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Let This Be Our Song

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Got inspired by some video clip. About a once blind girl that was helped by one of the MCR member to see once again.... Confusing but please read!

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“Mum, when is she going to be awake?” a young teenage boy looked bored but didn’t want to leave the hospital room.

“Hopefully soon honey” his mother answered him as she traced a circle on her half full coffee cup.

The teenage boy ran his stubby fingers through his short wavy light brown hair and stared at his sister who laid on the hospital bed with her eyes wrapped with a white bandage. He moved his gaze to the tons of flowers and roses that were sent by their family and friends.

The mother sighed and put her large coffee cup on the table beside the bed and touched the girl’s fragile hand and waited for a response but there was none. She looked up at the girl’s pale lips which didn’t not make a sound or movement. She shook her head and looked at her son.

“Are you hungry yet Matt?” she asked him and her light brown eyes studied her son.

“I don’t wanna eat” the boy shrugged his shoulders and crossed his arms.

“Honey, you have to” the mother looked worried.

“Mum, I will eat but not now” he looked frustrated.

The mother nodded understandably and stared out the window and watched the sunset behind the tall
buildings. The room was dead silent and if you listened carefully, you might be able to hear the murmurs of the doctors, nurses and visitors out in the corridor.

“Mum, she will be able to see, right?” Matt broke the silence.

His mother nodded hesitantly as she silently prayed that she will. Her prayers were interrupted when the room’s door knocked. Matt got up and opened the door and a short woman walked in with a smile.

The mother smiled at the woman and stood up and greeted her.

“How is she?” the woman asked as she looked at the teenage girl lying helplessly in the bed.

The mother sighed, “She hasn’t woken up yet and it’s been more than a day”

“Don’t worry Gabrielle” the woman patted her shoulder.

“How could I not worry” the mother searched the floor.

“Miranda looks like a strong girl and I bet she will fight through this and get her eye sight back”

Gabrielle nodded. “How’s erm… your son? Sorry I’ve forgotten his name” she looked at the woman apologetically.

“That’s fine” she chuckled, “His name is Gerard and he’s fine. The doctors want to keep him in for a little while to check his eye vessels”

Gabrielle nodded, “Hopefully he’ll be fine”

The woman nodded and looked at Matt, “How are you Matt?”

“I’m fine, just tired” Matt yawned covering his mouth with his hand.

“Well at least your with your mother and sister” she smiled. “Well I better get going”

“Thank you Donna for everything” Gabrielle said sincerely.

“It’s ok” she smiled and walked out of the door.

Ok it's short.... coz i'm gettign kicked out of the pc to go to sleep and + i need your reviews!
Do you like this story?
I just got influenced by some foreign video clip for a song that i majorly love!
So please review and tell me what you think!

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