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Frank is sick of being used and pushed around. He decides to act indifferent for a day. Too bad Gerard has to screw it all up. [[Frerard]]

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Life sucked for Frank Iero. He didn’t want to sound like a classic whiny, depressed, teenager, but he hated his life. It was just so repetitive. He did the same exact thing every fucking day. Woke up. Went to the bathroom. Ate. Went to school. Got beat up. Played his guitar. Slept. And then the next day, the same boring routine would repeat. It was completely and utterly “yawn-filled”, as his friend Mikey Way would call it. He just wanted anything that could change his crappy existence. The only thing he ever got was the feeling of blood rushing to his head whenever Mr. Football-playing-totally-idiotic-yet-handsome-jock-guy held his head into a toilet bowl. That was just not what he was looking for.

It was with this sole thought that he sat in the bus, starting another dull day of high school. He was staring as the sights of Belleville whizzed on by, because Mr. Football-playing-totally-idiotic-yet-handsome-jock-guy decided he needed a change from toilets, and was now shoving Frank’s face against the window. He was tired of screaming for help. He could figure out finally—after being bullied for over five years—that nobody cared enough to lend a hand. It was not like it even hurt. Frank was so bored today that he was almost numb.

The blond jock eventually got tired since it was no fun bullying a kid who wasn’t screaming. He wandered off to talk about football to his football-playing-totally-idiotic-yet--handsome-jock-guy friends. Frank continued to stare out the window though he did not leave his face squished against the glass. The school building was soon in sight. The bus came to a halt, and Frank grabbed his backpack. He droned out all the insults and random food being thrown at him as he made his way to his locker. Usually, the verbal abuse upset him quite a lot, but his apathy was simply unstoppable today. He emptied his backpack slowly, not caring about how late he would be to his first period class. He wouldn’t mind skipping it anyway. He usually ended up falling more than anything else during gym.

He walked towards the boy’s locker room, on the other side of the school. He stared down at the hideous colored carpet the whole time; it was not like there was anything much less repulsive up at eye-level. He even proceeded to close his eyes. This, though, was a stupid thing to do since he couldn’t see where he was going. Obviously, he crashed into a person because of his decision to be temporarily blind. Down he fell, onto his back with all the books he was carrying landing on top of him messily. He sat up slowly, gathering all his books together. He took a look at whom he had bumped into. On any regular day, he would have gasped or blushed to see the boy he saw today. It was Mikey’s older brother, Gerard; one of the main reasons that Frank was acting so unemotional. The attractive older boy was a senior whom Frank had a huge crush on. Gerard knew this and kept giving Frank a hard time about it. He would always do something to make himself look extremely hot. But Frank knew it was all just a joke to Gerard Way. He didn’t actually give a shit about Frank or his melting heart.

This particular Wednesday, Gerard smiled and shook his black bangs out of his eyes flirtatiously. Frank raised an eyebrow and stood up, still uncaring. He stared down at Gerard, giving him a quite weirded-out expression. The older boy tilted his head, not understanding why Frank was not suddenly stumbling over words or feet. He asked if Frank was okay. Frank shrugged, not quite sure of the answer. He continued towards gym class, but Gerard’s voice stopped him.

“Hey Frankie, do you wanna hang out today instead of being stuck at school?”

Frank nodded after a moment of wondering why Gerard picked Indifference Day to ask this. He followed the tall boy, who casually wandered out of the school building without drawing any attention to himself or his companion. The two boys took a leisurely stroll to the park next to the school. Frank remained silent, plainly staring at the cars which whizzed by on the road. He could feel Gerard’s hazel gaze drilling holes through the back of his head, but he chose to ignore this sensation. His feet created a steady rhythm down on the sidewalk. He stopped walking when they both reached a wooden bench near the center of the park. He sat down wordlessly.

Gerard stared for a few seconds and then sat down beside him. He had no clue what was going on with the small-ish boy today but there was something definitely attractive about it.

“Hey Frankie,” he started, “What would you say if I said I liked you?”

Frank fixed his eyes on a nearby tree and then looked back at Gerard, “Cool?”

Gerard frowned, “What about if I said I wanted to go out with you?”

His eyes rolled around, “Even cooler?”

“How about if I said I wanted you to kiss me?” he attempted.

“Why are you asking me this?” Frank questioned flatly.

He was fed-up from hearing things of this sort from Gerard. It was all just a joke to the senior. Usually, his love for the gorgeous boy kept him from saying anything, but know why he could speak today.

Gerard was taken aback, “Damn, dude. When did you get so cold?”

“When I realized emotions are pointless, when I figured out nothing’s ever going to change, and when I found out you’ll never mean what you say,” Frank answered.

He swung his legs in a childlike motion and stared at his surroundings. The birds chirped and squirrels scurried about. He whistled his favorite song to himself and drummed his fingers on the bench to accompany his singing. Although he wanted to keep his uninterested mask on, he was a little giddy on the inside for telling Gerard off like that. It wasn’t often that anyone could manage to shut that boy up. But now, there he sat, next to Frank, with the most dumbfounded expression. His mouth kept opening and closing, like a nutcracker. It was most amusing.

“Frankie, do you really get upset when I’m just playing around with you like that?” Gerard finally asked.

“Yup,” he admitted, “I feel totally used. But not that it really matters to you, right? You just wanna have fun and messing with my heart is the best way to do that, isn’t it? And you never stop to think how I’ll feel about it, do you? Because you think I’m too little and unimportant. Why the hell should it matter if one small freshman gets his heart broken? He’s always been pushed around anyway. It doesn’t fucking make a difference if it happens one more time. Well, I’ll tell you what, Gerard Way. You can go on fake-flirting and getting close enough to me for a kiss and then pulling away right on time. I don’t care anymore what you do. I’m over you.”

He panted after all his emotions came spewing out like that. It did not support the hardhearted act he had been trying to pull off, but at least it made Gerard almost look sorry. He stood up and threw the other boy a triumphant look. He turned his back to the flabbergasted boy started on his way back to school.

“Frank, wait!” Gerard stopped him with his voice once again.

He spun around with annoyance, “What?”

Gerard pushed himself up and closer to Frank. He wrapped his strong arms around the smaller boy and leaned in close. Frank waited for him to pull away, like he always did. He shouldn’t have said that last part of his speech, telling Gerard that he could just keep on doing this. Because even though he didn’t want it to hurt, it hurt. It hurt a whole fucking lot. He clamped his eyes shut to keep himself from crying. He knew he would have to open them eventually, and when he did a whole flood of tears would come spilling out. He had been hoping that today, he’d manage to stay indifferent long enough to not cry for anything. Then Gerard had to step in and ruin it all. All he could do was weakly wait for the other male to move his beautiful head away. But he never did. He only moved closer...and closer...and closer...until their lips met at last.

Frank was shocked. That was impossible. He couldn’t actually be kissing Gerard, it was simply too dream-like. Gerard’s hands moved down his body, sending tingles down his spine. It was all just a game still, it couldn’t be real. Gerard moved his hands back up and to hold Frank’s face gently.

“Frank, I really like you,” Gerard whispered, with a serious expression.

Frank waited for the laugh, the upturned lip, the smallest sign that Gerard was just joking. When it became apparent that it wouldn’t happen, he grinned.



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