which knocked him down.

Harry looked up, seeing a brief glimpse of his attacker, before pulling himself up and moving on the attack but a flash of light filled the sky with a small popping noise. The realization quickly hit Harry that yet another mysterious assassin had disappeared before he had a chance to get answers. This would the fourth assassin in many months that came after Harry and now Harry knew that it was far from a coincidence that these assassins were after him. The one thing Harry couldn’t pin was a motive, but perhaps next time.

Right now, Harry suspected it was best to return to the lair to get himself patched up quickly before visiting his brothers and Master Splinter and then returning to Hogwarts before anything else happened. He had only intended to pop in to pick up some important information the American Wizarding Government had recovered about potential Voldemort supporters.

In his mansion, Oroku Saki awaited the arrival of the Mayor of New York, who was putting together a presentation regarding the dedication of a statue in Central Park to commemorate Saki’s efforts in helping rebuild New York after the Triceraton. The work was nearly completed; all but the most dangerous alien technology had been removed from the city, the technology that would be most worthy to the Shredder’s plans. That was not to say that the technology he had all ready acquired previously had not been useful, but a few more essential elements were required along with the super exosuit impervious to all attacks including magic that Lord Voldemort and his Death Eaters were in the process of completing as payment for his assistance of breaking Death Eaters out of Azkaban. Once all was in order, then no one could stop the Shredder. Not the Turtles, not the rat, not Harry Potter, not the Utroms or their accursed guardians, not even Lord Voldemort himself could stand in his way once all was prepared to put his plans in order.

The door opened to reveal one of his Foot aides walking into the picture. The aide kneeled down before Saki.

“Speak,” prompted Saki sharply.

“Master, the Mayor is here to see you along with…an Agent Bishop,” replied the aide.

Saki paused at Bishop’s name for the briefest second but showed no indication of distaste.

“Very well, send them in,” said Saki, as he stepped back as the aide opened the door, allowing the Mayor and Agent Bishop to enter the study of his mansion. The Mayor was his usual boisterous, naïve self, while Bishop just stood slightly in the background with his cool, calm, and collected look on his face. “Good evening, Mr. Mayor.”

“Ah yes, good evening, Mr. Saki, I don’t know if we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Agent John Bishop here,” said the Mayor.

“We’ve met,” replied Saki calmly, extending his hand in a diplomatic matter which Bishop took. “Bishop.”

“Saki,” retorted Bishop in an equally calm voice as the two shook hands, each staring the other in the eyes with cold distrust. With that the Mayor, Saki, and Bishop sat down in arm chairs in Saki’s study.

“Agent Bishop is the head of the Earth Protection Force, an agency that works to protect Earth from alien threats,” continued the Mayor.

“Fascinating, I am sure that after the recent Triceraton invasion of last year, you are looking to expand your operations,” suggested Saki.

“Yes, Mr. Saki, I shall do everything in my power to make sure a repeat performance of last year’s invasion does not manifest itself,” answered Bishop in cool voice. “After all, I put myself firmly against any and all aliens that threaten the security of the people of Earth.”

During that last statement, Bishop looked directly at Saki without blinking but Saki had no reply.

“Quite an admirable goal, Agent Bishop,” responded Saki. “If you don’t mind, exactly how do you intend on accomplishing that goal?”

“Classified information,” replied Bishop. “I do not want any aliens who might be passing themselves off as a human being to inadvertently get wind of my plans and set everything back decades.”

“Yes, that would be unfortunate,” said Saki. “I trust you are attending the dedication ceremony tomorrow in Central Park, Agent Bishop.”

“Oh, I’ll be there, Mr. Saki,” replied Bishop shrewdly. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“Splendid!” exclaimed the Mayor as he clapped his hands together. “I trust everything is of your liking, Mr. Saki. The solid gold statue cost a fair bit of money, but for someone who has given the city so much, it is the least we can do.”

“You are too kind Mr. Mayor and yes everything appears to be in order,” replied Saki. “I look forward to tomorrow, as I shall give you my personal endorsement for the upcoming election.”

“If you don’t mind Mr. Saki, I’ll be going, lots to do before the dedication ceremony,” said the Mayor in a flustered voice. “So if that is everything…”

“Yes, it is,” confirmed Saki as the Mayor rose to his feet, shaking hands with Saki, with Bishop’s hand slipping underneath a coffee table quickly before drawing out before Saki turned his attention away from the Mayor of New York City.

“I had best depart as well, my line of work is never finished,” added Bishop as he followed the Mayor from Saki’s study, leaving Saki alone with his thoughts.

Moments later, a frantic looking Karai burst through the doors of Saki’s study.

“What is the matter, Karai?” demanded Saki calmly.

“Master, your ninjas, the ones who were to retrieve the thermal device were slaughter, with only one survivor and the thermal device was not brought back,” said Karai quickly.

“WHAT!” thundered Saki angrily before pacing back and forth in his study. “That device while not essential was a useful tool to bring my enemies to helplessness.”

Saki seemed too angry for words.

“Take me to speak with the survivor,” said Saki. “I am very interested to hear the cause of their failure.”

Karai nodded before turning around, leading her father towards the one survivor of that particular team of Foot Ninjas.

Deep underneath the sewers, in the home of the Turtles, they were in the midst of wrapping up a particularly intense training session in the lair with Master Splinter. Don, Raph, and Mikey looked very tired with Leo looking as if he was ready to continue the training session for quite some time yet. Master Splinter had dodged the majority of the attacks from his sons in the sparring session, before managing to maneuver their efforts against each other. After a spell, Master Splinter stepped back.

“And that concludes today’s training session today,” declared Splinter allowing the four Turtles to step back, taking a deep breath. “The strength of the four of your combined efforts was excellent, but the fact of the matter remains that my cunning to manipulate all your efforts to your disadvantage was the true key to the fact you were unable to gain the advantage on me. The mind is without question the most powerful tool that a true warrior can have. Power, speed, and deadly weapons are but tools that are only used to their fullest extent by a properly sharpened mind.”

The door of the lair opened to reveal a battered Harry staggering in.

“Yes and when your opponent has a cunning mind all with all three of those elements it can pack a powerful punch,” said Harry, as he winced, clutching his side. “Good afternoon everyone thought I’d stop in quickly before I come back to Hogwarts.”

“Good to see you, Harry,” said Leo.

“How have things been lately?” asked Don.

“Oh you mean since the last time I talked to you two days ago, when I told you all I might be stopping in,” replied Harry. “The usual, supplemental Defense Against the Dark Arts classes are going well; Quidditch is going well, but…”

“Hermione still not talking to you, Harry,” prompted Mikey which caused Raph to whack him on the head.

“I thought we agreed not to bring that up, since we saw how moody Harry was last time he talked to us,” said Raph in a sharp voice.

“No, it’s all right,” said Harry quickly, but still he had hoped that particular topic would not bring up. “No, she still refuses to see reason. From what I can tell, she’s spending a lot of time in the Room of Requirement; I’ve only seen her once or twice at meals. She’s going out of her way to not only avoid me, but also avoid Daphne, Theodore, Ginny, and Hailey. With Ginny, it might be the best, as she’s still not too happy about what Hermione said to me.”

“You never did say what Hermione said to you, Harry,” prompted Leo. “All you said was…”

“I told her that Bellatrix was dangerous, she seemed to take that as me thinking she was weak, and we got into it,” replied Harry. “I don’t want to repeat what exactly was said, it wasn’t pretty and hell, I found myself agreeing with it, but I don’t want to see any of my friends get themselves killed. If it was up to me…”

“You’d fight Voldemort and his Death Eaters yourself, while locking everyone else in a dungeon,” replied Mikey.

“Yes, but unfortunately, I do need help, but that doesn’t mean Hermione should go after Voldemort’s top Death Eater that she was injured against twice before to avenge her parents,” replied Harry. “I just hope Hermione can see reason.”

“Harry, the physical scars of her ordeal with Bellatrix Lestrange may have healed, but the mental scars are very much still present,” declared Master Splinter. “I would advise not too press the issue, as the fragile bonds of friendship need to be repaired with care. Miss Granger is intelligent enough to come to the same conclusions that you did given time to mentally heal, but for her sake, I certainly hope that moment of realization comes before it is too late.”

“As do I Master Splinter,” answered Harry. “On a more pleasant note, my resistance group managed to track down a few more Death Eaters and with the information I got today, my resistance group can go limit Voldemort’s forces by a few more, especially when one person on this list is a high ranking Ministry official.”

Back at Saki Manor, Oroku Saki walked into the room, where the surviving Foot Ninja slumped against the wall, shaking in terror.

“Speak!” thundered Saki, causing the ninja to wince.

“Vicious turtle…attack…coming…said time cut short,” stammered the ninja who was still traumatized by the events in the underground cavern.

Saki looked at the ninja before raising his hand in the air and struck the ninja right in the throat viciously, causing him to drop the ground.

“Those Turtles have meddled in my affairs for the last time,” said Saki coldly as he turned his back on his motionless victim, before walking from the room. He paused to look at Karai. “Karai, clean up this mess. I need to make a telephone call.”

Karai nodded before entering the room as Saki moved out.

Back in the lair a short time later, Harry had just finished informing his brothers and sensei of what he learned.

“This Mexican Minister of Magic looks like he could be a real problem,” summarized Don. “Granted there haven’t been that many attacks, but do you really think he’s the one who is prodding resistance to the American Wizarding Government on behalf of Voldemort.”

“Yes, but fortunately the attacks have been small scale and the American Wizard Government has some rather harsh stances on Voldemort supporters,” declared Harry. “Alonso may be behind the attacks, Alexandra has a theory that he’s sending people over disguised as people who are running from his regime but she can’t prove it. Most of the attacks are in the southern part of the country, but that warehouse fire last week was definitely caused by magic.”

“You mean the one that was all over the news that killed fifty people!” exclaimed Leo.

“They said it was an accident on the news,” added Raph.

“That’s what it appeared to be, until the American Aurors did an investigation, finding traces of several fire spells within the smoldered remains of the warehouse,” said Harry in a tired voice. “Whoever was behind the attack are still at large but it’s not to say that it was connected to the group of Voldemort sympathizers that exist, but highly likely.”

Harry checked his watch.

“I need to get going but first I’m going to check the news to see if anything interesting happened within the last few hours,” replied Harry as he pressed a button to turn on the television, before flipping to the news.”

“Tonight’s top story, the latest efforts to salvage the dangerous alien technology left behind in last year’s Triceraton invasion by Oroku Saki was sabotaged,” declared the news reporter. “All of Saki’s employees who were sent down in the caverns never returned from retrieving the undisclosed piece of alien technology.”

Harry leaned in to the screen, with the Turtles and Master Splinter also crowding around. They were all very interested in hearing this.

“Details through the one survivor of the attack are that the attackers were a quartet that resembled large turtles wearing masks and they viciously slaughtered Oroku Saki’s men. If you should encounter any such individuals, do not approach them as they may be armed and extremely dangerous. Contact the authorities immediately,” declared the news reporter as the look of horror was evident on the faces of all the occupants in the lair.

“We didn’t even fight any Foot goons tonight!” complained Raph incredulously. “The Shredder’s trying to frame us!”

“It looks that way but why would he do it now?” asked Don. “He could have done that at any time over the years, with all the money and power he has.”

“Don, you raise a good point,” added Leo. “That survivor could have thought he saw us down there.

“Perhaps, just maybe, it was some other group of turtles,” suggested Mikey.

“Oh c’mon, Mikey, get real, I doubt there are any other turtles in this city,” said Raph in disgust before turning to Harry. “That’s the most crackpot theory I’ve ever heard. Wouldn’t you agree, Harry?”

“I’m not too sure, Raph,” said Harry as he closed his eyes. “I’m really not sure.”

“Precisely, we must analyze the situation from all possible angles,” added Splinter. “The Shredder’s motives are often difficult to pick up; all we can do is wait.”

Oroku Saki watched the news broadcast with a shrewd expression on his face. Everyone in the city would be on the lookout for those meddlesome Turtles now and perhaps they would now be kept in check so he could complete his plans. There was always the matter of Harry Potter, but the boy would be preoccupied with Lord Voldemort and his followers.

The silence was broken when the doors leading to Saki’s study blasted right into dust. Saki sprung up; ready to fight when he saw a large hulking turtle standing in the doorway.

“Good evening, Ch’rell or I suppose you go by the Shredder now!” declared Slash as he advanced on Saki. “It doesn’t matter, as you’ll be dead meat in a minute.”

Saki rolled underneath a jet of laser fire from Slash’s blaster, before springing up and knocking the weapon from his hand. The turtle grabbed Saki by the throat but Saki knocked him backwards into a shelf of books. This move only deterred the turtle for a few seconds.

“You couldn’t fight me without your little exosuit you Utrom coward!” bellowed Slash but Saki slammed his hand down on a red button on the wall. Slash moved forward and grabbed Saki by the throat, before pinning him against the wall. “You blew up my Homeworld, now it’s your turn to be destroyed.”

The hulking form of Hun rushed into the room, looking at Slash with wide eyes.

“Ah crud, not another turtle,” grumbled Hun as he looked at Slash. “Drop the Master, freak.”

Slash just looked at Hun before throwing Saki across the room right at his feet. Hun bellowed, before charging Slash but Slash rolled underneath Hun’s charge before spinning the man mountain around. A vicious uppercut nearly cracked Hun’s jaw before Slash hoisted him up with ease. Hun struggled as Slash flung him all the way across the room through the doorways. Hun crashed in the hallway outside, groaning in agony.

“I’ll finish him later, but I’ve been waiting for this moment for as long as I can remember, Ch’rell!” yelled Slash, as he bent down but Saki had a trick up his sleeve or more accurately, a stun gun. Saki stuck the stun gun right in the chest of Slash, causing the alien reptile to recoil in pain from the electricity before Saki rose up to his feet.

“Slash, the destruction of your Homeworld was regrettable but not of my design,” said Saki.

“Then let’s say you didn’t do it, then who did it?” demanded Slash as he pulled himself to a standing position. “A utopian world filled with endless palm trees with millions of my kind living in peace and harmony does not blow itself up. As the only survivor, I demand answers, as it is my right to avenge the needless destruction

“Quite right, but I do know the ones who did destroy your Homeworld and they reside in this city,” declared Saki before moving over to a cabinet hooked to the wall before removing a black and white photo of the Turtles. “These turtles are the ones who are responsible for your Homeworld destruction, having profited from the resources of your planet before destroying it.”

“My own kind, this is even more disgusting than I could have ever thought!” yelled Slash angrily as he punched a hole through a wall without feeling any pain.

“Yes, I may have participated in some questionable actions, I would never go so low into attacking a peaceful utopian planet,” said Saki smoothly as he looked at Slash. “Those turtles have taken up residence on this world but they are nothing compared to the one who leads them.”

“Who is their leader?” demanded Slash. “I wish to make them pay, all of them!”

Saki once again reached into his cabinet before producing a photo of Harry Potter.

“He is the vilest criminal in any universe, he is known by many names, but he is most commonly known as Harry Potter,” answered Saki. “And they are all here in this city.”

“One final question,” added Slash. “How do I know you’re not playing me for a fool, Ch’rell?”

“I work with the government and I am endorsed by the Mayor of this city,” answered Saki as he held up the paper from today that announced the dedication ceremony for tomorrow in Central Park.

Slash read it, before nodding. The government on his Homeworld was filled with honest individuals that would never endorse a cold blooded murderer and he had no reason to believe that things would be that differently on this primitive planet, even if the polluted air was rather disgusting.

“And in an act of good faith, I will set these murderers up, so you can finish them off,” added Saki. “I will give you directions to Central Park, be there in an hour, and you will have your revenge.”

Back at the lair, Harry, the Turtles, and Master Splinter stayed glued to the television screen.

“If there isn’t any other information coming in soon, I don’t think we’ll find out anything else out tonight,” muttered Leo.

“This just in, a special news bulletin, the street gang known as the Purple Dragons are on the run from authorities after successfully stealing a mysterious staff,” declared the news reporter. “They rampaged the location of the staff with advanced weaponry and said that no one could stop them. The legend says that the staff will give unlimited power to those who possess it but those reports are most unconfirmed. The trail went cold, but the suspects were last reported entering Central Park. Contact the authorities should you have any information.”

“A staff that gives unlimited power, that looks like something that Voldemort might want to get his hands on,” declared Harry in a frantic voice as he sprang to his feet. “And since the Purple Dragons work for Shredder, who is also in the league for Voldemort, it is highly likely that he is behind this.”

Harry removed his Portus Amulet and prepared to touch it to his wand, to transport himself into Central Park but his brothers made a movement to join him.

“I really don’t think this is a good idea, guys,” said Harry in a stern voice.

“Harry, it’s night, plus you have the amulet, so we can get out if any cops show up,” suggested Raph.

“Yes and after your encounter with the assassin tonight, it would put me at ease if you did not leave alone, despite the fact that it is ill advisable,” added Splinter. “Proceed with extreme caution!”

“Of course, sensei,” chorused the Turtles and Harry as the Turtles crowded around their younger brother, as he tapped his wand to the Portus-Amulet which pulled his brothers and himself into Central Park.

The area around the park was dark and quiet, as the five brothers crept around, weapons at the ready.

A large jet of laser fire interrupted the calm of central park. Several more blasts caused the Turtles and Harry to scatter, where the form of Slash appeared in the distance.

“I don’t believe it, Mikey was right!” exclaimed Raph as he ducked around the laser fire before throwing his Sais, jamming the blasters, causing they to blow, sending Slash flying backwards but the alien landed on his feet. “Listen here; there ain’t any room in this town for five turtles.”

“After tonight, there will only be one of us left standing!” retorted Slash, as he pulled a cannon from his shell. A net shot out of the cannon, trapping Raph in tight quarters. Leo leapt up, swinging his katana, but Slash revealed blades attached to his wrists which he used to counter every one of Leo’s attacks before ripping the katana out of Leo’s hand and throwing him to the ground with amazing force, causing Leo to nearly scream out in pain.

Don and Mikey appeared on either side of Slash. Leaping up, Mikey swung his nunchucks towards Slash’s face, but Slash grabbed Mikey’s nunchucks before spinning him around in the air. Mikey slammed in Don, knocking both turtles out of the running. Slash pressed a button on his wristband, shooting thick ropes from it, wrapping both Mikey and Don up in a cocoon of ropes.

Harry leapt up, but Slash caught him by the leg in midair before swinging him around, throwing him into Leo who was just getting to his feet. Don, Mikey, and Raph attempted to vainly struggle out of their restraints but they remained restrained and without their weapons they couldn’t break free. Slash removed four pairs of shackles from the sheath underneath his shell before throwing them towards Leo and Harry with expert precision, snapping their arms and legs together.

“At last I have you, but why kill you quickly, when I can give you a slow and agonizing death,’ said Slash viciously. “You will pay for what you did to my race.”

“And precisely what did we do to your race?” asked Leo in a confused voice.

“You wiped us out callously, destroying our utopian world you heartless murderers!” shouted Slash angrily.

“We did no such thing you nut job!” replied Raph in equal anger. “Once I get out of here, I’ll…”

“There will be no escape,” said Slash coldly. “This is the end of the line; no one else will be harmed by your evil.”

Slash pulled out another laser blaster.

“Going to shoot us to death?” asked Harry. “That seems rather crude…”

“Silence foolish human,” said Slash as use the laser to levitate Raph, Don, Leo, Mikey, and Harry into the air. All five brothers were still trapped in their restraints before walking across Central Park before reaching a greenhouse. Gently, Slash pushed open the door of the empty greenhouse before crudely dropping the Turtles and Harry to the ground in different areas of the greenhouse. Slash walked over to a black cube shaped object before flipping the switch. Without another word, Slash opened the door before walking out, locking it behind him.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t move in these restraints,” said Leo and the others made noises of agreement. “Which means Harry can’t use the Portus-Amulet to get us out of here, if we can’t get close enough to him.”

“Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?” asked Mikey.

“No it’s not you and looking at that thermometer it’s about ninety degrees Fahrenheit in here and slowly rising,” said Harry as he craned his neck upwards.

“No wonder, that thing that turtle alien turned on is a high powered thermal device,” said Don as he looked up. “Set to explode in three minutes but it appears that it is already sending out small heat waves that are causing the temperature to rise. When it explodes, it will incinerate everything in its past for up to five hundred yards in all directions.”

“Providing we don’t fry to a crisp first,” grumbled Raph as the temperature began to rise above one hundred degrees Fahrenheit and continued to rise with each passing second.
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