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Just Brad

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Just Brad

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I laugh at my own jokes because no one else does. This time I'm not making any. I try my best to shut out the world when I place my headphones on. Oh God!!!, if the fans knew how scared shitless I am and what... will I tell my mother? She's gonna kill me. I took a responsibility when I became famous and this just puts a damper on my image.

deep sighs intensify

I'm on the Honorary Board of Directors for Little Kids Rock for cryin' out loud! What the hell am I doing!!!!!? Okay, Brad, calm down and take a deep breath. Let it out. Think. Wait! I got it, I will call public relations. Hope someone is there to guide me on such short notice.

Dialing 355-*-* on cell phone *

" Hello. You have reached the public relations office for... "

Presses the star key to talk to an operator

Please..... someone, answer!!!!!!!! Oh....

" Hi, this is Gary, how may I help you? "

Hi Gary. My name is Brad Delson and I am calling in regards to the Linkin Park photo shoot today. I know this is short notice but I am in a bit of a bind with something, would you please help or redirect me to someone who can?

" Sure, Mr. Delson. I can help you. Let me pull up your computer record first. May I have the last four digits of your identification number to confirm your status? "

Yes. It's 2453.

" Thank you. Okay, Mr. Delson, what can I do for you? "

Is there anyway I can give the money for this shoot to someone else? I don't want it in my name.

"What do you mean Sir, like a donation ? "


" Absolutely. Who or what would you like to donate it to? "

Little Kids Rock. Do you need an address, phone, site... ???

" If there's a website, we can do it that way. I will contact them and it will be all set Mr. Delson. What's the address? "

relaxed sighs

Thank you, I appreciate this. My shoot is for today, will this interfere or do I need to wait or any other special instructions?

" No Sir. Will there be anything else I can assist you with? "


Finishing pleasantries and regaining composure, inhaling sweetness in the name of purity

Do it for the kids Delson.

deeply inhaling the air around and trying desperately not to show fear

" Mr. Delson, go to room number 4, take off your clothes and prepare. If you need help there are numerous magazines and quite a few videos. Do not have an ejaculation, try to keep it hard for as long as possible. Come back out and sit on the black couch and wait for instructions. "

Oh shit. Okay. I can do this. Uhmmm, let's see. Oh man, they really do have the goods in here. This room is so cold too, is that for a reason? I'm not even hard yet. What turns me on besides Monica's smile when she laughs? I'm really not into this heavy stuff. Let's try a magazine; here's one called BoobTube. I do like Monica's boobs very much, one of the reasons why I married her.

Oh... my... are those real? stares in amazement at a sexy redhead posing with her lips pouting

Allright, let's try it Brad. Close your eyes. Get into it, pretend that redhead is Monica. OOoooooh. Mon, you're so incredibly beautiful. I love you so much it hurts. I want to feel you inside, like the essence of fire- passion all consuming, you take me away when no one else knows me. OOOOOOOhhhhhh yes, Monica, I love it when you lick my chest like that. Oh shit girl. I love it when you think you are surprising me with those light tickles upon my stomach as you approach my erection.

hard as ever and ready

I am naked. Show no mercy. I open the heavy door to the presence of a cameraman adjusting lenses.

Upon entrance I feast my eyes on a black leather couch. It was extremely bright, no wallpaper, just plain boring white walls. A room separator and incessant noises from behind it.

I squint to try and readjust my eyes, shake my head and come to my senses when I hear a voice.

" Hi. Mr. Delson? "

Yes, call me Brad.

" Brad. Okay Brad, let's start. "

" I want you to go on the couch and lay back as far as you can. "

I did. OH CRAP, that couch is cold! Lean back as far as I can? Uhmm, let me check just how far I can push my butt.

Just when I found a comfortable spot, the cameraman was close up to my erection, so close I thought he was going to taste me. He didn't- he did something else I totally didn't expect. He handed me a rubber duckie and I laughed so hard my eyes lit up.

Loud pop

Wow. Okay, that was the first of the photos. The second one was a bit more kinky as I threw the duck on the floor and he asked me to get up, move forward and tilt his head back, like I'm some freaking female posing for an advert. When I did that, I lost my balance and fell back again on to the couch and in pain. Very humiliating to say the least. Bad pose. Try something else, please. Like he's going to care one way or another, he's doing his job and probably getting off on it. God, what's happening to me, since when have I become so assertive in my behavior. Ah well. We had to redo the second one, only going back to the rubber duckie, oh crap. Okay, not too bad as I now sit on the couch with Mr Duckie right? Weeeeeeeeeellllll, to my surprise again! I tell you, what's with this cameraman? He put the duck on top of my head! It caught me off guard as I stare up to try and look at it and then...

Pop Okay, and I still have an erection with all this, I couldn't believe it. I stunned myself.

He gets me up and we go behind that room separator and god!!! That noise I heard was a hottub. Okay. He tells me to not get in it but to approach the stair before it and crouch down and lean in. Oh and he brought that damn duck!!!! What the...?? What the hell is he planning on doing with that? Pop I adjusted my eyes and he tells me to get in the tub. I obeyed and... OH NOOOO- I can see it now, Chester making fun of me and singing... " Rubber Dickie, you're so fun, you make bathtime lots of fun. "

SHIT. The water was freaking hot!!! I thought my insides were going to fry. So here I am, Brad Delson of Linkin Park, in a hottub playing with a rubber duckie and Pop Pop Pop .

" That's it Brad. Here's a towel, dry or get yourself off. "


AW, I mean, oh... my, where did he get the right to make something so fun all of a sudden so demeaning. I feel used and just sick to my stomach. Talk about humiliation. I just... hold back tears I dry myself off and make a beeline out of the room.
As I am putting my clothes back on, I just realized something. He probably assumed I would be aroused. I suppose, but I'm not. Does that make any less of a man? Hmmm. So each his own as I gather my belongings and leave.
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