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Frolicking Through Flower Fields

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A simple one-shot that is completely weird. Read and review if you wish.

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Hiya, I'm bored. This was in my dream once, it made no sense and still doesn't make sense.
I just thought I'd share. :]

“Yay!”, Jared frolicked through the field he was in. He was throwing out paper hearts from his basket. They slowly floated down to the ground. Everything was bright and rainbow colored. Happy music was playing in the background.

It was then that Jared saw his brother, Shannon, and decided to jump over to him. He skipped over and stood in front of Shannon. He threw sparkles up in the air, “Hello dear brother!” Shannon looked at him confused, “What are you? Cupid?”

Jared giggled, “Nooo! If I was Cupid I would have a cute little bow and arrow!” Shannon wasn’t in the mood to play games, “What’s going on? Where are we?” Jared was dressed in some sort of weird rainbow colored outfit, Shannon was in black head to foot. He was quite the opposite of the world they were in.

Jared just rocked back and forth on his feet, “Skip with me!” He started skipping away. Shannon stared after him, “What the fuck.” Then an unicorn riding a rainbow flew down to the flower covered ground. He jumped down, “Jared! Shannon! We must hurry! We’re going to be late!” Shannon was a little confused, “Late for what?” “Late for a very important date at the Mistresses castle!”

Jared jumped up and down with a few claps, “Yay!” He skipped over to the unicorn. Shannon was getting a little creeped out, “Okay wait! Where the fuck are we!? Gay-world!?” Both the unicorn and Jared gasped, “Shannon! How dare you!” Shannon stared, “What. What did I do now?” “We do not use that language here!”, the Unicorn replied, “You will be shunned. You are a first comer, so it’s okay. But don’t use them again.” “Use which words?”, Shannon was slightly confused. “The G word and the F word”, Jared said in a hushed tone. Shannon sighed, “Great.”

The Unicorn let them onto his back and they flew off riding a rainbow. Finally they arrived at a huge castle. Guess what color? Correct! Rainbow!

The Unicorn led Shannon and Jared up to the doors. Jared was jumping up and down, humming. “Here is where I leave you! Jared will lead you the rest of the way Shannon, goodbye!”, and with that the Unicorn took off into the sky on another rainbow.

Jared giggled, “Bye Uni!” He opened the huge doors and walked in. Surprisingly he didn’t skip. Everything was brightly colored and the same happy music was still playing. It was then that some animals joined them on their voyage.

There was the Squirrel, the Bunny and the Raccoon. They were all humming and skipping with Jared. “La, la, la, la”, Jared continued to skip. Shannon had to run to keep up with them.

They all arrived at another set of doors, “Yay!” The animals and Jared shouted in unison. Shannon sighed and just stayed quiet. He just wanted out of this bad dream. The Bunny opened the door, “Yay! The Mistress!” They all walked in, Shannon at the back. Shannon kept trying to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming, as far as he could tell he wasn’t.

The Mistress was rather tall and ugly looking. Like a mix between a huge spider, a shaggy lion and some old woman. The small animals and Jared clapped and yelled, “Yay” when she came into view. Shannon stayed quiet.

“Ah, my favorite people. Oh? Who is this?”, the Mistress noted towards Shannon. Jared announced, “This is my brother Shannon!” “Yay!”, the other animals cheered. Shannon was getting annoyed with all this weirdness, “Okay, listen. Get me the fuck out of here.” Everyone gasped and became quiet. The Mistress stared at Shannon, “You shall be taken.” “No!! Take me! Don’t take my brother!”, Jared pleaded.

The Mistress thought about it, “Alright Jared. You can pay for his sins.” Jared nodded, “Feast on my flesh!! Take my soul and make it yours!” He held out his arms and all the animals eyes turned red. Their fangs grew out with their claws. They lunged at Jared and brought him down. They ripped apart his body, tearing him apart like the rabid animals they were.

Shannon’s mouth dropped, “STOP!! STOP STOP!!” He tried to pull them away from his brother, but the animals didn’t give up so easily. They continued their ravage of Jared’s flesh. Soon Jared was consumed and by that time Shannon had already ran down the hallway. “Get him!”, the Mistress pointed in Shannon’s direction.

The animals raced after Shannon, taking him down as well. Shannon screamed.


Shannon screamed as he was shaken awake. Jared yelled, “WAKE UP!! WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING AT FIVE IN THE MORNING!” Shannon was breathing heavily, he looked around realizing that he wasn’t in that crazy dream world. “Again. Why are you screaming at five in the morning!?”, Jared was tired. “I had-I had the w-worst dream!” Jared sighed, “Idiot.” He yawned and walked out.

Shannon finally calmed down and got up to get a drink. He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a glass. He heard something scratching at the window. He looked over to the patio doors. There was a bunny, a squirrel and a raccoon all staring at him with red glowing eyes.

The animals all beared their fangs. Shannon dropped the glass and ran upstairs to get Jared. He walked in on Jared brushing an unicorn’s hair. The Unicorn turned and said, “What you thought you’d get out of this that easily? GET HIM!” Jared laughed as the small animals lunged once again at Shannon.

All Shannon could do was scream as he went down.

Hah! My dreams are so fucked up. Okay, doesn't need reviews, but it's cool if you do. :]
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