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Just Close Your Eyes.

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chapter#6 - the end!

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Sienna was constantly calling Alex's mobile, each time, not recieving an answer. 'Good Lord, where is he?' She kept repeating to herself.
Since no reply was given, she rang Ronnie, he was the last person left with him.
"Hello" Ronnie replied, Sienna felt the tremble in hes voice.
"Ronnie, wheres Alex?"
"Oh, um, Sienna, yeah, Alex, i think hes still where he was before, you know, when you aggredly ran away from me"
"I told you, I CAN'T"
"Yes, you can. Your just keeping yourself away, so, i'm going to do the same" And he hung up. Sienna screamed as she ran to where she
and Alex lay before. As she got nearer, she didn't see any figure. She came closer and saw something on the floor. Sienna ran, thinking
he was just sleeping. But he wasn't.
"Oh my god, Alex, not again" She lifted hes head up from the floor and placed it in her lap and brushed the hair on hes eyes back with her
fingers. She noticed he didn't make one movement and she felt no winds, no breeze, no heat, just fog circling around her. It felt like
a cemetery scene in an old, old creepy halloween movie. This time, she called the ambulence, she couldn't feel the pulse. She can't
just leave him like before, this was serious.
In about 10 minutes Alex was lying down in the hospital with Sienna waiting outside. Freezing and alone. She didn't call Alex's mum, she
was too afraid to get the blame. Even though it was her fault in the first place. She leaned down on her chair with her head dug into her
hands. 'Its all my fault, i'm so, so ... so terrible'. After about half an hour, a doctor came out. He just stood there looking around. Sienna
poked her eyes out to see and she then ran to him.
"How is he?" The doctor looked down at her, as he was well tall, and just walked away. She watched him walk away like she was saying
'excuse me?'. She took a look around the room, found no one and sneaked herself in. Her first glance was at the small television, it was
just a line. He was gone. Siennas eyes glistened as they filled themselves with tears. With her long face she ran out of the room and ran
into another. She fell back and didn't care, she kept herself there as she dug her fingers into the ground to realise her pain. The boy
she bumped into pushed hard to try and get her up. She wasn't helping him. He was still un known as she wouldn't look at anyone. He
accomplished to get her to sit up. He had to sit on top of her (not full on sitting, just legs on the floor), and hold her hands so she wouldn't
fall again. Her head just leaning back.
"LIft your head up, look at me" The most gentlest voice said. She listened to it. It was Max. She closed her eyes.
"Leave me, i deserve to rott"
"What? No one does"
"If no one does, why did Alex?" She could barely talk as her tears overflowed her eyes.
"Alex, hes gone" She blurted out into tears, her head falling onto Max's chest. He has never been in this situation before, he didn't know
what to do, so he just patted her back. He realised it wasn't doing anything. He slid hes hand to her right cheek and lifted her head up, so
that his lips, and her ear, where at balance. He whispered to her.
"It's okay, it was his time. He would want you to move on" She looked at him, realising he actually meant it.
"But, he meant so, i cant, i love him"
"And he loves you too, everyone knew he did, and he still does"
"So why is he gone?" Her cry went louder and fiercer. She had her fingers dug into Max's shoulders. It did hurt him, but he knew that she
was hurt terribly inside.
"Some people, have their limits in life, hes was at a young age, but remember, you have your own life, you can still love him, but, don't
let it ruin yours, he wouldn't want you to suffer, just put yourself where he is, you would want him to have a good life, wouldn't you?"
"I would want the very best for him, but, its so hard"
"Of course it is, and i understand that, but, for me, just, be happy"
"Max, i will garentee you, that theres only one way that i could be happy"
"Just close your eyes" Max ignored her previous statement.
"No Max, Really" He placed hes middle finger on her lips.
"Just close your eyes" Hes soothing voice made her feel like she was walking on water. "When i count to three, tell me how you feel .. one,
two .... three" He slowly counted. She opened her eyes and kissed him. He put both hes hands on each of her cheeks as she put her hands
on his upper body. With eyes closed, they both imagined each others thoughts. Max slowly left the kiss, hes hands following.
"Why?" He asked.
"You actually cared, and, i could tell by your voice, you meant everything you said" She gave him a hug. "Please, don't leave me"
And he never did.
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