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The New Year Brings New Death.

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He wakes up, he doesn't know where he is. He can't move and now his life is threatened. Will he survive or should he just give up? It's a New Year's one shot. (^_^)

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Hello. This is not my first fanfic, but this is my first Fall Out Boy fic. Yes, it's a one shot, yes it's for the new year.
So Merry [late] New Year! (^_^)
I've read a few fics like this, and in no means am I trying to copy. I just thought I would write one like it.
If I did copy an idea, I'm really sorry I had no intention of doing so.
I assure you this is probably different from the others. :]
And yes, by the end you will know who it is.
By the way, thoughts are Italics.
Please enjoy!

He groaned, coming into consciousness, “Ugh, where am I?” He tried to move, but couldn’t. “What-what’s going on?”, the man’s voice became scared. He opened his eyes to a brightly lit room. It was almost too bright; the walls were a bright white. He was on a medical table and chained by his wrists and ankles. He also came to realize that he had no clothes; he was completely exposed.

He tried screaming for help, but nobody came. Nobody even heard. After about an hour like that he had giving up, simply believing that someone had chained him up and forgotten about him. Or he had hoped. He scanned the room, seeing nothing but another table. He couldn’t tell what was on it because there was a sheet on it.

He put two and two together, realizing that he was in a medical room and HE was on the operation table. He started shaking, scared out of his wits. “HELP! SOMEONE HELP! PLEASE!”, he screamed again to no one.

It was then that a voice spoke, “Why is it always about you?” The man instantly became silent, seeing a young girl walk into the room. The door shut behind her, it was made of a type of metal. He heard it click and lock behind her. He took in a sharp breath, breathing heavier than before. His heart was racing and his stomach doing flips.

“Answer me, is it always about you?”, her voice was calm. She couldn’t be older than fifteen, or at least that’s what she looked. Her blonde hair and blue eyes complimented her fair face. She was wearing all white; it was some type of nurse’s outfit. She even had gloves on. She walked over to the other table, which was only a few feet away from the boy on the table, and removed the sheet.

His eyes widened in fear. On that table there were different instruments. Sharp instruments. Killing instruments. He began to tremble more.

She picked up a mallet, “So, are you going to answer me? I haven’t cut your tongue. I assume you can talk. Unless you want your tongue out?” The boy shook his head no very quickly at that. “Then answer me.” “W-what w-was the q-qu-es-tion?”, he was still scared, but she didn’t blame him. She sighed, “Pay more attention or you’ll be down an ear.” He gulped. “Is it always about you?”, she turned to him, holding the mallet, “Answer correctly.”

He thought about it. “Oh god I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die I’m going to die!! What the fuck kind of answer do you want?! HELP!”

He finally came to a conclusion, “N-no?” She smirked, “Oh I’m sorry, so close, yet no.” She took the mallet and brought it down onto his left hand. He howled in pain, trying to get away but the chains wouldn’t let him. “Hush my little one, everything will be over soon”, the young girl said as she brought down the mallet a second time. And a third, and a fourth and a fifth.

He whimpered in pain, looking at his now useless hand. He couldn’t even move it anymore. He felt tears well up in his eyes. “Now now, it’s okay. I know you’re in pain, but it’s all for the best. I promise you won’t have to feel it for too long”, the girl spoke again. His mind finally started working, the gears spinning and clicking, “Y-you’re go-going to k-kill me?!” She smiled, “Why yes.” Her outfit was smeared with a few spots of blood due to his hand.

“But-but why?!”, he was trying to make himself believe this was just a twisted dream. “You make me sick. It’s all about you, now isn’t it? You can’t think of anyone other than yourself. You are a cocky mother fucker.” He was confused, “How did I even end up here?!” She smiled again, “Oh that was rather easy my friend. See, as you were getting drunk for the New Year I just simply plucked you from the crowd. It was quite simple really.” He finally remembered what he was doing last, “Oh god.”

“God won’t help you here dear boy”, she said solemnly. “Now answer me this; do you know why I’m going to kill you?” The man thought about it and couldn’t come up with anything. He shook his head fearfully. She sighed, “You still have a tongue, you can TALK”, on 'talk' she hit his right hand with the mallet. He screamed in pain.

“Come now, don’t be such a sissy”, the girl said as the boy whimpered in pain. He looked up at her with a look similar to a hurt dog. “Yes, I’m talking to you, seeing as there’s nobody else in this room. Now answer the question WITH WORDS.” His stutter had gotten worse as his heart sped up, “I-I d-don-don’t kn-kn-ow.” The girl sighed again, “Boy are you trying to get yourself killed or what?” She brought the mallet back down onto his right hand. He whined in pain, loudly.

“Answer without the fucking stutter. Try calming down first, but don’t take all day, you’re dying at midnight.” He took a few breaths, trying to calm down. After a five-minute silence the girl spoke, “You wanna hurry this up?” He said nothing; she hit his hand with the mallet again. He screamed in pain again, now both of his hands were useless.

“Answer me already!” He let out a breath, “I s-said I don’t k-know.” She frowned, “I guess that’s as good as I’m going to get. Now.” She walked over to the table, setting down the bloody mallet and picked up a scalpel. “I’m rather fond of my scalpel so forgive me if it’s all I use. I like to use a variety, but the scalpel just calls to me.” His eyes widened in terror. She walked over and he tried to get out of the chains. He started screaming for help. She sighed.

After another ten minutes of the man screaming himself hoarse she spoke, “Are you quite done yet?” He said nothing and was only sniffling. “You are such a girl”, a smile spread across her face. “Maybe that’s what I’ll do. Make you into a girl”, she giggled. “God knows you act and dress like one.” He was slightly confused, “W-what?” She giggled again, “You haven’t caught on quite yet. Well you are a boy. I’m making you into a girl.” She let him catch on, which cost seven minutes of time.

His eyes widened in horror, “No! No! You can’t! Please no!” She giggled yet again, “Begging will get you nowhere, you whore.” He tried to get her to stop, but she wouldn’t. And he couldn’t move, so it didn’t matter how much he begged and begged.

“Um, well I have to admit I’m no nurse. Nor doctor. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing so I’m just going to take a shot at it. I don’t have anything for your chest either, so I guess you can be a half girl. Oh and there’s no anesthetic so this might hurt a little. Just think of happy things and maybe the pain will go away. Yes? Okay let’s start”, she smiled sweetly as if they were going to a tea party. He screamed in utter agony as the girl cut into his manhood.

“There now that wasn’t as bad as I thought”, the girl had stopped his bleeding; or at least tried. He was still in agony. “Oh my god I can’t believe this happening! This isn’t happening! This can’t be happening! This has to be a dream! This can’t be real! SOMEONE HELP!”

“Come now, while you still have your tongue. Talk why don’t you?”, the girl said. “How the FUCK do you expect me to TALK at a time like this?!”, his voice had become high in terror. He was shaking, he was crying and he was completely horrified. “Well I expect you to talk because if you don’t you’ll be down a tongue mind you.” He gulped, “You’re not serious.” He was trying to figure out if she was. A smile pulled at her lips, “Oh yes I am.” He whimpered; she was serious.

Oh how he wished he were back with his friends, with his family. He wouldn’t be able to tell them goodbye. He wouldn’t be able to hug them ever again, or tell them he loved them. He always acted like an ass to them, but he really did love them. He cried harder at these thoughts, how these moments were his last and how he couldn’t spend them with those that he loved.

“So what’s the answer?” He jerked back from his thoughts, “W-what?” She sighed, “Maybe you’ll listen more if you only have one ear.” “No! No!! I’m sorry! What was the q-question?” “Sorry won’t cut it”, she walked over to him. “Try not to move your head so I don’t cut your pretty little face, unless you want me to cut it.” She pulled on his ear as he cried out, trying to get her to stop.

Alas, she wouldn’t. Soon enough the piece of flesh was now in her hand. “There, now, are you going to pay more attention?” He nodded, sobbing pitifully. Blood ran down the side of his head, making a small pool on the table. “As I said before, do you want to know why I’m killing you?” After at least ten minutes he calmed down to where he could answer her, “I g-gues-s.”

She smiled, “Finally you answer correctly! Good boy.” She patted his head. He flinched. “The reason I’m going to kill you is that you don’t deserve life. You go through your days not caring about anyone but yourself. You are a whore, you are a failure and you don’t deserve this fame. You are making a parody of the hardworking celebrity, but you don’t care. You don’t give a shit. You are a bad musician and you don’t even know it. You only care about getting through your day, no matter how many people’s lives you shatter.” She paused, “And now, since you have acted against everything holy and good in life, you must die.”

He was still crying. First his hands, then his manhood and now his ear, what would she do next?!

“Are you paying attention?” He nodded, making himself calm down again. “Good boy”, she patted him on the head again. “Your cheeks are rosy, you don’t have a fever do you?” He replied dully, “I’ve be-been crying b-bitch.” “Oh my my! Little boys don’t need to swear. Bad boy, I don’t have soap to wash out that dear mouth”, she raised the scalpel. He froze, “W-what are y-you doing?” “My dear friend, I’m cutting your cheeks out. Maybe the air will help wash out your mouth.”

He screamed, “NO!”, as she brought down the scalpel. She put it straight through the center of his cheek and cut a big hole, then did the same for the other side. He was screaming and writhing in pain after this, saying every curse word under the sun. “Oh dear, I guess the air isn’t helping.”

She walked over to the table, picking up the mallet, and then she walked back to the man on the table. “I guess your mouth will be dirty no matter what I do. Let’s see if I can get it clean. Yes? Okay.” She smacked him in the face with the mallet, accidentally hitting his nose harder than expected. Blood poured down, “Oops.” But he was now in a daze, he had stopped screaming and moving and that’s what she wanted. She opened his mouth and grabbed his tongue. “Yuck, I’m glad I have gloves.”

She cut into the flesh and pulled it out, she threw it into the sink nearby with all the other fleshy items. Finally the man came out of his daze fifteen minutes later. “Hello darling. Welcome back”, she smiled sweetly. He tried to speak, but found he couldn’t. He was confused; he tried to scream. Nothing came out but a small gurgling noise. “Oh yes, about that. Your nose is broken, I think, and your tongue is now in the sink. Pity, I enjoyed our conversations”, she smirked. He let his head fall backwards, his body shaking with delirious sobs. “I guess you won’t be playing or singing anytime soon.”

“So, we have a little while longer before midnight, enough for one more operation. Would you rather lose a couple ribs or your intestines?”, she looked at him, “Oh wait, that’s right, you can’t talk.” She smiled darkly. He just stared at her, his face bloodied up. It was remarkable that he wasn’t dying of blood loss, but then again not much time had passed between each thing. The girl had also made a small effort to keep his wounds from bleeding.

“I guess ribs it is”, she picked up the bloody scalpel and walked to his left side. He looked up at her, his breathing heavy. She looked up, “Like I said, I’m no surgeon so I don’t know what I’m doing. I know where the rib is though because they’re poking out right here”, on 'here' she dug the scalpel into his skin. He flinched in pain, trying to scream but nothing came forth, nothing more than the same gurgles.

The girl quickly got a large piece of flesh off; she threw it into the sink. It made a sickening splat as it came in contact with the metal of the skink. She finally found the white bones she was looking for. She put her hands around two of the ribs, cracking them off. “Hm, they’re a little smaller than I thought human ribs would be.” She showed him his ribs, “These came from your body.” She had a dark, evil smile on her face.

His body shook more, now going into some amount of shock. Her watch beeped, she looked at it. “It’s about damn time.” She threw the bones into the sink; they clattered with everything else in there. “Goodbye love. I had fun. This might hurt just a little, so please bear with me.” His head was lolling from side to side in some type of immense pain and delirious shock.

She dug the scalpel into the flesh under his stump of an ear and then slit it all the way across to the other ear. She cut it in about two inches, ear to ear. She watched him choke on his own blood. She watched the life leave his eyes and his body go limp. There was that same dark smile planted on her face.

She looked at her watch as it beeped three times, “Perfect timing. Death at twelve o’clock in the new year.” She gathered her things from around the room and put them in her backpack. She took off her gloves and threw them into the sink with the other items. She slung the bag over her shoulder and walked over to the door. On her way out she turned, “And now I leave you here to rot. Rest in hell, game over Mr. Wentz.” The light went off and the girl walked out, the door locking behind her.

Heh, bit of a dark story don't you agree?
Wow, ummm, yeah well I hope you enjoyed it?
I'm sick of all these other happy go lucky stories.
Where's the fun in those?
Anywhoo, reviews are nice if you choose to give them.
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