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A cherry coloured fairy tale told in parenthesis. SenHana - sort of. RuHana - sort of.

Category: Slam Dunk - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters:  Akira Sendoh, Rukawa Kaede, Sakuragi Hanamichi - Published: 2005-04-03 - Updated: 2005-04-04 - 516 words

A/N: In a different style than the previous three. More light I think; more Sendoh. Again, shounen-ai warning.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Moments; iv. cherries

It began with cherries (they were so red. Like blood).

Do you remember? I had sneaked out mum's secret recipe for that famous cherry-mint pie of hers. You didn't know anything about cooking back then, but it was for Hikoichi so certainly worth it in your book. You always felt you owned him so much didn't you?

You had flour on your cheeks (snowflakes) and cherry stains on your lips (rose petal red); you were the unconventional modern day snow white, but more beautiful because you were (mine) firelight with that hair. Something changed then, I couldn't figure out what yet, only that suddenly I was living in a world that was madness and honey and I was high from it.

From that moment on I needed to... sense you. See you, hear you, smell you, touch you, (& even then) taste you - infuse my senses completely with you - I was hooked and you were my ecstasy. I remember running to Shohoku every day after school, and before school, and during lunch breaks and sometimes even missing basketball practice. You were so clueless back then, thinking that it was some huge Ryonan conspiracy to spy on The Tensai's Techniques. Though I wasn't much better I admit - I convinced myself that I had put on a few too many pounds during the off season, and Shohoku was just convenient. Some days I wish we hadn't wasted so much time, but how'd we have known? We were boys (barely men) and these days had been our once-upon-a-times.

It wasn't really until that lazy afternoon with you and Akagi's little sister did I finally get it. You were making goo-goo eyes at her like always, except it didn't pass me by like it usually did. Instead, my hands started trembling and the breeze cut (like glass) and I felt like I was bleeding all over. It hurt. So much. And from then on I knew who I wanted to be, and it didn't feel absurd at all. Valentine. I wanted to be Valentine and bring you the stars, the moon and the planets.

It began with cherries (again).

Our first kiss. It felt almost like an accident, a result of a silly game. Your eyes were so wide, and so were mine, we were staring at each other so hard I couldn't feel my heartbeat. We were frozen like ice (time nonexistent) and then the trickle of cherry juice from your lips to mine, enticing like a whisper and I Just Had To Lick It. That did it - we were caught and I'd pulled you into my honey mad world.

But it's time now Hanamichi, to find your happily ever after, he's waiting your (Ice Prince) Charming is. Only just leave me with Valentine, and I'll have my fairy tale.

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