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Just Another Day

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Nearly a year has passed and Jeffery has fit right into his new role as the ruler of the dark territory but the rest of the world doesn't seem happy about it. Can they appose his will?

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-Jeffery sat on his throne with his head propped up by one hand as he watched the girl in front of him. She was young, about sixteen or so, with long blond hair and a slender body. The look of terror on her face was delicious. Jeffery wondered what images of horror the girl had in her mind, what nightmares she expected to suffer for transgressing into his territory. Whatever they were he hoped that he could surpass them.

-The girl stood there frozen in fear, wearing little more than rags. Jeffery smiled with expectation of what he knew was about to happen. The girl's fear and nervousness would attract one of his favorite pets. And sure enough they came, attracted by the young girl's hormones and excited with the promise of a meal, they came.

-The girl didn't notice them at first; her eyes were fixed on the son of the devil, the king of the tainted land. The humans had come up with such colorful names for Jeffery. None of them knew his real name anymore. He indicated with a look of his eyes toward the girls approaching doom and when she looked she screamed.

-This of course triggered the attack reflex of Jeffery's little pets. He called them pleasure eels, long slimy slug like creatures. They had no eyes or mouth, only the tinny pit they used to smell with at the tip of their face determined the front from the back. They had probably been snakes at one time but Jeffery's taint had touched them like everything else consumed by the expanding dark territory. They ranged in size from no bigger than an earth worn, to as large as a python. But what Jeffery liked about them the most, was what they ate.

-The girl tried to move away but Jeffery knew the eels' tactics. The small, quick ones raced up and coiled around her. They weren't big or strong enough to restrain her, but they did slow her down enough for the larger ones. The big ones constricted around the girl and their weight was too much for her to support. She fell to the ground and the eels covered her.

-The girl screamed and struggled against her attackers but that only excited them more. They slithered around her body tightly, tearing her clothes and covering her in thick slime as they searched for an entrance. The small ones were the first to find a welcoming orifice. They pushed their way up into the girl's vagina and Jeffery grinned when he saw the shocked expression on her face.

-The small eels wriggled inside of her but they were not strong enough to go very deep since the girl was still a virgin. But once the scent of vaginal fluids directed the larger ones to the opening it was a different story. They brutally pushed their way up into the girl, taking away her innocence and replacing it with pain as the thick monsters stretched the girl's opening to its limits.

-The girl clenched her eyes closed and screamed in pain as her skin stretched and nearly tore. The smaller eels, evicted from their primary target, found another opening less than an inch away. Again they entered the girl and again they were evicted by a larger cousin and again the girl screamed even louder than before.

-Unable to enter either the vagina or the anus, one of the larger eels fallowed the trail of carbon dioxide and found a third moist orifice to enter. The girls cries were muffled by her new gag and the smaller creatures searched all over for any entrance they could find. Several of them entered into the girl's ears and two of them went up her nostrils trying to jockey for the best position.

-Jeffery watched with an amused smile as the naked girl before him, coved in thick slime and penetrated by pleasure eels, began to bleed between her legs. The red liquid trickled down the black, shiny skin of the eel that had taken her virginity and it writhed even more wildly then before. The rest of its long body wrapped around the girls under developed right breast and squeezed so tightly that the lump of flesh popped like a grape.

-The girl let out one final, muffled scream of pain before the eel in her mouth forced its way down her throat. Blood splattered over the eels and they went into a frenzy. They constricted her body and pushed deeper into the warm confines of the girls flesh. The two large eels inside her vagina and anus pulled in opposite directions and the girl's body was ripped open.

-The eels writhed around in the large gory mess absorbing the girl's blood through their skin. The large ones settled in the girl's remains while the smaller ones settled for the splattered pools on the floor. They would suck up every drop just like a sponge until only the dried husk remained for the insects and rodents.

-Satisfied that his entertainment had ended, Jeffery stood up to go to the war room when he sensed the approach of one of his generals. He looked at the large double doors as they opened and Hellen entered with a small human in her grasp. She stepped in with purpose and tossed the old man before Jeffery's feet.

-The human was old and bald with spectacles. He was dressed all in black with a priests collar on and a cross hanging from his neck. He looked around with frightened eyes that reminded Jeffery of a mouse put in a cage with a snake. When the man saw the remains of the young girl his eyes went from frightened to horrified and he touched his body in the shape of a cross.

-Jeffery looked down on the little man with indifference and looked up to Hellen for an explanation. He hadn't sent her on a raid but he knew there had to be a reason to bring this little man to his attention. The woman was one of his four generals, leaders of his armies and willing slaves to his will. It had been nearly a year since he first awoke to his power and in that time he had learned how to mold his creations to his liking. They were no longer random and grotesque monstrosities forged from the chaos of his original emotional outburst.

-Hellen was a six and a half foot tall giant. At first glance she appeared human until you realized that the horns on her head were real. She was very muscular and wore a furry vest; she had long, spiky brown hair and clawed hands. The horns on her head were relatively small and pointed forward like bulls. She had sharp teeth but they weren't really fangs. Her specialty was power and brutality, though thinking wasn't her strong point. She was a mix of a human, a bull and a wolf to give her a predatory edge.

-"This human tried to lead an army of religious fanatics into your lands master," Hellen said with her deep voice, "I killed the others but I thought you might like to speak with this one yourself." She knelt down on one knee and bowed to her master.

-Jeffery turned his attention back to the little man at his feet. "So, you thought you could cleanse my beautiful kingdom of my hate?" Jeffery mocked, "You actually thought you could defy my will?"

-"The will of god shall prevail!" the old man yelled. As if god were going to come and save him. "The almighty shall smite the wicked and cast the foul demons back to the fiery pit from whence they came." Jeffery looked to Hellen and smiled. He did so enjoy the hopeful ones, especially when he took that hope away.

-"All the foul demons you speak of were once people much like yourself, would you like to be a demon? Tell me, if I make you one will your god cast you into hell with the rest of us?" The old mans jaw stiffened as he tried to be defiant.

-"God will save me, and all of the pure." The old man said. Jeffery laughed in the man's face and pointed to the bloody carcass on the floor. "Your god didn't save her now did he? You seem rather lonely, Hellen my dear, why don't you give him a kiss?"

-"Yes master," she said as she rose to her feet. She walked over to the old man and smiled down at him, but it wasn't a friendly smile. She grabbed his mouth and squeezed his cheeks forcing his lips open as she licked her own. She knelt down to the struggling priest and kissed him. The moment her lips touched his he let out a muffled scream as Hellen's acidic saliva burned his mouth. His screams intensified when her tongue entered his mouth and rubbed his own, carrying with it the corrosive spit that burned his flesh. The man's arms flailed as he struggled to break free but it was no use. Hellen could hurl boulders with ease; there was no escaping her grip.

-As the acid burned through his skin the man began to hit Hellen in desperation but she hardly felt the blows. Jeffery laughed with amusement, "hitting a woman?" he asked, "How very Christian of you." The man's hands lost their strength and fell to his side as Hellen's saliva ate a hole through the bottom of his lower jaw and dissolved his throat. She released her grip and let him fall to the ground where he convulsed and finally died from his organs being dissolved. Hellen wiped her mouth with her forearm and looked to her master for further orders.

-"Thank you general, that will be all." Jeffery said. Hellen bowed with a pleased smile and left her master to his thoughts. Once she was gone Jeffery walked out onto his terrace and looked over his empire. The entire state was now his and every day his taint crept forward another inch. He didn't know how far it would expand; perhaps it really would engulf the entire world.

-It didn't absorb people like it had at first. Humans could enter his territory and wage war with his children. They always lost of course; no human could match his monstrosities. But still they tried. In the beginning the government had launched a military strike against him. The soldiers were ripped apart by his zombies, the tanks were crushed by his demons and the planes were knocked from the sky by his gargoyles.

-His creations were not invulnerable however, many of them had died and even a nuclear attack had been attempted but Jeffery's gargoyles had intercepted the weapon and diverted it to Washington. After that little incident the only threat to his domain were the pathetic militia groups like the old man's. They only served to strengthen hi forces, every human corpse rose again as a loyal subject to his will. A lucky few, like Hellen, were hand picked human slaves that he took special care into molding himself.

-Occasionally humans ventured into his lands for riches, he had his spies spread rumors of unimaginable wealth hidden in his fortress. The girl he had enjoyed moments earlier had been one such foolish thief. Otherwise he sent his armies out on raids. They attacked the surrounding untainted lands for humans and food and for fun. However such attacks were rare, for the most part the creatures of Jeffery's pain and rage stayed within the confines of the dark territory breeding on their own. Some of the creatures ventured beyond the boarders but were usually killed by humans.

-Jeffery for his part was content to sit back and enjoy his kingdom. He enjoyed the pleasures of the human girls that his raiding parties brought to him and the deaths and tortures of those who trespassed on his domain. But most of all he enjoyed the battles. He missed the real battles that the government had fought with him. But he could still have fun with the militia and resistance groups that waged war on him from time to time.

-Jeffery sighed with contentment and went to the war room where his generals were waiting. He entered the dimly lit room and the four women stood up and bowed their heads. They were standing around the circular dome map of their territory. There was Hellen, in command of the ground forces. She wasn't much of a tactician, preferring instead to simply overwhelm the enemy with brute force and savagery but she always got he job done.

-To her right was Jade in charge of the air. She was tall and slender with a dark tan that concealed her in the night sky. She had large leathery wings that gave her an exotic quality. When on the ground they folded in and appeared to hang from her shoulders. She always wore tight black leather to cut down on wind resistance and spiked high heels. She was the leader of the four, able to outwit or manipulate the others and saw herself as Jeffery's favorite.

-Then there was Scylla the Cyclops. Jeffery's main tactician, she wasn't as vulgar as the others but no less cruel. She had a patch over her right eye and that side of her face hade been burned by a chemical explosion from one of her many experiments. She tried to cover it with her dark hair not wanting to displease her master. Though the truth was that Jeffery didn't mind it at all, the scar wasn't disfiguring and if anything made her more attractive by adding an even more dangerous quality to her. She wore a grey trench coat and a pilot's hat of matching color; she was perhaps the most conservative of them.

-The last general was Kikki who was in charge of spying and gathering intelligence. An ironic task considering she was perhaps the craziest of the four. She was small in stature and wore a small vest and tight shorts. Her bright red hair and cheerful, childlike smile hid the depth of her madness. Hellen, Jade and Scylla all enjoyed inflicting pain on humans and taking pleasure to the extreme but Kikki honestly couldn't tell the difference between the two. It made her far crueler then the others and often times her sisters would stare at her in confusion as she played with her "friends".

-Jeffery took a few steps and glanced over his shoulder. Sure enough his most unique servant stood in the shadows, ready to do her masters bidding. "Good morning Raven," Jeffery said. The girl simply nodded in acknowledgment. Her short cut, black hair hid her white skin along with her black clothes. She hardly ever spoke, even to him.

-Raven was the only untainted human to willingly enter into Jeffery's service. Even he didn't know why she had chosen to sneak into his castle, or how she had managed to make it all the way into his throne room without detection. She had simply appeared behind him and when he had turned expecting a fight she knelt before him and swore her life to him. Now she served as his personal assassin and self appointed body guard. His generals disliked having a human around that they couldn't abuse but none of them would dare lay a hand on her without their master's specific instruction, not even Kikki.

-Jeffery approached the globe and Raven closed the door behind him, she would guard it while he planed with his generals. The globe began to glow and projected the image of an aerial view of the dark territory.

-"So, what's on the agenda today?" Jeffery asked with enthusiasm. Jade touched the globe and the image zoomed into an area just outside of the dark territory and the image of a woman's face appeared next to it.

-"Kikki's scouts have learned that this woman has been forming a sizable force to challenge us master." Jade said and nodded to Kikki to take over.

-"After we helped the president nuke himself along with the rest of Washington the U.S. government has been trying to recover," Kikki said in her childish voice. "That's why there haven't been any more major attacks on us. The only reason that foreign countries haven't invaded is fear of contact with our territory. They see America as damaged goods and they don't want to play with us. But thankfully Mrs. Emily Perkins has rallied enough support for a major assault. She has the support of several surrounding states as well as the remnants of the army. They should be ready to attack within a few weeks and then we can have some fun again."

-"I see, thank you Kikki. How are our forces?" Jeffery asked looking to Hellen. She smiled confidently. "My war beasts will tear their pathetic army to shreds master." "And my gargoyles are eager for some exercise." Jade added.

-Jeffery nodded with a pleased smile. He looked thoughtfully at the image of Emily Perkins. Surely someone who went through so much trouble just to meet him shouldn't be disappointed, but what to do?

-"Is that new toy we discussed ready yet?" Jeffery asked looking to Scylla. She bowed her head with a pleased smile, "of course it is master," she answered in her harsh voice, "ready and eager for a victim."

-Jeffery smiled, pleased with the answer. "Raven." He called over his shoulder. The four generals looked to the human girl as she looked up at her master through her black bangs. She stepped forward but made no sound. Jeffery pointed to the image of the woman projected by the map. "When the battle is over and their forces are retreating, I want you to bring me this woman, alive and unharmed." Raven nodded in acceptance of her orders and stepped back to her place.

-Jeffery looked at the face floating in the air in front of him. Emily had a determined look about her from her picture. He couldn't wait to take that away from her.
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