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Anywhere But Here

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Where did Bobby go after he left Johns apartment? *Storms P.O.V. Second part of the 'For My Broken Heart' Series.*

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I FOUND ONE FOR STORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
does a happy dance around the room. Please tell me
what you think, okay just to let you know I own nothing
not the Characters or the song which belong to 'Chris Cagle'
the song is also called 'Anywhere But Here'

Bobby was sitting on the stool in the kitchen when
Storm came into the room, glancing around she noted
the whiskey bottle on the kitchen-island in front of the
young man. Sighing she went to him and pulled up a stool
for herself, "what's wrong Bobby?" she asked though she
knew well enough what was wrong, this morning Bobby had
went to go see John, to ask the questions that had been
burning at him, and it seemed he hadn't liked what he heard.

*Man, I hate you found me here
With whiskey on my breath
I know I should be ashamed
So much for those twelve steps
She said "No my son, I know you're doin' your best
For all you've been through, hey, I understand
I only came here to be your friend
You know he still asks about you
And wonders how you're doin' and where you been..."

She listened as Bobby told her everything that had
happened that morning she nodded every once in awhile
to show she was still listening, while inside her chest,
heart-ached at what had happened to her favorite
student and the boy he fell in love with. She had never
thought poorly of John for the choice he made, but it
did sadden her to know he thought so little of himself,
she knew Bobby and Rogue would never last, and she also
knew if John had been there him and Bobby would have been
together, but John had left, and in doing so killed them both
in a way.

*Tell him I'm in Tampa, on the causeway
Watchin' the waves roll in
Tell him I'm in Aspen, in a cabin
Findin' myself again
Tell him that I'm happy, and I've moved on
Better than I've ever been
Just don't tell him that you saw me, drownin' in this bottle
Tryin' to make him disappear
Tell him that I'm anywhere
Anywhere but here*

When Bobby had finished She took a deep breath and
thought a moment before saying anything, staring at the
young man across from her, she was suddenly at a loss at
what to say, really what do you tell someone who's world
has just been turned upside down?

*It would only break his heart
If he knew the truth
See, I told him when he left
This was the last thing I would do
Tomorrow I swear I'm startin' over again
I've made it this far and I know how it ends
But he doesn't have to find out where I am
So if you see or hear from him again*

She thought back for a moment to before, before Rogue
came, before John left, before the anger and the painful
burn of betrayal that had clouded Bobby's mind for so long,
before everything went wrong, and she felt a pang in her heart.

*Tell him I'm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Sellin' cars five days a week
Tell him I'm in Mobile, Alabama
Gettin' back on my feet
Tell him I'm happy and I've moved on
Lookin' better than you've ever seen
Just don't tell him that you saw me, drownin' in this bottle
Tryin' to make him disappear
Tell him that I'm anywhere
Anywhere but here*

"What did you tell him?" She asked Bobby after a few
minutes, but when he didn't answer she asked again, when
Bobby continued to remain silent she sighed "Bobby
you did tell him what his leaving did to you, didn't you?"
She asked, Bobby could only shake his head no.

*Tell him that I'm happy and I've moved on
But let him know that I still care
Man, tell him I'm anywhere
Anywhere but here*

She stood and placed her hand on Bobby's shoulder,
"well then I think you should go back and tell him, after
all nothing will be solved if it continues to be kept silent"
she told him. Turning she started to walk away, before
stopping in the doorway to look at Bobby once again, "for
what it's worth, I do truly believe that John loved you,
with all his heart" with those words said she left Bobby to
himself, and hoped that in time everything would be sorted out.

*Tell him I'm anywhere
Anywhere, but here*

Yes I know kinda lame, but in my defense I have no idea
how to write Storm and being the coolest woman in the whole
Movie I didn't think I could do her justice, but at least I
tried. And I do think Storm was better to John then the other
teachers so I had to write her in a good light, also I'm going to
make this into a series. The first was 'PEICES' this is the second,
I also plan on writing the others from the Movies so while I hope
none of you hold your breath because I do try and keep everything
as in character as I can get it. If you've read both you can look
forward to more. Well gotta go, Bye.
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