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What happens after school detention

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The group reactions to Breauna finally getting a boyfriend who weirdly, turns out to be Joe.

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Joe and I walked back to homeroom afterschool to meet up with Pete, Patrick, and Andy; holding hands. Everyone we passed seemed to stop and stare at us, was I alone that long for people to notice?

"Breauna, did something happen that I missed?" asked Sam.

"I'm surprised you couldn't tell I liked her for this lond, I thought it was obvious." Joe said.

"I'm happy for you." She ran off to Billy, I guess to tell him the news.

"What the hell?!" I heard Pete yell.

"I win! Give me 20 Pete." Andy said.

"Took you long enough."

"Well sorry Patrick, I'm slow."

"Whatever, you owe me 5 dollars for those chocolates."

"I thought you said I didn't owe you!" Joe protested.

Andy was still doing his victory dance when Pete got up and hit him.

"Ow! That hurt!"

"You wouldn't stop gloating. You're lucky I was gracious enough to get them in detention, so really you owe me 20 dollars Trohman."

"Why should you get money?" I asked.

"Because I got you two together." He said proudly.

"But I bet on it! I'm the only one who deserves money!"

Andy jumped on Pete, making them both fall. And while Andy and Pete were fighting, the 20 dollars, along with Pete's wallet fell out.

"Hey guys, need date money?" Patrick asked, holding up the two items.
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