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Billie the uhm....Vampire Lord? O.o

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The title is rather self explanatory. Might be a little bit of crossover sometime later on.

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I've written many stories, mostly fanfiction. I really would like to steer away from that, but seeing as I'm way too lazy to create my own characters, I'm not going to. I've tried a Green Day fic before but I rather don't want to continue it. I might though, so look out for it if you've read it. Okay, I hope that you like this new story. :] Please review so I can have some sort of feedback. Now, onto the story.
-This is merely for entertainment.
-This doesn't reflect views of mine.
-There might be some minor crossover between different bands that I like.
-If you have any suggestions/comments/anything PLEASE review and tell me. Hell if you want email me. I really don't mind talking.
-And if you want a certain character/yourself in the story give me details, and LOTS of them. :] I'll try to get them/you in as best as I can or see fit. :D
-Oh thoughts are in Italics
-Sometimes the POV will switch, I’ll be sure to let you know if it does. I’m not sure if it will quite yet, but it’s just a heads up. :]
Alrighty, well I'm sure you're sick of me babbling, so without further adu, I bid you the first chapter of this story! :]
The first little bit is mostly filler just to let you know! But it WILL get better! Promise! :D

PS: I own Skye Agumenti. No stealing. :]

Skye Agumenti was just your typical teen punk. In fact she was a little on the normal side, if you can grasp her type of normal. Her mother and father didn’t care for her. Father always told her that she was a mistake while mother drank away all her worries.

She always wore black, maybe not from head to foot, but it was in her wardrobe. Her hair was a deep brown with a hint of black. Her glasses were dark purple, people mistook them for black though. She almost always had a coat of eyeliner on her light blue eyes. Sometimes her eyes even looked gray.

Some of her clothes were custom made, bought normal then transformed. She loved transforming her clothes, she loved the abnormal. She was one of the nicest people you could meet. She was on the quiet side and always did what she was told. She never rebelled and loved animals. Where that comes into play will be later.


Skye was on her way to English. She had written her term paper, five and a half pages to be exact. Five and a half pages in her small handwriting from front to back. She got to her English class and walked in, but nobody was there. She was confused, and in fact realized there wasn’t anyone in the hallway as well. She set down her paper on the teachers desk.

She was wearing a black and white skirt over a pair of black jeans. The skirt was cut diagonal from her knees down. Her shirt was a band tee, it was for The Ramones. It was fitted as well. Her feet bore black and white checkered vans with skulls on them. Her dark brown hair was tied back in a pony-tail. Her bangs framed the right side of her face; side bangs.

Skye looked around trying to figure out why nobody was there. Not even the teacher. She adjusted her glasses before walking into the hallway. She heard a scream and quickly looked around to find nobody. “What’s going on?”

She heard running footsteps and watched as her best friend rounded the corner. “Shelby?” Shelby tackled her friend in a hug crying her heart out. “Shelby, what’s wrong?”, Skye was very much confused. “Brian’s d-dead!”, Shelby sobbed. Brian was Shelby’s boyfriend. “What? How?”, Skye realized that Shelby got quiet. “Shhh...”, Shelby paused, “Skye, run”, Shelby herself got up and ran.

Skye was utterly confused. After Shelby’s footsteps faded away she heard another set. They were going quite slow. She stood up and looked the way Shelby came from. There was a silhouette of a person walking slowly towards Skye. Skye backed up a few steps and realized that there was someone coming up behind her as well. She looked around for somewhere to hide, she ran back into her English classroom and hid in the corner. There was a huge tree in front of her, her teacher was quite festive.

She listened quite intently, hearing the footsteps stop. She didn’t dare move though. “I wish I would have run with Shelby, but I just had to be overly curious again!” It was then that she heard someone enter the classroom. She shrunk into a smaller ball, if that was possible. She overheard the two people talking.

“She went in here.” “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” “No, I mean are you sure she’s the one?” “Yeah, the other wasn’t. She must be.” “But what if she’s not?” “Then she dies, like the rest.” “Don’t you think that’s a little brutal?” There was a short silence. “Never mind.” The two people continued their search. It was then that the tree was pulled away to reveal Skye’s hiding spot. She squeaked. One of the people smiled, they didn’t look much older than herself. She got up and tried to run but a pair of hands found her arm and pulled her back. She screamed, “Let me go!”

The boy holding her laughed, “Sorry.” He checked her pulse and smiled, “You’re perfect.” Skye was confused but figured she shouldn’t talk. Then she saw him lean down towards her, she pushed him back, “Leave me alone!” He laughed, “Told you.” He looked over to the other hooded person. The other person just rolled his eyes.

Skye could only stay quiet as she was taken away somewhere. She didn’t know where she was going and she wanted to know. She tried to get them to let her go, obviously that hadn’t worked. She tried to scream and struggle but they were both strong.

The boy that was carrying her had short black hair, it was spiked up. She had, by then, enough time to realize that he had green eyes and long looking sharp teeth. He was wearing some type of hooded cloak. He was stronger than a normal human because normally Skye could get out of any grip.

He was carrying her over his shoulder, her head at his back. She was staring at the ground, the other boy was following them. After a couple more hours she was bored, “Where are you taking me?” It was the first time she had spoken in a while. “Home”, the boy carrying her said. She sighed. “They’re not going to talk to me.”

After a while Skye had fallen asleep. She awoke in a strange place. It was damp, it was dark, it was creepy.

It was a dungeon.

She was shackled to the wall from her ankle. She curled up with her knees to her chest, once again in a corner. She went from crying to shouting to becoming mute. She was confused, scared and didn’t know what to do.

“If she’s the chosen one why the hell are you chaining her up?!”, Frank yelled. (Note: It’s not Tre, it’s Frank from My Chemical Romance. Interpret his look as you wish. :) “Because I don’t want her messing anything up”, Billie calmly said. Frank was the only one who actually treated him with disrespect, although he probably deserved it every once in a while.

“Please, leave me be. I have my reasons”, Billie said as Frank was about to say something more. Frank frowned and said, “As you wish”, he left with a small bow. Billie was left in silence. “She doesn’t know what’s going to become of her. She doesn’t need to interfere with the future before it happens. Waiting is key.”

Most of this is filler. I hope you enjoyed and I hope that I get some reviews. They're always nice. If I don't get at least ONE review then no story. None at all.
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