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Miles Away From Those I Love, Purpose Hard To Find

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Frank longs for the human world, but can he bear to leave Gerards side? (Frerard)

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(chapter title lyrics from "Dear God" - Avenged Sevenfold [GODAMMIT I GOT THEM WRONG] and I'm pretty sure I made up the title of the story.)

Hollow whistling and metallic, skeletal clunks of sails floated through the dark boatyard. Everyone was indoors, warmed by whisky and fires in the dockside bar or safely packed like sardines in their bunks, lulled to sleep by each gently sweep of a wave.

Water crashed against the wooden piers, pounding against the wooden piers and washing over the mussels and barnacles that had lodged there.

Frank could hear each echo from far under the water as he reached the edge of the clump of boats. He could see the outline of each craft from below, bumping gently against each other.

He trailed his hand over the smooth plastic of the hulls, dodging between them. Curious.

He poked his head from the water, the cold air hitting him. He froze, shocked for a moment, and then was instantly slipping back under, following the noise from the loose parts deeper into the ships.

Voices drifted from some of the lit vessels. Frank shied away from them, ducking down and sliding to the next patch, staying away from the sharp rudders.

He curled his fingers over the wood of the dock, pulling himself up to his chin. The lights attracted him. People moved about in the building, laughing and talking.

He didn’t know what they were saying, but he could guess that it was something positive. There were people at the windows, leaning on their elbows and sipping from filled glass cylinders.

Frank involuntarily flicked his tail, spraying water against one of the boats behind him. The sound startled him and he darted beneath the waves, staring wide-eyed up into the dark.

That world as too sudden for him, too spontaneous, but it nagged at his conscience every day. He’d never been brave enough to actually surface before, but it had mesmerised him for so long.

He liked how he could feel cool air on his skin, or how he could see the clouds actually moving in the sky above him. He liked being able to make noise and splash the water, not just push it. It wasn’t the same as the caverns and empty tunnels he explored for the majority of his fourteen years; there was air, but no people. He like how the people interacted.

Frank turned from the sky, swishing his fin and turning back toward the sea.

Gerard was floating down near a broken anchor, watching Frank with cautious eyes. He tilted his head, a silent plea to Frank for him to come back, not to stay up there and obsess with humans. Frank didn’t belong to the land people, Frank was his.

Frank chewed his bottom lip and took a last, longing look at the dock, his skin prickling with excitement.

But he ripped his gaze away, chirruping to Gerard and diving down toward him.

Humans could wait.
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