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Just Felt so Right

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[Harry/Hermione] Hermione was doing her homework late at night when Harry decides to visit her.

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Hermione was doing her homework in her room as usual making sure her extra long essay sounded smart before she turned it in. She had her long hair, which wasn't as curly as usual, in a loose messy bun and was chewing noisy on a piece of gum. Usually she would have been polite and chew softly but everyone was asleep and she was bored and tired so who really cares. PLUUNCK!! Something had hit Hermione's window softly which had startled her making her jump about 2 feet off the chair. Hermione slowly walked over to the window and lifted it open, poking her head out to see who it was.


Someone shouted in a whisper. Hermione looked around carefully and then grinned.

"Harry? What are you doing here? In the middle of the night?"

She asked amused and strangly happy that he was here.

"I'm not really sure, but can I come up?"

Hermione laughed lightly and waved her wand muttering some spell causing Harry to slowly fade away and reappear in her room.

"Where did you learn that?"

Harry asked looking impressed. Hermione nodded at the large stack of books by her desk and sa back down to complete her essay. Harry akwardly looked around and then sat down on the chair next to her. For about 27 minutes he sat there staring at Hermione as she finished her essay and slammed it between her Potions book.

"Harry, you didn't answer my question. Why are you here?"

Harry licked his lips nervously and shrugged.

"I'm not sure but it was just an instint."

Hermione raised her eyebrow and shook her head sighing.

"Instint? I'm surprised at first I thought you forgot to do your potions homework and wanted me to help you again."

Hermione teased as she started to put her books back inside of her bag.

"Umm,,, Hermione...."

Harry suddenly mumbled.

"Yes Harry?"

Hermione answered not paying attention.

"Can I kiss you?"

Hermione paused for a minute and looked at Harry.

"Kiss me?"

Harry smiled shyly back at her.

"Yeah, can I kiss you?"

"Yes, Harry you may."

A first he slowly pressed his lips against her's but after a little while he parted slightly and turned red.

"Can I have some more?"

Harry then kissed her again this time a little less light like the first one. He slid his hands around her waist slowly and licked the bottom of her lip. Hermione moaned softly opening her lips slightly as Harry continued kissing her.


After a few minutes Hermione and Harry were against a wall tightly pressed together panting hard while sweating buckets.


Harry whispered as he trailed light kisses to her neck. Hermione moaned lightly and her hand was playfully in his hair.

"Hey! Hermione? Are you still awake??!!"

Ginny's tired voice asked from the hall. Harry and Hermione paused quickly as the door knob started to turned and they were about to be caught.

"Later, Mione.."

Harry whispered pecking her on the lips before slipping out the window quickly and the door flew open.

"Hermione? Are you ok?"

Ginny asked glancing at Hermione's deep red face. Hermione smiled back at Ginny.

"Yea, everythings ok. Go back to bed."

Ginny nodded and left to go back to her room as Hermione smiled and touched her lips lightly with the tip of her fingers. For some reason that kiss felt so right.
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