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We All Need the Person Who Can Be True To You

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Frank saw the last bit of a bright, white tail-fin disappear.

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He lowered his legs into the foam, hanging onto the ledge. The man left his sight, plunging down into the bay. The humans were behind Frank, looking at him curiously.

He jumped in, ignoring the chilling shock, spluttering back up immediately to look around. A sudden splash came from behind him and he spun around.

He saw the last bit of a bright, white tail-fin disappear. The humans were at the side now, staring at him and where the splash had resounded from in shock.

And then the man was back, only a foot away from Frank.

“G-Gerard?” Frank croaked.

Gerard grinned and flicked his fin toward Frank, splashing him. He crossed the inches between them and undid Frank’s pants, pushing off his clothing until he was bare under the water and thankful that it was still dim and the people couldn’t see through the first few centimetres of surf. The itching came back, and smooth, slippery scales spread down his legs, joining his feet together to form his fin.

Gerard’s tail brushed against his own, finding his fingers and he was pulling him from the dock, down into the cool water toward where he belonged.

Gerard! You- it’s. Your fin is white!

Gerard nodded. “I changed for you.”

Frank gasped, wrapping his own tail around Gerard’s even as they floated apart.

You learned to speak?!

For you. All for you.

And Gerard tipped his head again. His same silent plea for Frank to stay this time. Not to try and fit in with what he wasn’t.

And Frank chirped in response, following Gerard farther into the bay and dark, not even looking back this time.

Because, really, Frank would never belong to anyone. But if he did, Gerard would get first dibs.

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