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Do what you want. Take a risk.

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Frerard one shot. Fee and Gee get kicked out of an exam an argument and kissing ensues... Rated for language.

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A/N: Little one shot I randomly wrote. This is a frerard. Hope you liike. :)

"You have to admit it was funny" Said Frank, he was leant against the wall of the gym, cigarette dangling between his lips, the sounds of the younger students playing indoor football inside the gym could just about be heard. I scowled and kicked the wall lightly. "Not really Frankie" I replied. He grinned at me.
"Oh come on, you were laughing just as much as I was" He insisted. Poking me on the upper arm repeatedly. "Admit iiiit" He pressed, poking and poking and poking.
"Fuck off Frank" I snarled, pulling away from him. He giggled and took another drag of his cigarette. "We just got kicked out of an exam because of you!" I snapped. Frank shrugged. "Who cares. Its only french, we dont need french" He said.
"I still dont want to fail it!" I cried. Frank shrugged again. I gave an annoyed groan and kicked the wall again. "Frank my mum will kill me when she finds out about this!" I snarled. Frank rolled his eyes and dropped his cigarette on the floor, crushing it with his heel. "Well...just tell her it was my fault." He said.
"She'll still kill me" I said.
"Ugh, cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it already" Said Frank with another roll of the eyes.
"Oh...fuck you!" I snarled. Frank grinned at me and scuffed the toe of his shoe on the concrete. "Dont you care that your gonna fail?" I asked. Frank shrugged and shook his head. "Not really. Its only French" He replied.
"Yeah but -" Frank looked up and I shut up.
"Come on Gee - its fucking french. You wanna be a comic artist, I dont think french is needed for that. I just wanna play guitar, that doesnt involve speaking french, so your mums gonna be pissed off, she'll get over it! Just draw her a pretty picture and apologise!" He snapped. I glared at him.
"Just draw her a pretty picture? What the fuck Frank? I'm not five years old, drawing a little stick man in a dress and writing to mummy I'm sorry love Gerard isnt gonna cut it!" I snarled.
"I didnt say draw a stick man -" He began.
"You said draw a pretty picture - fuck Frank, that makes me feel like your trying to say drawing is a piece a piss that any idiot can do. Well its not! To be a comic artist I have to really practice and I've gotta get all the techniques for it mastered. It is not a 'pretty picture' its a peice of god damn art!" I cried. I dont know why I was getting so angry about this, but I was. Frank however, just grinned. "See Gerard, French doesnt even come into it" He said.
"Your so impossible!" I cried.
"And whats that supposed to mean mister high and mighty comic artist!?" He snapped. I turned away from him in anger.
"It didnt mean anything" I mumbled.
"Yeah it did! What you trying to say Gerard? That I'm ignortant? Selfish? Stupid? Have I ruined your life? Am I not getting what your trying to tell me?" He asked. I ignored him, he grabbed my shoulder and pulled me round to face me. "Answer me dammit!" He cried.
"Do you wanna know what I meant do you Frankie? I meant that everything to you is a game and you dont give a shit if you leave this place with nothing to show for it. Just so long as you have your precious guitar then life is just fan-fucking-tastic isnt it!? Well heres a reality check for you Frank - when you've got a shitty dead end job and your playing your guitar every night to keep you company you'll wish you'd done better!" I cried. Frank stared at me slightly dumbfounded for a moment.
"What? Because I failed French?" He asked. If I was balloon - I would have burst.
"AGH! You just dont get it!" I cried, storming off. Frank stood their for a moment looking angry before he ran after me. He strode along beside me.
"Yeah, your right I dont get it. But do you know what - I'm glad I dont get it because it sounds to me that your stressing out because you failed french. Well okay, thats my fault so hit me or something but you dont need french Gerard and for your information I wont be in a dead end job because I'm going to be in a band!" He snapped. I stopped suddenly and looked at him. "And what makes you so sure your band is going to make it?" I asked.
"Because I've got the balls to try and I am not going to give up. Thats your problem Gerard - you spend too much time saying 'if' and 'but' - why dont you just go out there and do what you wanna do and take a chance for once!?" He cried. I glared back at him for a moment.
"You want me to do what I wanna do?"
"You want me to take a chance?"
"Fine!" I decided that I was going to take his advice for once and then he'd see what the problem of doing what you want and taking a chance is - other people never feel the same. He opened his mouth to say something back but I didnt give him chance. I grabbed his face and leant foreward until our lips collided. He seemed shocked and stayed still and tense but I didnt give a fuck. I'd show him what taking a chance is. I worked my lips forecfully against his. Not letting him pull away, I ran my tongue along his bottom lip and tugged on his lip ring. After a moment I pulled back, he took a step back from me and stared at me in shock. I was glaring at him and couldnt help but feel proud of how I had thrown his advice back in his face. "There! I took the chance and did what I wanted! Now do you see what the problem of that is?" I demanded. He looked at me for a moment before smirking. My smug grin fell. "No Gerard. I dont see the problem." He said.
"Wah?" I began, but then I had my idea thrown back in my face as he lunged at me and pulled me roughly into a deep kiss. In my shock my lips parted and his tongue forced its way into my mouth. I was gobsmacked, but my instincts took over - hell no! He was not winning this! I grabbed his waist and forced his tongue back with my own. So began a battle, our tongues pushed and shoved, trying to win the fight for dominance. One of his hands tangled into my hair, the other tugged at my belt. Pulling me closer to him, before gripping my hip so I couldnt move back. I clung to his waist, digging my fingertips into his flesh and probably bruising him. Our lips seemed glued together, our tongues began to swirl around eachother and we began to explore eachothers mouths. I had never made out with someone with a lipring before...Infact, I hadnt made out with a guy before. I welcomed the new experience. I ran my tongue over his bottom lip and licked round his lip ring. Since it was there I might aswell take advantage. I clamped my teeth over the smooth peice of metal and tugged on it, licking and tugging to my hearts content. His hands roamed under my shirt and up my back. His fingers dug into my skin and he dragged his hands down. Digging channels into my back. This made me tug harder on his lip ring and my hands moved further up to around where his bottom ribs were. We eventually had to pull back to breathe and we stood staring at eachother, our hands not moving, panting. "There. Thats why you take risks." Said Frank with a smirk. I glared at him. Then suddenly realised we had just been making out in the middle of the school grounds. I looked around but luckily no one was around. "Come on, lets get away from here. No point staying if we've been kicked out the exam." He said and he took my hand, lacing his fingers with mine. He pulled me out of the school grounds and began making his way back to my house. "Can I stay at yours for a while?" He asked.
"Uh. Sure" I answered, feeling kind of awkward after what had happened. Did...did he like me like I liked him? Once we reached my house I unlocked the door - Mikey was still at the school and my parents werent home. Frank pulled me through to my basement room and we sat down on my bed. "I like you Gee, more than a friend." He whispered. "I like you too Frankie..." I replied, he grinned and pulled me into a kiss, not as rough as the one at school. When we pulled apart he grinned at me.
"So. Glad you took the risk then?" He asked. I thought about it a moment, he looked at me with a smug smile and I frowned. "Well...?" He teased.
"Oh. Shut up and kiss me." I ordered grabbing his waist as he eagerly met my lips with his.
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