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Promises Never Kept

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Sad Sad Sad Ferard. Read and review please!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way - Published: 2007-12-29 - Updated: 2007-12-29 - 442 words - Complete

“Frank…” The word lost in an everlasting whirlwind of emotion. Tears fell, eyes shut, mouths closed, and hearts stopped. The door to the bathroom flung open. A moment passed where eyes met the ugly scene in front of them, a gasp was heard to only the living. The dead separated by glass.

“G-Gerard?” a voice, a simple voice useless to deaf ears. Collapsed, that’s what his body did. He collapsed, his knees banging against the tiled floor. All emotion was paused, every word he ever said lost inside his mind. A golden lock was placed on his lungs, keeping him from breathing. His heart shattered into millions of pieces.

“Gerard…” The name should have brought forth something, rather someone all that came was silence. A science only accompanied by death. A tear, one tear fell onto the porcelain skin, the only sound that came from the room. Now jeans were stained with blood, Hands were placed on a cheek, a cheek that should have been warm and red, but now was cold and fading.

“Why?” the question lingered till it floated away on a one way ticket to nowhere. “Why the fuck did you leave me here?” Here… where was here? Hell. This was hell. “You know I can’t live without you!” a yell, created by a broken soul. To anyone who would be here, this was tragic, this was sad. He should have been in tears, sobbing, being forced to hold his stomach in place. All that filled this poor mans body was hate. Hate that this happened, hate that he was alone.

“You’re worthless” He didn’t mean this. He knew he didn’t “You’re a worthless liar” Thinking back to everything that had ever happened between them. The chemistry, was now gone. A promise was broken… “You fucking promised me!” He was talking to death. A dead body is what he had; it was mocking him, reminding him of everything that had ever happened to this body.

The knife on the floor, drenched in blood looked like salvation. “I made you a promise…” Hands clutched the weapon “I’ll follow you Gee. I won’t leave you… I promised” Wrists meet cool metal; a stinging sensation crept up tattooed arms.

Death filled the room. Now we have two lovers dead. One sitting in a room while darkness slowly surrounded him, invading his thoughts, his actions and eventually ending his life. One consumed by love to the point of following one who had no choice but to leave the world.

Love is different, love is painful, love is desires, love is a want.

Love is death.
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