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The Last Thing

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The Parting of the Ways. The Ninth Doctor's final thoughts.

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Title: The Last Thing
Author: seldra
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Nine/Rose
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Doctor Who continues to be owned by the BBC.
Summary: The Parting of the Ways. The Ninth Doctor's final thoughts.

She was the last thing he saw with those old eyes. She glowed so brightly he was almost blind. She burned a hole in the centre of the universe and rewrote time and space and matter. She ripped apart reality because it didn't suit her.

"But this is the way it SHOULD be!" The thought radiated around her. Such a human thought.

But she wasn't human. Not anymore. For those few seconds Rose Tyler was the All-Mother and the Ultimate Destroyer. She extinguished an army and she resurrected the dead.

Yet when her voice came to him it was in despair.

“It hurts,” she said. “My head — it’s killing me.”

He stood. Waded towards her through the raw energy of time. Her skin was so hot it burned. She burned.

“Rose Tyler. I wanted to go so many places with you. Watch you grow up.”

I’ll still be me, a placating voice in his head said.

He swallowed, gazing at the raw power seething in her eyes. Watched it destroying her. But I won’t be, will I? I’ll remember, but this me will have ceased to be real. Like an old dream. I won’t think the same. I’ll miss it, I think. This life. This me.

Couldn’t wait much longer now. She was dying.

“I see everything! I see it all! The planets turning. The stars flaring and burning out. Time itself — it’s so beautiful! But why – why does it /hurt/?” Her voice broke on the last word. Her fragile human body could not contain it any longer. It would pull her to pieces if it had to.

But she was seeing everything he saw, all the time, and for that one moment the infinite bridges that separated them – human and Time Lord – were gone and he was oh so proud of her, and he couldn’t tell her. He would never have a chance to tell her.

And she would never know. Never know how brave she’d been. Never know what she’d done.

He bent towards her, felt the boiling power seep off her lips and from her eyes. It was scalding and angry. Could such a thing be angry? Oh, but it was. Oh, but it hurt.

Still he drew it from her, drew it into himself. He felt it killing him.

“There’s –singing—” it was Rose’s thought, breathy and sweet and afraid, carried through the shifting particles of energy and into him. And somehow it broke his nine-hundred year old heart to hear it.

“But it’s so — beautiful.”

“Why, Doctor?"

"Why are you so sad?”

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