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Good Day

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Rufus thinks about tomorrow. TsengxRufus.

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In the morning, he would wake up and jump out of bed. Jump, because it would be that kind of day. He'd shower and get dressed with especial care. At half-past eight exactly, Tseng would knock on the door. He'd be carrying a tray with breakfast for the two of them - coffee for him, tea for Tseng; pastries; some kind of fruit. They would sit for a while and sip at their drinks, discussing the day's schedule, before uncovering the fruit plate. It would be strawberries.

Strawberries meant that Tseng would get that look in his eye, and Rufus wouldn't be able to get his shirt off fast enough before he would be spread on the table with his Turk eating them off his bare stomach, licking the red juice off his pale skin with gentle deliberation. Long fingers would slide down, and a slim hand would insinuate itself beneath white pants, stroking what it found there. Tseng would kiss him, his mouth warm from the tea and tasting of bergamot and strawberries, and Rufus wouldn't have any early-morning meetings, so Tseng would be able to take his time. There would be teasing from those fingers and that mouth, before he'd finally finish sliding Rufus's pants off, and reach into his inside breast pocket, where he was always prepared for this.

Every morning should have Tseng in it, but only special mornings could have him sliding into Rufus on the breakfast table, careful not to knock anything over onto his pristine carpet. It was a perfect kind of morning, though, and Tseng dug his fingers into Rufus's hips, allowing himself to moan, to bury his face in the young president's chest, while Rufus pulled Tseng's hair out of its ponytail and let it spill across his shoulders, fine and silken, and the touch of it alone was enough to bring him to climax.

There would be enough time, afterward, to shower together before they returned to professionalism and began the day in earnest.

Yes, tomorrow would be a good day.

Because the reports on his desk that said Tseng was dead were hallucinations, and he was only not here tonight because he was taking a rare day off, doing... whatever it was he did on his days off. Reno had joked that it was the only time he actually slept, made funnier because Rufus had spent quite a few nights in his bed but had never caught him asleep.

Asleep, perhaps he was just asleep. "If you live, good sir, awake," he whispered, pulling the sheet tighter around his shoulders. As for himself, he would sleep Because tomorrow would be a good day.
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