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No one understood her.. there was no way out.. no way to just FLY

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Once there was a girl. She was never understood... and whenever she thought someone did actually understand... and she was close enough to trust them, they always stabbed her in the back. As she grew older, she realized that trusting someone just wasnt an option. She went through highschool a part of the "loner" crowd, too afraid to get close to anyone she just opted to hide within her self. She started to paint, and take photography classes. She normally painted of fairies, and angels that she wanted to believe so badly existed.

She always tried her hardest to achieve the goals and standards that would make her feel welcome in her own family... but it just never seemed to work... no matter what... she was still a nothing. And painting? was nothing but a waste of time and life. All her life she felt put apon... like, whatever she did didnt matter. She was so lonely that she would just sit in her studio for days, without food and paint ... her fairies were no longer beautiful but, scarred and gothic. Her loneliness became too much to bear, so one day she decided that she couldnt take it anymore... She grabbed the bottles of scotch and wiskey out of the liqour cabinents and she locked herself in her art studio in the basement and just cried, painted, and drank. Every creature in the artwork had wings, and were able to escape a fate worse than death, the fate that she herself could never. She wanted so desperately to fly... like the angels and fairies in her work... the same beautiful lifelike work that was put down as much as her.

a few hours and many bottles of wiskey later, she decided once and for all.. she was going to fly away. she walked upstairs, and gained access to her roof... when she got there she just looked out with such hatred at the world that she cried. there was nothing worth living for, not now not ever, there was no point. She closed her eyes, took in the sweetness of the nighttime air and spread her arms out so far.. the just... let go...

she did fly that day. . .
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