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Eiris Power Trip

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Eiri and Hiro have words after Eiri leaves him (OMG this is like YEARS old for me! Posted on another site about 5 years ago so very rough)

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“I told you he wasn’t coming back!” Shindo wailed for the hundredth time at the bar.

“Will you shut up? We just did a sell out tour; we’ve got hundreds of screaming fans. I’ve got…” He was hit in the mouth with the sake pot. “Ayaka-Chan.”

“You’ve got someone.” Shindo wailed with a lake of tears pouring over them both. “He won’t even let me know why he won’t come back. I know what I need to know now and I love him. He has to love me back.”

“Baka. I can see why he got fed up with you.” Hiro told him with a sigh. He felt low for Shindo in truth. The young man was a star and it wasn’t going to make him happy. He had no one to share it with. “I got to run Shuichi. When you finish being a depressive drunk drop in at mine and I will show you my new scores.”


Hiro left Shindo at the bar and headed home. He only just spotted the familiar foreign car out of the side of his wing mirror. Eiri was back in town and Hiro had a few words for him. It was about time the moron knew what he was doing to his best friend. He had to make a decision to end it and leave or stay with the pink haired lover.

He followed at a safe distance to find that Eiri had got a new place to live. It wasn’t even far away from his old one. He could see Shindo from where he was but why would he bother if he didn’t want him anymore? When Eiri put the car away Hiro pulled up on the pathway outside and took off his helmet.

“Yuki Eiri Sama I want words with you.” He told him and stepped off the bike and over to the writer. “This game has gone far enough and I want explanations.”

“You had best come inside then Hiro san.” He said and led him up into the apartment.

He thought that Hiro was interesting, he held guts and brains and wasn’t as irritating as Shindo. Maybe that was what pissed him off the most. Hiro had his head screwed on and yet he couldn’t get that pink haired brat to be the same way.

Yuki reached for his beer and passed one to Hiro. He then lit a cigarette and sat on the couch before putting them in the middle. Hiro helped himself to one and there was a long silence before Hiro tried to mentally put the words in the right frames and context. All the time Yuki watched him wondering what was on his mind.

“Well?” He asked after he had nearly finished his first can and stubbed out the cigarette. “Aren’t you going to get mad or threaten me?”

“No.” Hiro answered directly and looked into his eyes. Yuki was right about one thing, people could not resist his eyes. “Are you going to explain to Shuichi san why you haven’t bothered to go back?”

“No.” He countered and looked at Hiro. “I got out before it got too bad. That little creep will be stalking me worse if I show my face.”

“He loves you Eiri san. I told you before if you gave him a reason to cry other than his own stupidity and naivety then I would never forgive you. I haven’t had reason to change my mind yet. So tell me what you plan to do? Just watch him from here for the next ten years? Let him notice you one day with another…”

Yuki had moved to Hiro and placed his lips on the other boys. Hiro was stopped dead in his tracks and his eyes widened. Eiri smelt wonderful and he had to admit he was attractive but this was so, so wrong.

Yuki pushed Hiro back on the sofa and kissed him harder. This was what Hiro really wanted wasn’t it? He could go back and tell Shindo that it was over because he had fucked him. That was the easiest break up for Yuki. Hiro and Shindo would avoid him like the plague then. Hiro meekly pushed against Eiri’s shirt but it was no good. He wanted him too and as his hair fell in his face he closed his eyes and asked Shindo to forgive him.

Yuki’s lips were soft and his tongue was wet. It drew Hiro in and made him want more. He let out a soft sigh and Eiri pulled at his jacket and shirt. Hiro had a flat and wonderful stomach and Eiri stroked a loving hand over the flesh. It was divine and he pushed at the button on his jeans with urgency. Hiro was a quiet lover unlike his friend who could squeal and moan for hours if the fancy took him.

Hiro pulled away first and looked ashamed of them both. He had a painfully hard erection and Eiri moved to undo his trousers and release the bonds but Hiro stopped him just in time.

“Why are you going this?” He asked him and moved away slightly. “What about Shindo-san?”

“I have to get him out of my mind. That boy is going get hurt if we are lovers. It is better for him this way.”

“No,” Hiro stood up and looked at Yuki, it was just another power trip, “you should go back to him. He loves you and I thought you told the whole of Japan he was your lover. That implies something doesn’t it?”

“Maybe.” He picked up a beer. Shindo never argued about love just declared it. And there he was going on about it again… Shindo. “Yes, maybe. Okay I’ll talk to him but what will you do when he asks why? Tell him cos you didn’t have the guts to fuck me yourself?”

“You are the worst.” Hiro retorted and picked up his things. He stopped at the door. “I wasn’t him though and you knew it.”

“Hai.” He nodded and threw Hiro’s lighter to him. “Hai, which just serves to make it worse.”

As soon as Hiro shut the door he let out a smile. Yeah he loved the pink haired baka but another day worrying wouldn’t hurt him. And would Hiro really ever dare to tell him?

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