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Aah Rambling, This is not what you think it is.

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Welcome to my blog.

-StaresAtGoogleGeek- Betcha though this was a new story.

Anyway, me in the land of writers block. How would a pushing daisies esque story be? but of course about Fall Out Boy. Basically, really really writers block. IT SUCKS, make this stop make it stop make it stop.

BTW since when is Pete a cosmo girl, I thought he finally started looking like a guy again.

LMAO cosmo girl.

I really am just talking to my self, I might make a website or something that way I don't annoy you that much. But then ofcourse strange perverts would read it.

My mom is pissed at me for I'mnotsurewhat. She thinks me and my older sister called her crazy, BECAUSE I MUMBLED on the phone.

Secret Blog of Aubree Rodrigeuz. (btw this is a book title my last name is not Rodrigeuz, HAHA perverts)

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