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Chapter 20: Date With Destruction

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TMNT 2003/Harry Potter Crossover. Sequel to Books I through V. With enemies coming from all directions, Harry Potter will need all the help he can get.

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Chapter Twenty: Date with Destruction:

It was the day before break for the students of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which meant the annually pre-Christmas visit to Hogsmeade, a trip that many looked forward to, including Harry and Ginny who were going to have a nice, leisurely day to themselves in Hogsmeade as they rapidly approached the second anniversary of when they began to date, the same date that their bond had reached its final stage.

All of the students third year and above who were cleared to go to the village, with Filch and several Aurors checking to make sure no one who was not allowed out went out. This checking and double checking caused many to scoff about the extra security measures.

“I can’t believe all these people are upset about these extra security measures,” remarked Ginny as she spotted a group of fourth years look absolutely agitated

“I can, people have no patience, but there is several more Aurors in Hogsmeade and I’d like our day to go as smooth as possible, but of course the safety of everyone else is important as well” said Harry, as he took his girlfriend’s hand and lead her outside, stopping only briefly to allow the Aurors to check them for any concealed dark objects and once they were cleared, they walked from the school down to Hogsmeade village. The weather was rather warm for the winter, an absolute beautiful day outside.

Little did the students know that two masked Death Eaters, outside of Hogsmeade watched as the students were preparing to enjoy this day.

“Foolish children, the Dark Lord will teach you to live with fear,” remarked one of the Death Eaters in a harsh voice before turning to his partner. “Dolohov, let’s release our little present into the village now.”

“No, Aberine, we wait for the signal to the Dark Lord, this is after all a two pronged attack,” admonished Dolohov in a harsh voice. “They would have been just leaving to draw the Aurors attention away from Hogsmeade right now. Besides, not all the students would have been into their Hogsmeade activities by now and the Dark Lord wants maximum damage.”

Aberine nodded gruffly, as their plan was willing to spark fear and chaos within the Magical World.

Ginny and Harry arrived at the Three Broomsticks as several of the younger students waved at Harry, who had been rather helpful in helping them with the Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“You said you paid extra for a private room towards the back,” muttered Ginny.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to be bothered by a bunch of people and I figured you didn’t either,” said Harry.

“You know me all too well, Harry, those people trying to get information out of you about Voldemort can be rather tiresome at times,” said Ginny with a sigh she followed Harry towards the back of the Three Broomsticks.

“Tell me about it,” said Harry shaking his head in irritation. “Enough about him, though, this is our day to enjoy and be a pair of normal as possible teenagers. If I may, my dear.”

“Yes, you may,” giggled Ginny as the two Slytherins walked towards the back of the Three Broomsticks.

“Ah, Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley,” said Madam Rosmerta. “Everything is ready as Mr. Potter had paid for, including the added security to ensure that no one will bother you.”

“Excellent,” answered Harry as they walked into the room and shut the door behind them.

Back in the village, Lily leaned against the building of Hogsmeade, observing the surroundings in the village. As the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, she felt a certain responsibility to help with the defense of the village but so far it was rather quiet and quite peaceful. Lily had rather hoped that nothing would happen, for the sake of her son and his girlfriend, who wanted to enjoy a day to themselves and there were no two people that deserved a nice and peaceful day. Harry and Ginny both worked extremely hard in doing what they could to combat Voldemort’s Death Eaters. Sadly, other then a few Death Eaters being captured or killed, Voldemort managed to stay a few steps ahead of Harry at nearly every point.

“Harry, that was great,” said Ginny as the two had finished their meal which had been magically prepared for them. “It’s too much though, you really didn’t need to…”

“Yes I did, I feel I’ve been neglecting….” Started Harry.

“No, Harry, we’ve spent more time together then I could ever have hoped, and there will be plenty of time when you defeat Voldemort,” said Ginny in a firm voice and Harry opened his mouth. “Harry, you will defeat Voldemort and I’ll stand right beside you, doing what I can to help. I might not be as powerful as you are but I do try.”

“The thing is Ginny, you are as great as me for one simple reason, the entire world doesn’t have to rest on your shoulders and you could choose to ignore it, but you stand by me no matter what,” said Harry. “For two years…hell since the moment we met, but ever since the Triwizard, you’ve put my needs ahead of your own.”

Harry shook his head as Ginny placed her hand on Harry’s shoulder, seeming to understand and slid herself onto Harry’s lap.

“See this is the reason why the bond was formed in the first place, we both want to make each other have the happiest life possible,” said Ginny, as she leaned her head on Harry’s shoulder. “Not just for us, but everyone.”

“Enough about this annoying Voldemort talk,” muttered Harry. “I hoped that we could avoid it today.”

“I know it’s my fault, I kind of brought it up,” replied Ginny.

“Let’s just say we both did it and feel better,” answered Harry. “I have a beautiful girl in my lap that I want to snog senseless, let’s not spoil the moment.”

Ginny responded by shifting herself just slightly, and wrapping her hands around Harry’s neck, before leaning forward to kiss Harry, the only thing separating their bodies was their clothes. Harry readily returned the kiss, placing his hands on the back of Ginny’s neck, massaging it lightly, any thought of Voldemort recoiling to the recesses of Harry Potter’s mind for the time being. The two teenagers continued their fun, not aware of the passage of time, with the same limits that they had mutually agreed to some time ago, once they both found it necessary to have to share a bed to avoid horrific nightmares inspired by Voldemort. Granted those limits were bypassed a few times, but only with the proper magical precautions to ensure that there were no unintentional surprises.

“What do you mean, we all have to leave the village?” asked Nymphadora Tonks.

“You-Know-Who’s followers are attacking a Muggle village just a bit east of here and he wants all Ministry Aurors on deck,” replied Dawlish. “I’m just following orders, Nymphadora, no need to get testy with me.”

“There are plenty of Aurors in the Ministry, even after that debacle at Diagon Alley where about eight of them received the Kiss, because no one thought it was wise for them learn the bloody Patronus Spell,” retorted Tonks, who was quite glad that she had bothered to take the extra time to learn several other Defensive spells, even if she had to pay extra out of her own pocket and use her own free time to work with a freelance magical tutored. “Look, leaving Hogsmeade unprotected, especially during this weekend, doesn’t seem right.”

“Look, I’m your superior and you need to follow my orders to the letter, or I’ll be forced to report you,” said Dawlish. “The Portkey will activate in a minute.”

“Good, you better catch it, because I’m staying right here,” said Tonks in a stubborn voice.

“Women Aurors,” grumbled Dawlish underneath his breath as he stormed off. “Doesn’t help she was a Slytherin either.”

Dawlish joined the majority of the Aurors, but to their credit, a few more Aurors other than Tonks decided to stick around.

“Dora, what’s going on, why are most of the Aurors leaving?” asked Lily in a frantic voice, her attention having been drawn by the commotion.

“Attack on a Muggle village, for some reason Thicknesse wants every Auror to go battle Voldemort,” explained Tonks.

Lily frowned, blinking in confusion.

“Something’s not right, it seems like too much of a coincidence that an attack will happen right during Hogsmeade weekend that is intended to draw the Aurors away,” responded Lily after a minute, just as most of the Aurors went off to fight Voldemort’s Death Eaters.

Just then, Draco Malfoy came rushing up the path, looking around wildly before turning to Lily and Tonks.

“Professor, have you seen your son because I have something really important to tell him?” asked Draco.

“What is it, Mr. Malfoy?” asked Lily but she was broken up by loud screams as several students came running up the village and she saw large jets of fire flying in the distance.

“Mum,” shouted Hailey as she stepped backwards, the sleeve of her robes looking rather tattered. “I don’t know how to break this to you, but Inferi are attacking the village.”

Lily looked absolutely horrified.

“Is this what you wanted to tell Harry?” questioned Tonks as she turned to Draco who nodded before stepping off.

“McGonagall, Flitwick, and Sprout are trying to get the younger students back up to the school, along with help from some of the older students, but the Inferi have scattered throughout the village and not everyone is accounted for” informed Hailey.

“Where’s Harry and Ginny?” asked Lily who looked absolutely concerned.

“Daphne and Theodore are looking for them now,” said Hailey who looked about as worried.

“Good, Hailey, help the Professors get the younger students evacuated and then get up to the school, where it’s safe,” ordered Lily.

“Mum!” whined Hailey. “I can stay and fight…”

“Hailey, that’s an order!” snapped Lily and Hailey stomped off, kicking dirt in the air, before reluctantly doing what her mother had told her. “Dora, could you please take the other Aurors and see what we can do about getting these Inferi out of the village?”

Tonks nodded before wandering off, with the other Aurors following her, holding their wands ready to encounter the unknown at a moment’s notice.

Back in the Three Broomsticks, Harry and Ginny broke apart abruptly at the sound of muffled shrieks coming from outside their private room.

Ginny pulled herself up, straightening up her clothes before pulling out her wand, with Harry doing the same, his hair more messy that usual.

“Something’s out there?” whispered Ginny. “What do you think Harry?”

“It could be any number of things, none of them good,” replied Harry as they moved cautiously towards the door at the sound of another scream and a trampling of foot steps from outside.

Before they could reach the door, a skeletal hand punched right through the wood, causing Ginny to instinctively leap backwards. Harry grabbed her hand reassuring, before raising his wand, as the figure on the outside attempted to rip inside.

In the blink of the eye, the door flung open and Harry leapt out, before jabbing his wand towards the door, causing the figure to be trapped down behind the door, as it was magically stuck to the wall.

“Inferius,” muttered Harry darkly as Ginny stood behind him, before she pointed to another Inferius, who was stalking a third year girl, who had her legs trapped underneath a table and her wand out of reach.

“I’ll help her, you distract the Inferius,” suggested Ginny and Harry nodded, before using his wand to send a whip of fire right towards the Inferius, which caused it to spin around.

“Hey, death breath, come and get a piece of me,” taunted Harry as the Inferius stalked him and Harry sent up another thick blast of fire, but the Inferius calmly side stepped it, which caused Harry a great deal of alarm, as normally Inferi should be absolutely terrified of fire.

The smell of rotting flesh filled Harry’s nostril as the Inferius moved closer, almost completely decayed skin hanging to its flesh and maggots crawling around its eye sockets. The Inferius made a grab for Harry’s throat, but Harry sprung up, before levitating a chair right towards the Inferius in an attempt to slow it down, while he decided to construct another plan of attack.

“C’mon, let’s get that table off of you,” said Ginny kindly to the girl, who looked absolutely petrified out of her mind, and the table was slowly levitated off of her legs.

“T-t-thanks,” stammered the girl in a gracious, but shaky tone of voice, but she had a painful expression on her face, as her leg was severely cut from the jagged edges of the table.

“We need to get you to the hospital wing,” said Ginny but she really was torn about taking the girl and leaving Harry. She knew what Harry would suggest.

“Ginny, thank goodness, there you are!” cried Daphne as she rushed into the door, with Theodore moving behind. “Inferi are all over the village, most of the Aurors are gone too, something about Voldemort engineering an attack.”

“Where’s Harry?” asked Theodore and Ginny pointed behind them, as Harry dodged the efforts of the Inferius he was fighting.

“Look, could you two get this girl up to the hospital wing, I need to help Harry, especially if more of those things come,” said Ginny in a calm voice,.

“Will do,” said Daphne as Theodore nodded calmly by her side.

“These two will help, don’t worry, I need to go help my boyfriend, okay,” informed Ginny to the girl.

“Yeah, thanks,” said the girl as Daphne and Theodore assisted her to the hospital wing.

Harry ducked a charge from the Inferius and much to his horror, the Inferius that he had trapped against the wall had broken free from his containment and moved forward. The two Inferi stalked Harry on either side and Harry had a burst of inspiration. As they made a move to attack Harry, he shifted right into his raven animagus form, causing the two dark creatures to smack together.

Harry landed right next to Ginny and they seemed to have the same thought in mind, as they shot large rope like constructs of fire from their wands, which wrapped around the Inferi, causing the creatures to shriek out in inhumane pain as the magical fire burned into the animated corpses, but the fire disappeared, leaving the Inferi slightly burned but still willing to go on the attack.

“Now, what?” asked Ginny.

“Well, we know Inferi are strong, but not that bright and it looks like Voldemort has made some modifications to these creatures, making fire not a sure fire weapon against them” said Harry darkly, as he sprung up, before backing off the Inferi with a swing of fire.

Ginny leapt out of the way and managed to expertly duck out of the way of an Inferius attempting to bash her skull in, before jabbing her wand, causing the Inferi to be blasted back with a banishing charm, only a few feet.

“Well, the thing is, the fire did effect them a bit, but if we can only get them towards something a bit more flammable, it might have a more profound effect,” suggested Ginny, as she shot a chain from her wand, which wrapped around the Inferius, but the Inferius used its strength. “If only what happened in Diagon Alley happened here…”

“No, I could set the entire Three Broomsticks on fire if that happened, too closed quarters,” muttered Harry as he threw a shuriken with expert precision, but it didn’t have much effect due to the fact the Inferi didn’t have any blood to spill.

Ginny attempted to use fire, but the Inferius she was fighting grabbed her by the throat, and began pinning her against the table.

Harry leapt up over the Inferius he was fighting and sliced his weapon into the shoulder of the Inferius attempting to strangle Ginny, causing his arm to break off and fall backwards, allowing Ginny to barely manage to push the hand, which still attempted to strangle her when removed from the main Inferius. Before the disembodied arm could attack, Harry and Ginny both fired blasting curses to it, blasting the arm into dust.

“You see, we can’t just back the Inferi off, we need to physically reduce them to dust to stop them from attacking,” said Harry, and sure enough, the Inferi, one now minus an arm, advanced on Harry and Ginny.

“Firewhiskey!” yelled Ginny suddenly, as she avoided an attack, before managing to send one of the Inferi going into the wall.

“What?” asked Harry, as he somersaulted over the Inferius he was fighting, before conjuring a dagger and enchanting it before throwing it right into the chest of the Inferius. After a few seconds, it exploded in the Inferius, blowing a large hole into the chest of his opponent.

“A large quantity of it, is highly flammable, Fred and George told me they were experimenting with fireworks and one landed in a tankard of firewhiskey, which caused over half the shop to spontaneously combust,” explained Ginny.

“Great, now all we need is some firewhiskey,” answered Harry, as the Inferius with a hole in his chest made his way to it and Ginny nodded, before throwing herself behind the counter, as the Inferius attempted to smash his way towards her, but Ginny had decided to blow up the entire counter, sending jagged pieces of wood and porcelain flying in every which direction and in turn the Inferius went down.

“Harry, I’ve got it!” yelled Ginny triumphantly as she held up two bottles in her arms, as Harry leapt up before wrapping thick cords around the two Inferi, before he leapt beside Ginny.

“Good work!” praised Harry, kissing Ginny briefly, before he tapped the Firewhiskey bottles so they glowed a dark orange color. “Blast the windows!”

Ginny looked taken aback but she did as she was told, causing the windows to shatter.

Harry heaved the bottles right at the Inferi just as they leapt free and motioned for Ginny to follow him, in leaping quickly out the windows.

Seconds later, flames erupted from inside the Three Broomsticks and smoke billowed out the windows, as a large anguished shriek was heard from within the Three Broomsticks.

Harry and Ginny got up to their feet, before peaking into the Three Broomsticks where the walls were completely scorched and the tattered ashes of what were once Inferi.

Loud screams and the sounds of combat, along with several more blasts of fire came from around the village, as Hogsmeade appeared to be a virtual war zone.

“Of course, there would have to be more,” said Harry moodily.

“More firewhiskey?” suggested Ginny and Harry nodded, as they disappeared into the Three Broomsticks.

“All the villagers are evacuated, along with all the shop owners,” prompted Tonks as the other Aurors nodded.

“We managed to trap a few of the Inferi in that shop right there and surrounded it by fire,” prompted one of the Aurors but a thunderous crunch echoed as the fire disappeared and the Inferi managed to make their way back to the village, as a group of fifth, sixth, and seventh year students made their way over, battling another group of Inferi.

“Everyone, focus, work together, it’s the only way to beat them, a single spell from a single person just won’t do,” encouraged Luna, as she joined Susan Bones and Neville Longbottom in sending multiple jets of fire which backed off the Inferius that they were fighting.

“You know, we could really use Potter right about now,” grunted Seamus Finnegan as he was smacked backwards by an Inferius that he was helping Parvati Patil and Dean Thomas fight.

“Yes, where is Harry, anyway?” wondered Neville as he managed to surprise himself by nearly slicing an Inferius in half, but the dark creature was rather persistent in its attempts to maim Neville.

“Harry was fighting a pair of Inferi in the Three Broomsticks with Ginny, the last time we saw him,” informed Theodore, who had just rejoined the fight along with Daphne.

“And when was that?” asked Luna as she managed to back off the Inferius for a few seconds, to give her some breathing room, as a few other students had managed come in to join the fight, after helping the Aurors and Hogwarts professors make sure that no stragglers were left in the village.

“About twenty minutes ago,” replied Theodore.

“What if something happened to them?” asked Luna in a worried voice.

“Don’t worry, nothing would have happened to them, they’re probably just trying to find a way to beat them” said Hailey, who had decided to sneak out of school to rejoin the fight, sending a light fire whip course to the Inferius. “Although what will it take to beat these things?”

“We found a weakness!” yelled Ginny as her and Harry made their way over, arms full of bottles of fire whiskey.

“Yes, my beautiful, intelligent girlfriend remembered that fire whiskey is extremely flammable and would blow the Inferi to ashes,” yelled Harry, as he dodged a blow.

“Great,” replied Ron in a dry voice. “Providing we can track down all the Inferi at once, and use these without setting us on fire as well.

“I’ve got an idea,” suggested Daphne. “If we can find a way to lure them into the Shrieking Shack and throw all the bottles at once, before escaping through the Whomping Willow, we might have a chance.”

“You know, that just might work,” admitted Ginny. “Harry, what do you think?”

“It could work, Inferi aren’t that bright so we need to simultaneously lure them through at the same time,” said Harry before tapping his wand to his throat. “EVERYONE, THIS IS HARRY POTTER! IF YOU ARE FIGHTING INFERI, LURE THEM TOWARDS THE SHRIEKING SHACK!”

Harry leapt up, it was very difficult fighting in close quarters, as he didn’t want to accidentally hit anyone, and several other students, teachers, and Aurors made their way over as the Inferi stalked them.

“Harry, there you are, thank heavens,” said Lily. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, is that all of them Mum?” asked Harry.

“Yes, I think so,” replied Lily quickly as she turned to others who nodded in confirmation as the Inferi stalked them.

“Someone get the door,” said Ginny as she looked over her shoulder as they got closing to the entrance of the Shrieking Shack.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it,” answered Luna in a reassuring voice, as she stuck her wand behind her back. “Alohomora.”

The door swung open as everyone barely managed to squeeze through, with a few jets of fire keeping the Inferi at bay, long enough for everyone to get into the Shrieking Shack.

“The entrance to the shrieking shack is back this way, most of you need to go back that way, I need a few of you to help me and Ginny throw the bottles,” said Harry in a firm voice and Tonks, Lily, McGonagall, Hailey, Daphne, Theodore, Luna, Neville, and to his credit, Ron had volunteered to stay behind, as Harry and Ginny quickly passed the bottles, as Flitwick and Sprout had ushered the others right through the tunnel.

“Now, we need move right through the doorway just as we throw the bottles,” informed Ginny. “Otherwise we’ll get blown to bits along with the Inferi.”

“Here, they come,” said Hailey as the Inferi pushed their way though the door into the Shrieking Shack.

“When I say now, throw the bottles and bolt right towards the door,” said Harry quickly before looking around. “NOW!”

Almost a dozen firewhiskey bottles flew up into the air and just as they did, several individuals made their way out the door, managing to just squeeze though and shut the door just in time.

A series of loud explosions went off inside the Shrieking Shack and the group stepped backwards, before Harry cautiously opened the door, with the entire Shrieking Shack covered in ash and pieces of broken bottles, but all of the Inferi appeared to have been destroyed.

“Excellent work the both of you,” praised Professor McGonagall as she looked at Harry and Ginny, with an impressed look etched on her face, which Harry admitted was rare for her. “Fifty points to Slytherin for your leadership skills.”

“It was nothing Professor, it’s quite fortunate that Ginny remembered something stupid that Fred and George did,” said Harry modestly.

“Be that as it may, you both did well and to all the other students in the tunnel, thirty additional points will go to each house, for your aiming ability,” continued McGonagall.

Back at the school, there were several curious students, mostly first and second years, but a few older years, who seemed to be badgering Harry about what had happened, singing his praises about single handily defeating an army of Inferi.

“For the final time, there were only twelve Inferi and I had help,” hissed Harry underneath his breath.

“So let Harry eat in peace,” said Ginny coolly, although there was an underlying irritation beneath her brown eyes that Harry could see and the younger students moved off, obviously sensing Ginny’s forceful presence.

“We weren’t that annoying when we were first years, were we?” asked Theodore.

“Harry was,” said Daphne with a smirk.

“Quiet, you,” said Harry but he had a bit of a smile, strained.

“It was a fun day, in a morbid twisted sense,” replied Ginny, seeming to understand Harry’s thoughts. “Plus, we can resume our date later tonight, in the privacy of the chambers underneath the Slytherin library.”

“Dare I want to know what sort of deviance you two are up to?” asked Hailey who had joined them. “Do you have any idea what Voldemort did to those Inferi to make them like that?”

“Not a clue, sorry,” replied Harry. “I did gather a sample of ash, so perhaps I can study it and get some answers over break.”

“Harry, promise me you won’t overwork yourself when you’re supposed to be on break,” said Ginny.

“Yes, dear, I promise,” replied Harry. “I’ll try not to anyway.”

“Well as long as you make an effort,” said Ginny, shaking her head, who knew that as long as Voldemort and come to think of it, Shredder, lived, Harry was going to keep overextending himself beyond the bonds of a normal person, but she would stand by him all the way while making an effort to make Harry to take it easy whenever possible.

The doors of the Great Hall burst open and Gwendolyn Myers, the school governor, made her way inside the Hall, with a self assured look on her face.

“Great, what does she want?” hissed Hailey.

“No doubt, going to tie the little Inferi incident with Malfoy,” said Ginny. “Even though he tried to warn us about it, even if it was a little too late.”

Harry shrugged as Myers walked over to the Slytherin table.

“Ah, Mr. Potter, I see you recognized me,” said Myers in a slightly vindictive voice. “Perhaps you could explain to me what happened today in the village?”

“Inferi were released, by some of Lord Voldemort’s followers I suspect, and thanks to the help of several brave people, I managed to play a part in vanquishing the threat,” responded Harry calmly.

“Yes, you might say that happened,” admitted Myers. “But I’m rather curious that Draco Malfoy, someone who you had vouched for, seemed to know an awful lot about the attack before it happened.”

“You know, you really don’t remember too much about Hogwarts, do you?” asked Harry. “Rumors tend to spread, in different directions and reach different people at different times. Some more serious than others, and I believe that Malfoy believed that this was serious enough to pass it on to me, which in turn he proved to be right.”

“You know much more then you’re letting on Potter and as a Governor, I cannot permit you to endanger the students with your twisted games,” whispered Myers.

“Well that’s too bad, isn’t because Harry’s done more for this school than the Board of Governors ever did,” piped up Hailey in a stubborn voice.

“Quiet, girl, I wasn’t speaking to you,” replied Myers. “Of course, you’re related to a Slytherin, so perhaps I can’t expect you to see..”

“Look, there were a few minor injures today, but everyone was very lucky,” said Harry patiently. “If you want to yell at someone, yell at the Ministry who decided to attempt to pull all of the Aurors from Hogsmeade, living the village in the hands of the teachers, underage students, and a few Aurors who chose to do what was right instead of listening to the Ministry. I’ve had to put out my fair share of fires, caused by the incompetence of past regimes, whether it be Dementors, Umbridge, Death Eaters invading Hogwarts with full sanction of the Ministry, and today’s little incident with the Inferi. So, don’t you dare tell me that I don’t care about the safety of the students.”

“This isn’t over, Potter,” replied Myers.

“No, I daresay it isn’t,” said Harry. “Good night to you.”

Myers walked out just as Lily walked over.

“Harry, she’s in my office, she wants to speak to you,” muttered Lily in an undertone and both Harry and Ginny knew that Lily was speaking about Tonks and they followed Lily up to her office, the walk seemed to be a short time, as Harry had privately wondered if he was playing a very dangerous game in pretending to trust Malfoy to get an idea of what Voldemort was up to. It wasn’t like they were getting too far anyway, just a few low level Death Eaters captured here and there.

As they entered Lily’s office, Tonks was already sitting on a chair, looking rather tired.

“You wanted to speak to me, Tonks?” questioned Harry.

“Ah, yes I did, Harry, you know that attack that required all the Aurors,” said Tonks with a slightly disdainful voice. “Well, there were only twenty Death Eaters attacking that village and well, if you do the math, there are three hundred Aurors employed, and seventy were currently on shift other than the one’s guarding Hogsmeade.”

“This suggests one of two things, Thicknesse has a remarkably low opinion of the skills of the Ministry of Magic Aurors,” suggested Harry.

“With some of the Aurors, yes, I do wonder, but given seventy to twenty odds, the Death Eaters would have been overwhelmed,” said Tonks.

“Or, Thicknesse purposely attempted to divert the Aurors away, because he knew the Inferi were going to attack,” said Harry. “Which gives some rather unfortunate support to my Pius Thicknesse is a follower of Voldemort theory or at the very least of a sympathizer.”

“Yeah, are you going to do anything about it, Harry?” asked Tonks.

“At this point, I’m not quite sure what we can do to be honest with you,” replied Harry. “Scrimgeour disappeared, Moody’s retired, those two are the only people who could run an effective Auror Department with Thicknesse a distant third. There are some promising Aurors, but the problem is, a lot of experience would be needed and Aurors don’t have an exact long lifespan.”

“Right, looks like a stuck with Thicknesse, who wasn’t too happy with me or the others who stuck around to help, I’m on probation,” replied Tonks before raising her hand. “Look Harry, I’m not mad at you for anything, hell, you didn’t twist my arm to stay and wouldn’t have anyway. If you didn’t need spies within the Ministry, I would have quit on the spot.”

“Thanks, Tonks, I’m sure Harry really appreciates your dedication, I know I do,” answered Ginny.

“Yes, I do,” said Harry. “We’re just very lucky no one was maimed fatally.”

“That’s always a victory within itself, but I do wonder why he would send Inferi, instead of Death Eaters,” retorted Tonks thoughtfully.

“Theories I have, but I’ll be happy to speculate further once I analyze the ash, because this batch seemed to be particularly durable,” said Harry.

“That they did,” said Tonks. “I’ve got to get going, early morning tomorrow you see.”

Harry and Ginny waved goodbye as Tonks made her way from the office.

“Mum, our date was cut a little short today, so…” started Harry.

“I understand perfectly,” replied Lily with a smile. “Good night, Harry, Ginny.”

The two teenagers left to make their way to the Slytherin library to enjoy a nice, peaceful evening together, before heading off to bed.

Draco Malfoy walked into the Dark Lord’s throne room deep underneath Salazar Tower, a bit worse from where. Snape had given Draco permission to leave the grounds early to give his report on what had happened in Hogsmeade from his perspective.

“My lord,” stated Draco, as he kneeled before the Dark Lord, as he sat above the young Malfoy heir.

“To your feet, young Draco,” replied Voldemort. “I must register some deal of surprise that my attack of Hogsmeade yielded no causalities.”

“My lord, Potter found a way to defeat your enhanced Inferi,” confirmed Draco.

“He found a way to beat a dozen of my enhanced Inferi, Draco, a crude way that could have gotten himself and his friends killed,” hissed Voldemort. “Dolohov has informed me, he watched the festivities from a safe distance under an Invisibility Cloak, but it matters little. It was merely a test.”

“A test, my lord?” inquired Draco.

“Do not concern yourself with my work Draco, rather remember that I have given you a mission that Harry Potter is to be dead by your wand by the end of the year,” answered Voldemort.

“I’m working on it, my lord, I’ve been observing him closely whenever I can, attempting to find possible weaknesses that I can exploit,” said Draco quickly.

“Do not scout too far longer Draco, remember the plan that you presented to me requires little room for error,” said Voldemort softly. “Remember your father, Draco.”

“Of course,” responded Draco as he bowed to Voldemort.

“Excellent, you may take your leave,” hissed Voldemort coldly and Draco walked off, as Voldemort watched Draco leave.

Soon Draco Malfoy would outlive his usefulness and Lucius would understand the full consequences for failing Lord Voldemort.
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