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Hidden Pain

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After a mission that nearly costs him his life Rodney begins to act strangely. Can Sam save him or will she lose him to the darkness?

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Hey. Hope you like this. SGA is not mine.


Sam sighed as they walked through the ruins. She didn’t see the point in her coming on this mission but if she spent one more minute on Atlantis she would go insane.

It was an uninhabited planet that had what was believed to be an ancient lab.

“Colonel Carter.” Came McKay’s voice

“Yes?” she asked

“Come check this out.” McKay said

“Coming.” She sighed

Waking over to the lab McKay was investigating (For lack of a better word) she wondered what kind of pointless thing McKay had found

Entering the lab she saw McKay standing over a panel trying to turn it on

“What are you doing?” She asked

“I’ve figured out what this lab was used for… It was to create some sort of super soldier among those with the ancient gene.” He said distractedly

“McKay…” Sam said with a worried look on her face. “You’re not going to do anything stupid… Are you?”

“Oh please… Since when have I ever done anything stupid?” He asked

Seeing Sam giving him ‘the look’ he muttered. “That doesn’t count.”

Sam rolled her eyes and stood against the wall as McKay tried to activate the machine.

“Are you trying to turn yourself super human again?” She asked

“No!” McKay said quickly. “It’s just that. His lab uses a lot, and I mean a lot of power. So there’s a good chance the ancients working on it had a storage of ZedPMs somewhere”

Sam’s head shot up and realization dawned on her face

She was about to say something when the machine McKay was working on whirred to life.

McKay grinned. “Now we’re getting somewhere.” He said

He hit some buttons to activate the database when his hand slid over what looked like an activation pad

An electric shock came out of the machine and ran through his body before he collapsed

Sam ran over to him.

Placing her hand on his neck she desperately searched for a pulse. Nothing.

She quickly pressed the button on her radio

“Radio Atlantis. McKay isn’t breathing.”


I feel that at this point I should clarify that this is NOT A ONE SHOT
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