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I need characters for my new story

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I am writing a story which will be called 'Give me your attention' and i need some characters, if your interested just fill in the appropriate form below. There are four forms one for each different panic! pairing , you can apply for more than one but you must stae your order of priority.

*story info*

It will b e a short story about four girls, a dancer, a merch girl, a photographer and Jon's sister, who basically have a thing for the guys and it's about their struggle to get them to notice them.

To apply, firstly state which of the following you are applying to be:

1.THE MERCH GIRL [love interest: Brendon.
2.THE PHOTOGRAPHER [love interest: Ryan]
3.THE DANCER [love interest: Jon]
4.THE SISTER [love interest: Spencer]

Then fill out the following form and post it in a review.

Real age:
Desired age [18-22] :
Clothing style:
Extra info [e.g , any habits?, hobbies? what annoys you? Have a favourite possesion? an obsession with ducks? etc.]

The more detailed the forms, the more likely a chance you have of being chosen.

I have not chosen a deadline yet, so all positions are open until further notice.

After i have these positions sorted out i'm going to post some position openings for minor characters, which you can apply for if you were'nt chosen.

good luck!
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