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To The End {{Frerard}}

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Really cute frerard. i'm really proud of it. tell me what you think!!!

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--ok i haven't posted a fic on here in forever. i just read them. my previous fics are pretty bad. my first chapter fic, I used a really bad strategy so yeah. I hope you enjoy this!! I'm improvising this one by the way--


Gerard's POV

My eyes fluttered open. I looked to my right. The bed was empty.
"Dammit Frankie..." I muttered. That poor guy. I feel awful for him. He's probably out walking or something, going through his thoughts. He couldn't keep our relationship a secret for much longer. He broke down and told his parents, expecting their support. All he got was resentment. His parents couldn't have a gay son. They simply told him to leave and never come back. His family hates him. I'm all he has left at the moment. He chose me over his own family. I don't deserve that one bit.
I rolled out of bed. I picked up my cell phone and dialed in his number.
I suddenly heard a vibrating sound coming from the counter. He left his phone. I sighed. I guess I should go looking for him. I slipped on some gray skinny jeans and a Misfits shirt. I pulled on a black hoodie and threw on my chucks. I brushed through my long, black hair real quick, grabbed my phone and headed out the door.
I'll check the beach first. He usually goes there.
I stuffed my hands in my pockets and walked down the sidewalk. The wind was cold against my face. I shivered. I walked for about 5 minutes until the beach came into view. I walked a little further. I stood at the edge of the sand. I inhaled the salty air as a few grains of sand hit my face, along with the cold wind. I scanned the area until my eyes came across a single figure. The beach was nearly deserted except for that one perfect soul. I began to trudge though the sand. My hair blew in my face. I was nearly 10 feet behind him now. He has shown no signs of knowing he was no longer alone. He was so beautiful. He was clad in black skinny jeans over short, slim legs. He was too wearing a black hoodie over his toned torso. His black hair was blowing in the wind. I couldn't see his eyes, but I could imagine them. Those deep, liquid brown eyes. A deep chocolate color. The most breathtaking things I have ever fallen into. The very eyes that I fell in love with.
" Hello Gerard..."
This startled me. I had no idea he knew I was there. He trailed off my name with a hint of sadness.
"H-Hey Frankie."
"Sorry I keep leaving without telling you..I-It's just..."
I shook my head "No Frankie don't be. You need your time."
He turned around to look at me. He smiled half-heartedly. Even to this day, I still couldn't grasp how perfectly beautiful he was...and that he was all mine. His gorgeous eyes were swimming with agony, but in a way had a hint of love in them, just for me.
"Thanks Gee.."
I stepped closer to him. He turned back to look at the ocean. I came behind him and snaked my arms around his waist. He was so warm. I rested my chin against his shoulder. It's so cute how short he is. I pulled him tightly so that his backside was pressed firmly to my front.
"Don't thank me. I'm the one who got you into this mess"
He shook his head and his perfectly full lips turned down at the corners.
"No Gerard. Don't say that. You didn't. It was my choice. I did it because I love you." he turned himself around so that he was facing me. His arms went immediately around my neck and my hands stayed wrapped around his waist. He stared up at me, staring deeply into my eyes." I love you Gerard. I love you so much it hurts. Don't blame yourself please."
I nodded my head. " I love you too Frankie. More than anything."
He studied my face with what looked like concern. He leaned closer to my face and brushed his warm lips against mine, briefly. I loved his kisses. They were always so perfect. It made me feel so connected to him. Wether they were short or long, he always made me melt into my shoes and made my heart explode with happiness. He pulled away and looked at my face once again. How could something so beautiful-so flawless love someone so ordinary. I was nothing special, but he treated me like I was the rarest of treasures that ever existed. This made me feel important for once.

Frankie's POV

He is so beautiful. His hazel eyes are so amazing. Like a liquid topaz and a liquid sunshine mixed into the perfect combination. His thin lips were always so warm and the taste was always so sweet. The way his long black hair rimmed his face made him look pale, but in a healthy, beautiful way. I was so in love with him. I don't know what he sees in me, but it can't as good as what I see in him.

Gerard's POV

He continued to study my face. Those sparkling chocolate eyes scanning me. His sweet breath blowing on my slightly parted lips. I could almost taste his breath. He then met my gaze. I smiled at him and his lips turned up at the corners and dazzled me. I was happy to see him smiling again.
" Wanna walk for a minute?"
"Sure babe"
He took my hand and we walked along the deserted beach. There was a silence between us. It wasn't awkward or anything. It simply didn't need words. We both knew that the only things we were thinking about was how happy we were to be together. Frankie slowed his pace and then he stopped.
"Oh nothing. I was just thinking."
" About what?"
"Well not really thinking. I just wanna kiss you really bad right now, so if you don't mind.."
I smiled. " Not at all"
He turned to me. He took his right hand and put my hair behind my right ear. " I love you Gee.."
"I love you too Frankie.."
He smiled. He licked his lips and leaned in. His wet lips met mine, gently. He then began to move them slowly. I moved mine as well. My hands once again slipped around his warm waist and his once again slipped around my neck. I rubbed his back gently. I felt his warm, wet tongue slide along the crease of my lips. My heart skipped a beat. I parted them immediately. His tongue slipped into my mouth.
His taste was extravagant. Delicious.
It was the taste of beauty. The taste of bliss. The taste of happiness. His tongue gave mine a gentle massage. He tasted so good, I thought my heart was going to catch on fire, because it couldn't handle this kind of love. My arms wrapped protectively around his middle, pulling his closer to me. His moved his arm and put his hand on the side of my face, pushing our lips harder together and pushing his sweet tongue in my mouth further.
I must have died and gone to Heaven.
"mmm Frankie" I mumbled against his lips. He chuckled into the kiss. He was such a little teaser. I love him so much. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed our lips even harder together and his delicious tongue in even further.
Once the kiss had died down, me and Frankie layed down an the sand together. His head rested against my chest. My arms were wrapped around him. I never wanted to let him go. That's why I was about to do something-something I hoped he would like. I hope I wasn't being pushy, although we've been together for sometime now and we had been friends even longer.
"Yeah Gee?"
"I have to ask you something."
"Go ahead."
"Frankie...."I began. I sat up. He sat up with me.
"Frankie I love you with all my heart. I would do anything for you. You know that. I want to be with you as long as I exist..."
He smiled. I think he knew where this was going. I saw sparkling tear drops form in the corners of his chocolate eyes.I pulled a black velvet box out of my pocket and opened it, revealing a silver engagment ring.
"Frankie.....will you marry me?"
He bit his lip. He was smiling widely. He nodded his head up and down.
"Y-Yeah Gee I will!"
I smiled at him. He let the tears fall. I then realized that I was crying as well. He wiped his eyes and I did too.
He threw his arms around me.
I held on to him and wasn't planning on letting go.
"Love you Gee."
"Love you too."
"To the end babe?"
"Yeah babe. To the end"

--okay guys, PLEASE REVIEW!! i wanna know if I suck or not. thanxx!
-Lindsey Lachrymosa

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