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The Worst Nightmare

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Frankie meets Kat, they don't start off well. Gee gets in trouble! :o

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It took me along time to fall asleep that night. I tossed and turned thinking about all the things that Gerard had told me and all the things that were left to say.

Even though I had gotten some answers I felt like I hadn't gotten any at all. Everything was so vague and absurd that I either didn't understand or chose not to believe it. Like that magic crap. How could I believe that in two days I would have powers, just because it was my birthday?

I rolled around in bed thinking that maybe magic could exist. I mean, I had seen the doorway to the Underworld open a few times now, and it wasn't done in a usual manner. The only way to explain it was magic. And then there was the fact that I traveled to a room deep inside their building or tent or whatever it really was in my sleep, thanks to the powers of Aileen. Maybe magic did exist after all... maybe, just maybe, it did...


..."Just tell us where he is and we'll let you go... or maybe you like having the shit beat out of you?" said a man in a long black coat. His slick black hair was brushed back, showing every corner of his perfectly pale face. He had sharp cruel eyes in the lightest shade of blue possible. He towered over a man on the ground, surrounded by half a dozen other men laughing insanely at the sight of it all.

"Yes, he likes it I'm sure. Look at his face of pleasure!" said one of the men, sending the others into another fit of laughter. This man had shoulder-length wavy brown hair that was all clumped and knotted together. He had wide brown eyes that gave him an insane look.

"Do what you fucking want, I'll never tell you anything." As I looked onto the terrible scene from somewhere above, my eyes widened in shock as I recognized the voice of the man on the floor. Gerard!

"That's very honorable of you, Gerard, or very foolish," said the first man with the blue eyes. "Perhaps we can help you change your mind..." He stepped back while giving a single snap with his fingers. Two of the other men with mean smirks on their faces closed in on Gerard, who was already clutching his side and had blood pouring down his face. One of the men pulled Gerard to his feet effortlessly, holding him up so the other could get a good shot at him. The other man gave him a powerful blow to the jaw, sending him flying a few feet in the air. Blood shot out of his mouth as he hit the ground, too weak to fight back. The one that had held him up gave him a kick in the stomach, making him cry out in pain.

It was almost unbearable for me to continue seeing what they were doing to Gerard, and yet I couldn't look away.

With a wave of a hand, the blue-eyed man stopped the two men from continuing their attacks. He crouched next to Gerard who was now coughing up blood. Putting a hand on his shoulder as if to comfort him, he smiled and said, "Stop this now my good man. That boy doesn't mean anything to you. Just tell us where he is, it's for your own good."

Through one bloodshot eye, Gerard glared at the man. With all the effort he could muster, he raised himself just enough to be able to spit right into the face of the man and mutter, "Fuck you, Mauritius. Just go to hell."

Standing up, he took a handkerchief out of his pocket and wiped his face. "I'm afraid we're already there..."

Walking away from the group, he muttered under his breath to the insane looking man,"Do it." The brown haired man nodded and signaled to the others. With evil smirks on their faces, they all began to close in on the man on the floor.

Trying to get up from the floor but failing, Gerard let out a blood curling yell,"Fraaaaaank!"


I sat up as I heard the name being screamed in my head. My bed and sheets were soaked in sweat and so was I. I was breathing heavily and had an incredible headache but all I could think about was the dream.

But it wasn't a dream. I was sure of it.

I looked at the alarm clock on my nightstand. 4:26 AM. I had only slept about 4 hours and yet I was wide awake.

I had to go see Gerard. Even if it had just been a dream I had to make sure.

I jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, hastily wiping myself off with a towel before running back to my room to throw some clothes on. Two minutes later I was running down the street with the cold air hitting my still damp face.

Since I had no idea where the attack had taken place, I ran to the only place I could go to for help: the Underworld.

Rushing past the cemetery gates, I ran to the mausoleum, making leaves fly around me as they were swept off the ground. Arriving at the familiar tombstone, I placed my hand against it, completely out of breath. The door opened quickly but not enough for my liking. "Come on, come on..." I urged it.

As I finally ran down the lane that would take me to their tent, I yelled, "Gerard? Gerard!"not caring about the hour it was or if anyone was sleeping. I had only one concern right then.

Getting no response, I ran into the tent although I had never really been in there before and had no idea where to go. As I entered, I heard loud voices coming from the end of the hallway. I followed them until arriving at a room on the left.

My heart broke as I entered the room and saw the scene. It was a bedroom, and so, there was abed with the headboard against the wall. Bob and Ray were leaning against awall, next to the bed. Around it were Aileen and a girl with long white-blond hair that I had never seen before. On the bed, laying there unconscious in spite of the loud chatter from the people in the room was Gerard. He looked even worse than he had in my dream. His eye was swollen shut while the other was covered in blood because of a cut in his eyebrow and another on his forehead. His lip was also cut and swollen and his chin and jaw were covered in blood and bruised up. He was wearing a long sleeved shirt and pants, hiding his arms and legs, but I was sure they were all bruised too.

Catching my breath as I saw him there, I rushed over to his side. With one hand I brushed the hair away from his face. "Gerard? Come on, Gerard, you've gotta wake up now, you can't do this..."

"Hey! Who the hell are you? Get the fuck out!" yelled the blond girl, coming over to where I was to push me out of the room.

"Kat, wait!Leave him, we know him. It's okay," Ray assured her.

The girl called Kat stared at me from the other side of the bed, still not trusting me fully, but I didn't care. I just concentrated on Gerard.

"Where did you guys find him? Who found him?" I demanded.

With her nose pointed slightly up, Kat said, "I found him. He was lying on the street not far from here. There wasn't anyone with him but its not hard to figure out who did this to him."

"Ruins," I stated matter-of-factly. "I saw them do it."

The girl narrowed her eyes at me while the others turned towards me in surprise. "What do you mean you saw them do it? You were there?"

I shook my head, looking up for a second. "I wasn't actually there; I saw it in a dream. Then I woke up and came running here." Concentrating back on Gerard, I gently held both sides of his face to study it. "Could someone get some water and a washcloth or something?"

"That's impossible. You couldn't have seen it happen," Bob said, leaning against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Yeah, you're not even 17 yet," Ray joined in.

I looked at them in disbelief. Did they not see that their friend was lying on the bed in really bad shape? "I don't know how I did, but I saw it in a dream, okay!? Now someone go get a fucking washcloth!"

Aileen ran out of the room while the rest of them stood around, not doing much of anything.

The blond girl spoke up again. "Just leave him alone, he'll be okay."

"Are you fucking serious? His head was almost cracked open and he probably has a broken rib, or worse! He shouldn't even be here, we should take him to the hospital."

Aileen showed up with a small bucket of water and two washcloths.

Ray sighed impatiently. "No, he's not going anywhere. We can't take him to a hospital, they'd ask too many questions."

I wanted to kick all of their asses or at least kick them out of the room. They were no help at all and they were just getting on my fucking nerves when I was worried as hell for Gerard. Dipping one of the washcloths in the bucket of water, I began to gently clean his face and wounds of blood. The water was freezing cold and I thought the shock of it on his face would wake him, but it didn't, which worried me even more.

I continued to clean him up, while the others stood by and watched me with bored looks on their faces, except for Aileen who looked more worried for me than for Gerard. Tossing aside the dirty washcloth, I soaked the other in the cold water, folded it and placed it over his swollen eye.

"You're wasting your time," said Kat, looking at her fingernails.

"If it bothers you, leave! At least I'm doing something to try and help."

Taking a few quick steps towards me, she said angrily, "I have more right to be here than you, so you can just shut your goddamn mouth!"

Loosing control, I closed the space between us in two big steps, my face half an inch from hers. "Why don't you try and fucking make me!"

"Whoa whoa!"yelled Bob and Ray as they ran over to separate us. I had never hit a girl in my life, nor did I ever want to, but this one was driving me insane when I was already a nervous wreck.

Bob dragged Kat out of the room, ignoring her shouts of anger.

Aileen looked at Ray and me worriedly, while he simply shook his head.

I walked back over to Gerard, just to keep him company even though he wouldn't know it. My eyes widened in shock as I realized that the deep cut that he had on one of his eyebrows had disappeared. Not only that, his lip had almost gone back done to its normal size. I quickly took the washcloth off his face and saw that the eye that had been swollen only a few minutes ago, was now totally back to normal.

"What the hell?!" I whispered to no one in particular.

"We told you, man. Just leave him alone and he'll be fine. He can take care of himself," Ray told me knowingly.

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Is that one of his powers? He can heal?"

Ray nodded.

I turned back to Gerard and lifted his shirt. No wounds. Not a single scratch on him. Nothing.

"Hey..." said a weak voice, "trying to take advantage of me while I'm unconscious or something?"

I looked up at Gerard's face to see him smiling at me weakly. His whole face had recovered entirely, just like the rest of his body.

I gaped at him, half smiling, caught between happiness and surprise. Gerard laughed as he noticed this, his green eyes twinkling at me. I hadn't seen him smile so sincerely since we had met in the cemetery.

Without wanting to, I found myself smiling back at him. I felt like jumping for joy and hugging him at the same time. I had never felt so relieved in my whole life, and it was because of someone I hardly knew yet felt connected to.

This chapter was "oh my god" and then "yay" and then "aww." Hope you enjoyed it, I think its cute.

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