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Inspired by the novel "A Wrinkle in Time".

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Title: Dreamrider
Author: Cerasi J.
Rating: G
Summary: Inspired by the novel "A Wrinkle in Time".
Archive: FicWad, FictionPress, FanFiction Online


This poem goes out to Ted and Darrell, whom both I miss very much, and are both watching me from Heaven.

Ted, It's not that book I promised to write you, but it's as close as I can get.

And Darrell, we all miss you dearly, we wish we could have visited with you one last time.
We love you.


That is what I am
Surfing the misty parts of my mind
For bits
And pieces of broken memories

One by one
I pick up the scattered fantasies
Drifting to sleep under the big oak tree

My mind weaves great pictures of far away places and people
Flowing as smooth as silk
New born skin
These dreams within
Set me free
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