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I'd like to run away with you.

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Cassie trys something new.

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The next morning, I woke up to Mikey tossing stones at my bedroom window.
"What in the name of Jim Jones do you want, Mikey?" I yelled from inside, but keeping it at a level so that my parents won't wake up.
"I don't know. Just wondering if you want to come with me to the pier." He said.
"This early? And do what?" I questioned.
"We could...Um...just talk." He replied.
"God, you can't be any more gay." I said shaking my head.
"Come on, I can tell you're still mad at me for the same reason as yesterday." He said. I looked down at him. He was still in his pajamas.
"Mikey, it's goddamn early. We can talk about it after school." I said turning away.
"If it makes you feel any better, I'm sorry!" He yelled
"Yeah, yeah. I got the memo." I said closing my window. I thought of going back to bed, but it was rather too late. So I decided to get ready for school, anyway. Besides, Mikey would probably be waiting for me outside. And he was, I found him sitting on my porch steps when I got out of the house.
"Mikey." I sighed. He quickly turned around, and got up to face me. He looked different. He wasn't wearing his usual band shirts that he'd always wear. He was wearing a navy blue polo shirt.
"Hey." he said. I looked straight at him, then at his shirt.
"What the hell are you wearing?" I said, biting my lip to hold in the laughter.
"What? Can't a guy wear something decent?" He asked. Then it hit me. It was for Janet. I could even smell men's cologne on him. And that too, was just for Janet. I couldn't speak for a moment. I just kept staring at him.
"Hello? Earth to Cass. You know, I'm a free individual, so you can't tell me what to wear or not. So just live with it, and stick that into your juice box." Mikey said. I then snapped out of my temporary coma.
"You're right. Yeah, Mikes, you're right." I finally said.
"I am? Of course I am. Score one for Team Mikey." He smiled.
"You are so right, as a matter of fact...Just wait right here." I told him, as I turned around to go back inside. I ran up to my bedroom, and quickly opened up my closet. If he can wear something "decent", so can I. I promptly took out a box from my closet, and opened it up. It was a storage box where I kept all the clothes that seemed to girly for me. I wanted something to show Mikey that I'm a free individual, too. And I found it, the perfect outfit. I got it as gift last year, from my older brother's girlfriend. It was a white button blouse, and a red plaid short skirt. It was good. I put it on, and looked at myself in the mirror. I looked like a naughty Catholic school girl. Just needed some knee-high socks, and Mary-Janes, and I was ready for the next Britney Spears video. Well, okay, not that naughty, but just right to get Mikey's attention. I never really liked this outfit, but it was perfect for the occasion. I then ran back down to Mikey. He looked really, really astonished. His jaws dropped open, and he was wide-eyed.
"What? Can't a girl wear something decent?" I teased.
"Cass, never wear things like that. You hate those types." Mikey said.
"Well, look at you. We are all free individuals." I said walking on.
"Yeah, but look at you! You''re a girl!" He said catching up on me.
"Wow, Mikey, hard to believe." I said dryly.
"What do you think they'll say when you get to school?" He asked.
"And by 'they' you mean who?"
"People. Basically everyone who goes to Belleville HS, who've seen you punch that dude in the nose, making him cry."
"Haha, that guy was pretty weak, I'd punch him again." I chuckled.
"Sure, but won't they be suprised?"
"Yeah they would. But who'd really care?"
"I don't know, Cass," He sighed,"You've really changed. One day, you're all hot steamed because of the Christmas dance, then now you're dressing up like a preppy chick."
"You too. One day, you're all lovey-dovey about some girl we both used to hate, and then now you're dressing like a preppy dude." I told him.
"Cass, have ever been in love?" He asked. I looked down. Yeah, I am right now.
"No." I lied.
"See, you don't know that feeling you get when that person you love enters the room." He said. I do. It feels wonderful.
"When you're with that person, you just want to run away with them." He continued. I want to run away with him. I want to go far, far away with him.
"Run away, and leave all you have behind?" I asked.
"Yeah." He nodded.
"One day, I'll love to do just that." I said. Yeah, with him.
"Don't we all?" He added.
When we reached the school, everything had just happened like predicted. They were all turning heads, and all were suprised.
"Hey, Cassie! Did your mom force you to wear a skirt, today?" One of the jocks yelled out.
"No, but why didn't your mom force you?" I yelled back. "Prick." I mumbled. Michelle came running over. Her expression was unexplainable. She looked worried, but then happy.
"Hey." She said pulling me away from Mikey. Mikey just walked away.
"Yeah, I know. Janet's going with Mikey to the dance. And yeah, my clothes are the worst things you've ever seen." I started saying.
"No, your outfit is awesome. You actually look good in it. And well, yeah. Janet practically told everyone she's in it with Mikey." she replied.
" 'In it'?" I asked, puzzled.
"She's in love with him, too." She sighed.
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