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We've got more than we know.

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Alex gaskarth ; Ronnie Radke ; Max Green. Sienna Collins. a story about a michevious girl lost between 2 guys.

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When Alex was 14, he always thought "My life sucks, nothing ever interesting happens, ARGH!". Yeah, thats how hes whole life was,
no fun at all, untill he reached 16, became one of the biggest stunners in hes school, and actually had a friend, who was a girl.

"Aleeeexxxxx! Waaakkkkeeeee uuuuuppppp bbeeefffoooreeee iii JUMP ON YOUU!!" Sienna screamed out to Alex. Even though she was
right next to him. Every saturday, she sneaks into his bedroom. He got the pillow and slapped it on her face.
"Heyy! That wasn't so nice Mr. Gaskarth!"
"Shhuutttuppp i want to sleeeppp!"
"Sleeping is for the night ya ass! Its the morning!"
"Leave meee"
She jumped on him. He screamed.
"WHY'D YOU DO THAAT!?" Alex screamed.
"So you can do that" She smiled brightly.

They walked together around the block.
"So, friend, yeaaaaah, what are we going to do today?" Sienna asked, being all hypo.
"Like, dude, i have a special meeting".
"A meeting? Ohh FUN! Can i come?"
"Nah, you got to be a member"
"I'll become a member!"
"Sieennnaa, its something i got to do alone"
"Oh, okay" she sounded disapointed. Alex Gaskarth and Sienna Collins were NEVER apart. But, just as close best buddies. Nothing more,
as much people have thought. Everyone agreed that it seemed as though they were together, but, in their opinion, it never crossed either
of their minds. Alex has never had a girlfriend. Jocks who think they're good show it off, that they have had girlfriends since grade 4, and
that Alex hasn't even had one. He didn't care really, untill he met Sienna, he liked her. Her big green eyes, which were very VERY big,
her black, shiny hair, the craziness of her, her intelligence, her humour. The fact that she is, who she is.
On the other side, Sienna has had a quite the bundle of boyfriends. Yet, she finds them all pathetic, they weren't real love to her, but,
shes looking. She thinks she found him, thats right, Alex. Hes big buff brown hair, with matching eyes, the fact that he can sing real good,
as well as play guitar, but hes a tad too shy. Her goals to allow him to open up, let people realise who he is. But, she can't do that if he
doesn't let her come to that meeting. She needs a plan.
"So, where is this meeting?"
"Uh, third street, biggest building"
"HAHAHAHAH HOW COOL! Its a building, and its big! YAAAAY!"
He laughed.
"Its so fascinating, ISN'T IT?"
"Yes, thats what i meant"
"Sureee you did!"
"Dude, i did"
"Oi, thats mine!"
"What is?"
She wanted to say that HE was, HE was all hers. She really really wanted to. Usually, she could say anything, without being one bit shy,
but, for some reason, Alex made her blush, she got nervous around him. It's like .. Primary School Crush. But, more mature. Ohh, the
things she wished she could say to him, the things she wished she could do with him. She MADLY wanted him NOW. But how?
"That tree .. " She couldn't say what she wanted to.
He gave her a 'What the fuck?" look and shook hes head.
She faked a HA~ and looked away.

"I should go home, get ready"
"Why, what times the meeting thingamabobity?"
"In around, an hour or so"
"Dude, sure i CAN'T come?"
"I'm sorry Sienna, but, like, its personal"
"Okay, as long as when you come back you sing me a song" She smiled so hard her eyes became thin lines.
"Whooot, I truley, would love to" he bowed, then ran off to his house. She stared at him the whole time as a teenage girl in love with the
schools hottie of the year. Drooling. 'YAAAAAYYY! Hes gna sing a song for me! ohh yeahh babyyy. I could tell him how i feell! After i find
out where hes going. Hopefully hes not meeting someone else. SHIT! he probably is. Ohmygod. BETCH! Hes mine. Mine mine mine mine
MINEEEE! Well, he should be, no no, HE WILL BE! Just gahh, no one shall interupt us. I wantt him!' She dreamed untill she got knocked by
some guy on a skateboard. She fell to the floor but he helped her up.
"Ohmygod, im so sorry!" They guy said as he held out hes hand so Sienna could jump up.
"Haha, it's okayy" She said as she grabbed hes hand.
"You alright? I'm sorry, when i'm on my skateboard i just, you know, don't look, i feel like im flying"
"OHH HOW COOL! Is it as fun as people make it?"
"Oh yeah, its awesome!"
"Is it hard?"
"Just gotta have balance, i can give you a lesson?"
"Oh really? Thanks that would be great!" Her eyes focused on his. He had deep, bright hazel coloured eyes. They were beautiful, she
thought so. She completely forgot about Alex and the meeting. This has never happened with any other guy besides Alex. What

"Okay, so just put your leg here" He directed her. It's been an hour, she hasn't learnt much.
"Yeahh um, i can't do this, i have no balance" She smiled. "Wanna go for icecream instead?"
"Sure, why not" He held his hand out curved so she can join hers to his. She did and they walked to the nearest icecream shop.
"So, do you have a name?" Sienna widened her eyes and slapped her forehead with her hand. "Shit, i'm sorry i mean, whats your name?"
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" He blurted out laughing. "Your quite the funny one, my names Ronnie, and do you have a name?"
"Don't tease me" She blushed tomato red. "My names Sienna"
"Wow, thats a pretty name" Her face went even redder.
They sat down for icecream, Sienna had Cookies and Cream, Mike had rainbow.
"You live close by?" He asked her.
"Yeah, well, kind of, i live a bit further but every saturday i come here to visit my friend" And then she remembered. 'SHIT! ALEX! OH MY
GOD! IM A FUCKING IDIOT! Now hes going to fall in love with another girl' She looked at Ronnie. 'Oh fuck like i haven't!' She thought to
"Oh wow, so you do have friends!"
"Yeah, hes like, my only one"
"Oh .. its a he .."
"No no, we're not .. you know, like that"
"Oh okay" He seemed more excited.
Hardcore melodys rang, it was Mikes phone.
"Oh hey dude" He answered. "SERIOUSLY? NO WAY! Thats like, fucking rad, im so coming ... WHAT! What the fuck why? No wayyyyy!"
He tilted hes head up in disapointment. "Ohh dude that sucks bad! Where are we going to hang? Fucking hell, i'll talk to you later, cya"
He hung up.
"Sorry about that, turns out the ONLY skatepark here closed down. Now i have like, no where to hang out" Ronnie explained.
"Oh that sucks! But you can hang out at the malls and stuff"
"Yeah but i can't skate there"
"Your really passionate about skating aren't you?"
"How cute" She chuckled.
They decided to just walk around the area, she knew the way because of all the days with Alex, she was starting to get pretty nervous
now. What if, he saw her with him? What if, he did get a new girl? What if, she liked Mike. She didn't want to, she really didn't. But,
it was as though, fate allowed them to meet. She didn't feel right anymore. She was even afraid to see Alex, thats never happened
"Ready to go home?"
"Uh wha huh? Sorry, i've lost my mind today, i go home later"
"Oh, well, sorry but, i've got to go, do you have somewhere to stay? Or, do you wanna come with me?"
"Shame, but, i've got to do something, can i have your number or something?"
"Sure" They exchanged numbers and said their farewells. Sienna went to Alex's house at just sat on the front stairs. Waiting.

After at least an hour of waiting, just sitting there, doing nothing, not even thinking. Alex returned with a big bag filled with paint tubes.
She ran up to him and hugged him. He dropped the bag and hugged her back, they both were extremely happy in this position.
"Ohmygod Alex never leave me for that long again!" Sienna was about to cry.
"Whoaa, relax! But, please don't tell me you did nothing at all"
"Well, actually, i went walking around, had an icecream, yeah, then waited, i really missed you"
"Aww! Thats nice" He couldn't stop smiling. He then lead her inside.
Alex dropped hes big bag on the couch and looked inside the fridge, he took out a jug of water and two cups from the cupboard. Sienna
sat on the couch, staring at Alex, she tried to make it less obvious.
"So, when are you going to sing me my song?" Sienna smiled greatly.
"Let me relax a sec! I will, after i tell you about my meeting"
"Oh yes, i would like to hear very much, because, as you may know, i could not attend"
"Sorry, i just felt embarresed about it, but, you know, i dont care anymore"
He sat next to her on the couch, she came closer and grabbed hes hand and looked deeply into hes tense eyes.
"You should know Alex, that, i love you no matter what, and, whatever you do, i'm always here, to see, to encourage, to laugh at"
Alex was starting to feel a bit nervous, he was overheating. 'FUCKFUCK shes coming closer ohmygod what do i say, i want to say some-
thing ohmygod what what? Shit shes leaning in closer, what the fuck do i do?" Hes thoughts were interupted as he felt something on hes
lips. She was kissing him, she actually did it. As soon as she stopped, Alex couldn't move, he was stunned. But she had the biggest grin
on her face, wider than the ocean itself.
"Oh, uh, wow" Alex could barely talk. Her smile realesed.
"I'm sorry, i just, ohmygod, i'm an idiot, i'm really sorry" Alex tried to breath, shock wouldn't let him.
"Why are you sorry? God, i never knew" Sienna cut him off and continued.
"That i actually love you. Yes, Alexander William Gaskarth, I am totally, truley, in love with you"
"And you tell me this, NOW?"
"The thought of telling you, i was just nervous, afraid of rejection"
"I can't reject you, for i, Alexander William Gaskarth, love you, Sienna Nicole Collins" He admitted it.
She hugged him. Then, there was a big silence, all they did was stare at each other smiling and laughing.
"Oiii, the songg pleasee!" Sienna nagged.
"Oh .. oh yeah!" He grabbed hes guitar and started to sing.
"Hey, kid, you've got, a lot of potential but I think its time to move up, so go on and blow us away with your sound; Now you're everything
that we've come to love, you taught us to move, so we'll show it off, just drop us the beat" He continued to sing, Sienna staring at him,
thinking. 'Why the fuck did i do that? I mean, he means the whole world to me, i couldn't control myself, but, Ronnie .. why? I've got keep
away from Ronnie, i need Alex, Alex is who i should be with, Ronnie, does not exist, yeah, YEAH! He doesn't. Whos Ronnie? Thats the way'
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