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It's a Date!

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War Chapter Three

He should do it…No! No he shouldn’t! Call Anthony, don’t call Anthony.

“Gaaaah!” Frank yelled at the top of his lungs. Flopping onto his belly, he held the napkin in his hand. He read the number, and read it over and over and over again. He sighed. Why must his emotions toy with him this way? He wanted to get over Gee… but, the guy was making it so hard! The giggles, the smiles, the walks, the abs… damn those abs!

“What are you doing?” Frank looked up and met the eyes of Gerard who was wearing his Madonna t-shirt and black jeans, the guitar player’s favorite outfit. Frank, on the other hand was still in his boxers, luckily he slept with them on. His back and tattooed arms exposed to the singer’s hungry eyes, At least that is what Frank sensed, but due to the previous events… he didn’t trust his judgment.

“N-nothing” Stammering… great he was stammering. That was a perfect way to lie.

“You can’t be serious?” Gerard giggled the sound sending shivers down Frank’s body. “You… are gonna try and lie to me?” he put his hands on his hips and walked over to the bed and sat down. “I’ll be taking that” Frank, to slow compared to the cat like reflexes of his band mate, was now staring at empty hands. “A phone number!” He sounded so cute. This situation was uncomfortable to Frank, why would he want to tell him about the cute waiter? “So… whose number?” Gerard looked amazingly feminine, with his eyes wide, and his chin resting on his hands, causing Frank to loose his train of thought. “Uh…” He almost let the ‘your gorgeous’ slip out of his mouth before Gerard saved him.

“Earth to Frank! Incoming!” This brought forth a laugh, a shared laugh. This had been an inside joke between them for years, since high school. Frank shrugged “Does it matter whose number it is, if I’m not going to call it?” He was often amazed at his comebacks, he wouldn’t be modest… they were kickass sometimes. “Ahh… but I was standing at the door longer than you think!” Franks pride suddenly went down the drain “I saw you dial, close your phone… and redial again and again” Gerard’s eyes sparkled with his own sense of accomplishment.

“Do you have anything better to do then stalk me?” Frank glanced at the clock. 2pm. Great. He had a full 5 hours before Anthony would be at the bar. “Stalking is such a harsh word” the singer looked at the ceiling. “I prefer watching under close pretences” They shared yet another giggle, Frank noticed though, the smile on Gerard’s face vanishes rather quickly.

“What’s up?” He asked, afraid of the answer. “You never answered my question” Damnit! Strike two of the day. One more strike and he’s out. He sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Yet again the urge to hurt himself came back. He was trapped, trapped and had no way out. “Gee… tell me one thing,” the singer nodded his head and Frank continued “what do you think?” Flopping down onto his back looking at the ceiling and playing with his necklace Gerard answers. “To be honest… I know the answer, and I just want to hear it from you.” The singer glanced at his buddy. “Can you tell me the truth Frank?” He looked at the ceiling again. “Trust me…” Frank had to stop his urge to laugh. Trust… he learned a long time ago trust was nothing but an illusion.

“I… I meant it with all my heart, every single one.” Frank heard himself say. He took in a breath and held it there; the silence rising and falling into an uneasy mist. Frank felt like he had to say something or at least one of them had to say something.

“Frank…” He heard his friend smile. “I… I just, you mean so much to me sometimes. It makes me wonder how much I really lik-

“Gee?! Gerard where are you?!” The nasty voice coming from down the hallway shattered all hope from Frank. All hope that had been created in the last few minutes.

“What?!” Gerard looked irritated. He was frowning and had folded his arms across his chest. Within a split second, Bert showed up in the doorway, a pleasant smirk on his face. He sauntered over to the bed and gave Frank a nasty look before kissing Gerard. The scent coming from the mans mouth was enough to cause Frank to puke; he wondered how Gerard was taking it.

“Mmphf Get Mmm Off!” Bert was smothering Gerard with his mouth; the poor singer couldn’t even talk, but on the word off, Gerard pushed the other vocalist as hard as he could. Frank was officially disgusted. “Get out.” He said, the words so hostile they ended up too quiet. Bert was still crawling back to the other singer, obviously drunk. “GET OUT!” his anger was overwhelming. Bert stopped what he was doing, and grabbed Gerard.

“I told you ‘es a piece of shit” Bert mumbled as he pulled the singer out of the room. The guitar player noted how Gee looked like a kid, his head down, not objecting to the power pulling him away. Frank wanted nothing more than to just swipe him, pick him up and take him away from that sleazy son of a bitch. What can he do though? Gerard wanted to be with Bert… there was nothing he could do. He decided to not think about it…

The next thing he knew, he was holding his cell to his ear. It rang once, Twice, A third time. He was gonna hang up…

“Hello?” Frank’s heart skipped a beat at the younger boy’s voice… it reminded him yet again of Gerard.

“Hey” Frank said, he managed to force his voice to sound cooler then he felt. He didn’t quite understand how he did it, but he loved the results.

“Frank! I’m so glad you called!” he heard he young boy close a car door. “I just got home” Frank smiled sweetly. He was really starting to like this guy.

“Well what do you have planned for dinner?” He asked laying his head down, clutching his pillow on his stomach.

“Well my invisible friend and I were gonna do something… but I’m sure I could blow him of it something better were to… I don’t know… pop up?” Anthony had a good way of making Frank laugh. A laugh that was genuine, and good. Good in everyway. It sounded good, yeah… but it felt so much better.

“Is dinner for two at Olive Garden a better ‘pop up’?” Frank asked. He felt so comfortable with the kid, he didn’t even understand why. “Well… I don’t know…” Frank’s heart went into double time; the whiney voice sounded so… well, hot. “Say yes and it’s a free kiss!” Frank heard his perverted self say into the phone. He heard Anthony laugh and shut a cabinet door. “It’s a date” He said. Frank got Goosebumps at the word date.

He had a date! A wonderful feeling went through him, it was excitement, and accomplishment, and so much more. “Okay, I’ll pick you up around… five?” He asked, remembering he had to work around 7.

“Usually that would be perfect… but I don’t have to work today, so… why not make it eight?” he said slyly. Frank nodded, forgetting that the younger boy couldn’t see him. Then he quickly said “Sounds great!” and they both said their hearty goodbyes and hung up.

“A date!” Frank couldn’t control himself. “I have a date!” he got up and did a little dance, he turned up his radio and he didn’t care what song it was he just needed to dance. Usually he didn’t like rap… but this was an exception. If ballet music was on, he would have loved it.

‘Party like a rock… Party like a rock star’ He danced till he couldn’t take it.

“A date?” Mikey was in his doorway, smiling and clapping his hands. “Oh! Please let me help you!” Mikey had an awesome fashion sense. He wanted nothing more than to help his friend, and have a little fun!

“Sure!” Frank was in too good of a mood. He would have said yes to anything and everything.

Mikey ran to his room and got his straightener, some makeup supplies, and an outfit. And it began…
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