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Mortuary Tales

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Characters: Gerard Way - Published: 2008-01-05 - Updated: 2008-01-05 - 507 words

“You'll never take me alive. You'll never take me alive. Do what it takes to survive, Cause I'm still here. You'll never get me alive. You'll never take me alive. Do what it takes to survive, And I'm still here. You'll never take me alive. You'll never get me alive. Do what it takes to survive, And I'm still here. You'll never get me You'll never take me. You'll never get me alive.”

Still Awake:
The elevator stopped at the morgue floor and we got out. The mortuary was cold and dark. there were metal doors on all the walls with black handles on them. It was sickening to think that not only was Sam's body here but that others maybe crammed into these tight death lockers. The doctor comes out of his office and says in a low voice “Do you have an appointment.” Sam looks at me for a minute and then starts talking like a police office from some crime show saying anything she can think of to try and see the....her body. The doctor relents and says “Follow me.” Suddenly I get the strangest feeling that I've seen him before. We get to Sam's door and she grabs my hand. “Are you ok” I ask her. she nods her head and we step closer to the small metal door. The doctor has his hand on the black door handle and he stops. Takes off his hand and stares at us. “I forgot to ask before but did you get a warrant?...or the family's permission? because if you didn't I can't let you see the body.” he said. Sam...officer Thompson gets this weird look on her face and holds my hand tighter. “No warrant NO body” the doctor says. Officer Thompson lets go of my hand and says “Fine we'll come back with the family's permission”. Then she storms off. I finally find her outside next to the police car. She sees me and then gives me a hug and starts crying...real tears that fall on my should and I feel so bad for her but when she lets go of me she smiles and says “I've wanted to hug you all day thank you so much for helping me.” “So how are we going to get the-” “I'll think of something but right now I have to get Officer Thompson back home before she's late for work.” She gives me a ride back home in the police car but this time she drives slowly and carefully. When she drops me off I ask if she can come by tonight so we can talk and she nods her head and I smile and say “ok it's a date”. She smiles back and drives off. Later at home I realize something...I have fallen in love with a dead girl. I try and call Lyn z so I can think about her instead of Sam but she doesn't pick up. Then I start to wonder when and if she's coming home.
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