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The Pack

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How can a weasel also be their alpha male?

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Fwee. I've had this thought in my head for a while: Geinin cells in Konoha are made up of two boys and a girl. So who was in Itachi's cell? Yeah, he became a chuunin at an impossibly young age, but he was a geinin for a while. Now the only character old enough to have been in Itachi's class who we really know is Inuzuka Hana. So in my world they were Team F: Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Shisui, and Inuzuka Hana. I haven't done much with this idea, and then I read a Hana/Itachi ficlet by Novocaine, and got up the courage to display my crazy non-cannon idea to the world.

Also, please note the honorifics. Itachi is very polite when he speaks. Hana is, too, but only to people who haven't hurt her.

No one sue, please.


This is the first time in how many years that she’s seen him? Her dogs are growling, but one whistle from her keeps them from doing anything. Black eyes look at her uncomprehendingly, and (she realizes with a jolt) unseeingly. He doesn’t have her nose, and those famous eyes are nearly blind. She knows enough about the human senses to know that just from his reactions to sounds, and his over reaction to sudden movement. To think that it used to be his ability to aim shuriken that every other academy student was measured against.

“It’s me, Itachi. Remember? The Inuzuka Bitch?”

“Yes, Hana-chan. You didn’t need to tell me.”

“Oh I did. I certainly have no intention of getting close enough for you to be able to see me.”

“I’m an Uchiha.”

“You’re a Sharingan user,” she agrees nonchalantly. “But Kakashi’s told us exactly what that means, and your reactions tell me the same. It’s an advantage to being an alpha bitch and knowing human limitations.”

“You know it always annoyed me when you degraded yourself like that, Hana-chan. It’s not nice.”

“You always were polite, Itachi. Wolves aren’t so much.”

“You’re not a wolf, Hana-chan.”

“You are a weasel, however, Itachi.”

He sighs so elegantly. It’s the sigh she recognizes as meaning: “I didn’t want this to happen, but you did insist in getting in the way.” And she hears a tortured yelp behind her, and turns just in time to see Neso fly into a tree, and watch helplessly as the white bar of a sword slam into Nari’s side, to send the beta female into the air. She forgot, didn’t she? The weasel travels with a shark, and he’s grinning at the vet.

“Stand aside, Hana-chan. Please, for old times’ sake.”

She snaps her fingers and the pack backs off, and she steps out of the way between Itachi and Kisame. He walks towards his new partner with the same air she remembers so well. For a moment Kisame’s not there, and they are geinin again, and the ghost standing in Kisame’s place is grinning irrepressibly. And Itachi’s always choosing to go with that ghost out to get ramen, or fishing, or sitting on the swing. Hana bites her lip angrily, and her fangs draw blood as a child, and a full grown woman.

Her hand shoots out in real life. In the memories she’d never stop him. The pack leaps on Kisame. The kunai slides into the spare flesh on the familiar frame, and jams in a rib, and she can smell his surprise. She pulls him close enough for him to see her, twisting the kunai. She knows she’s going to be dead in a few seconds. But just for that ghost, she has to know. “If I had been better friends with you than Shisui-kun, what would have been different?” she snarls. “Would he still be alive? Would he be pleading with you to go help rescue your little brother? Would he be dead with the rest of the clan? Would you have been ANBU together? Would he have stopped using honorifics?”

His lined face doesn’t respond with expression. He does ask, quietly over the yelps, snarls, and screams that are the background to the drama: “Hana-chan, do you hate me?”

A second kunai moves too fast for him to see it, and slashes his face open without even touching him. And he does remember that she is a medic nin, so he’s not surprised that she has such chakra control, but he hasn’t turned on his Sharingan yet. He wants her answer before she dies. He can hear her panting, labored breath. The physical reaction of all her emotions. “Not nearly enough,” she snaps, the kunai reversing in her hand, blood still dripping from the blade as she heads for the throat like any good wolf.

But he’s no longer there. She looks over, and sees the weasel standing on a high branch, red eyes whirling, looking down at her. She knew it would never work. Alpha females don’t have a hope against alpha males. She brings out another kunai to replace the one that is now lodged in his bone. Ducking Aka’s broken body as the pack’s scapegoat is batted at her by the shark skin blade, she rushes at Itachi-kun. Her last human thought is of the people she loves. Her mother and nii-chan are going to be very angry with her, wasting her life, and that of the pack on her former teammate. She hopes that when she gets to heaven Shisui-kun forgives her for coming early and empty handed. Itachi is going to regret everything one day, she prays.
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