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Does fantasy become reality?

A sudden turn of events.

Close your eyes: Feel... Smell... Taste... Listen.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyy fucking God!!!!! Why did they spring this on us on such short notice ?

Well, damn if you do and damn if you don't. A group shot of us, naked.

The decision was made by everyone to get drunk. No way around it. We gather in a circle. Passing around bottles of beer, we share our experiences about the individual sessions.

Brad: What a time.

Rob: Oh yeah.

Mike: I was such a bad ass.

Phi: You're always a bad ass.

Chester: I'm in love with Phoenix.

Phi: I love Joe.

Rob: I met my idol.

Joe: You love me?

Phi: No, Joe. I love you!

Joe and Phi: long loving looks - eyes burn deep into each other a passionate embrace

Brad: What idol Rob?

Rob: I might have a boyfriend.

Mike: That's sweet!, who?

Rob: I'm not sure if you'll believe me.

Mike: Try me.

Rob: Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

Joe and Phi: abrupt stop and stare at Rob

Guys: WHAT?

Rob: It's true.


Joe: Shit Mike, he's right.

Mike: How do you know?

Joe: Rob was there around the same time I was and I saw it.

Mike: Rob, I'm really sorry.

Rob: It's okay.

Mike: No, it's not. How can I make it up to you?

Rob: Kiss me.

Mike: blank stare and motions himself towards Rob, grabbing him by the neck and tongues his wet mouth

Brad: I think I'm hard.

Chester: So am I.

Phi: I know I am.

Chester and Phi: leans in and licks Chester's earlobe, accepting and duplicating

Joe: Oh shit I...

Brad: What?

Joe: joins in with Chester and Phi, advancing his hands around Phi's waist

Mike: That looks good. slugging a beer and grabbing another one

Mike: Proceeds to unveil Joe's pants to reveal his erection, stroking and pulsating.

Rob: eyes heavy Wet kisses Brad

Brad: moans immediately

Rob and Brad are locked into one another. Loud moans reverberate the room, as Rob's newfound aggression has Brad on his stomach.

" Oh shit, Brad your cock is heavy and amazing, I wanna taste. "

Rob gets underneath him and takes his slimy erect cock in his hand and strokes, ever so gently.

" Awww ohhhhh Rob, that's.... "

Sliding his body down further, he rides Brad's mouth with his lips, graciously taking him deep, to feel every inch. They continue with their passion as Brad shifted gears and turned aggressor.

" Fuck me my darling. " Quickly turning around and shoving his ass in the air, he is propped. Rob gathers a pillow and slides it underneath. Wrapping his arms around his shoulders, he enters with a fast thrust.

" Ah shit! " He continues pounding inside, each time pulsating and changing rhythm- fast, slow, slow ,fast... Harder and then pulling out, back and back again inside. Brad's intensity fullfilled as he shot his load on the pillow.

Joe is loving every minute as Phi pounds off in his hand, making crude grunts and slithering moans.

" Oh.. my.. oh.. oh.. oh.. I... I...I... "

Hard grunts and heavy panting encircle Joe as Phi makes his way to that adorable stomach; licking, carressing and kissing his bellybutton. Teasing further down, Phi engorges within Joe's confines, the inner demon unleashing its fury. Not wanting him to cum too soon, Phi stops and Joe kisses his own taste, pure heaven. Salty and wet, Joe continues his descent, nibbling Phi's ears, earlobes and gradually makes his way to the chest. His tongue circling nipple, round and up and back. Flickering as a feather, trailing to his belly and leading to his erection. Phi stretches his arms over his head and enjoys, watching his Joe- burning like a flame, hoping it doesn't go out.

Mike's sitting on Chester's face, making him gag with each deep thrust. Such force. A frenzied daze consumes all. He takes it all as Mike grunts and does not have an ejaculation. He pulls out and Chaz immediately french kisses, tasting every bit of himself.

" Get that ass up in the air for me my love. "

Such attitude. Mike loved it and did what he was told.

" Ah yea Chaz, give it to me, you know what I want. "

Chaz enters Mike with such a profound statement, he yells at the top of his lungs, making the others stop what they are doing. Jealousy develops just a little, a small yearning for such passion. Chester continued to pound his hard cock, thrusting, sliding and groping Mike's dick at the same time. It was time, they both came together.

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