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Accepingt that something is true or real is sometimes a difficult task.

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‘Somebody please help me! Can anybody hear me? Somebody please!’

Harry’s screams pierced the clear, dewy, mountain air. His throat and lungs were starting to hurt, to burn. The ten-year-old boy was running as fast as he could from the hateful, despicable school. He was strong, but he was beginning to tire.

He knew the men were coming to kill him. He could hear them hurrying through the woods behind him.

He glanced over his right shoulder, painfully twisting his short neck. He flashed a mental picture of his little sister, Daphne. Where was she? The two had separated just outside the school, both running and screaming.

He was afraid she was already dead. Uncle Evan probably got her. Evan had betrayed them and that hurt so much he couldn’t stand to think about it.

Tears rolled down his cheeks. The hunters were closing in. He could feel their heavy footsteps thumping hard and fast against the crust of the earth.

The throbbing, orange ball of sun was descending below the horizon. Soon it would be pitch-black and cold out here in the woods. A simple T-shirt and shorts adorned his body. His feet wrapped in poorly made sandals.

Move. He urged his aching, tired body on. He could go faster than this. He knew he could.

The rapidly twisting path narrowed, then wound around a great, mossy shoulder of rock. He clawed and struggled through thick tangles of branches and bushes.

The boy suddenly stopped. He could go no further.

A huge, high fence loomed suddenly out of the bushes. It was easily ten foot high. Triple rows of razor-sharp concertina wire were tangled and coiled across the top.

A metal sign warned: Extreme danger! Electrified fence. Extreme danger!

Harry bent over and cupped his hands over his bare knobbly knees. He was blowing out air, wheezing hard, trying to keep from weeping.

They were almost there, the hunters. He could hear, smell, sense their awful presence.

He knew what he had to do now, but he was petrified to try it. It was forbidden; it was unthinkable.

‘Somebody please help me!’

But there was nobody around to help him - nobody except Harry himself.

A/N: Just the prologue at the moment.
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