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You've Done It This Time Gerard

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Chapter 60-

I stood still in the doorway in utter shock.

In font of my own eyes was Kara straddling Gerard with her tongue down his throat.

Kara turned her head slightly, and by the smirk on her face, I could tell that she had seen me.

Kara roughly grinded against Gerard; causing her to moan, and for him to groan.

I turned around quickly, snapping out of my gaze, and slammed the door shut behind me.

I saw Mikey poke his head out of his bedroom.

“Is it okay to go in there? I need to ask him something.” Mikey asked.

“No! He’s too busy in there being fucked by his whore!” I screamed as I walked quickly down the stairs.

I said a quick but polite goodbye to Mrs. Way before running out the front door.

I had walked half way up the driveway when I heard the front door slam shut and Gerard call my name.

I quickened my pace, not bothering to look back behind me.

“Rachel, wait.” Gerard called out.

Suddenly, I felt a pair of hands grip my shoulders and stop me.

Gerard walked around me so he could see my face.

“Rachel, let me explain.” Gerard said, out of breath slightly.

“Let you explain for what? There’s nothing to explain!” I said loudly.

I pushed Gerard aside and continued walking.

“It’s not what it looks like!” Gerard shouted.

“Then what is it Gerard?” I said sarcastically, slowing my pace before turning around.

Gerard remained silent.

“I come here, to straighten things out with and actually apologize for snapping at you. Since you’ve been ignoring me practically the whole fucking day, and I get greeted by this?!.” I explained hurtfully.

Gerard still remained silent.

“I know what I saw Gerard.” I sighed and turned again.

“Rachel please.” Gerard begged, running to me.

“I didn’t mean to…” Gerard trailed off.

“What, you didn’t mean to get caught? Just save it Gerard.” I said.

“She forced herself on me.” Gerard said.

“And you were doing a fantastic job of pushing her off.” I said sarcastically.

“Why the hell was she here for anyway?” I asked.

“She just, came. I had no idea she was coming, and why.” Gerard answered in a pleading tone.

“Look at you Gerard.” I sighed.

“You’re nearly hard.” I sighed.

Gerard looked down at the slight bulge in his pants.

“Yeah, try and explain THAT one.” I said before I started to turn again.

“Gerard, I’m going to go now. I told my Dad I wouldn’t be gone for long…” Kara said, walking up to Gerard and searching for something in her handbag.

I stopped and turned around once again.

Just like I thought, the Queen of all Skanks was standing in front of Gerard.

She leant in towards Gerard’s face, but stopped suddenly.

“Nice to see you again Rachel.” Kara said sweetly.

The fucking bitch. This is what she meant by ‘demonstration’ shit.

“Why are you leaving so soon?” Kara asked innocently.

I closed my eyes and fought every temptation that was telling me to bash her head in right now.

I could just turn away, and ignore it all… But that would make her think she had gotten away with this. Hmm… What to do…

Kara leant in and kissed Gerard on the cheek before giggling and wiping off the lip-gloss mark she had left on his cheek.

Oh hell no!

Screw it; she’s going down!

“Kara. What the fuck are you trying to do?” I sighed.

“Nothing? Where would you get a silly thing like that in your head?” Kara said innocently.

“You know damn well what I am fucking talking about. But you’re playing the ‘innocent Kara’ card just because Gerard is here.” I said smartly.

“All I’ve been is friendly. And I have absolutely no idea what you are going on about Rachel.” Kara said in a fake shocked tone.

“You mean friendly by sticking your tongue down his throat?” I said in a ‘matter-of-fact’ way.

“I don’t know what you mean.” Kara said awkwardly.

Urge to kill, rising…

“I think you know what I mean Kara… I know you saw me…” I said, taking slow, small steps toward Kara.

“Now you’re just talking crap.” Kara said.

“Oh really?” I asked.

I turned and looked at Gerard.

I noticed a small hickey that had formed on his neck, and I know sure as hell I didn’t put it there.

I quickly turned my head to look at Kara and shoved her to the ground.

“You know what? I’ll be fair… Since you hardly got a shot at me last time, I’ll let you have a free one now.” I said, bending down slightly.

Kara stumbled to her feet.

“Come on, hit me.” I said in a daring voice.

“Rachel, don’t.” Gerard warned.

“You better keep your distance boy or I’ll make sure you never use that dick of yours again.” I threatened, not looking at him.

Kara lunged forward and threw me to the ground.

Without ease, I rolled over so I was on top.

I caught both of her wrists in my hand and roughly held onto them.

“If I ever see you near Gerard again… I will break your fucking legs.” I hissed.

“Go to hell bitch.” Kara spat before taking me off guard and flipping me on my back.

I heard yelling from not that far away.

Kara pinned me down and took a hold of my face with her hands.

“Your just jealous because you know deep down Gerard doesn’t want you… You know he wants me, you know he needs me.” Kara said lowly in my ear.

I struggled against her.

“You know every time he’s on top of you, thrusting in and out wildly, he’s really imagining that’s me that’s moaning his name.” Kara added evilly.

“You pretend all these things never happen, you try to ignore them, and bury them… But you know deep down that it’s there. You can’t hide from it Rachel, it’s the truth and you know it.” Kara said evilly.

“Told you I’d show you.” Kara grinned like the son-of-a-bitch she is before I gained control and roughly twisted her arm.

I was just about to throw her into a near by tree when Mikey tore me away from her.

Mikey picked me up and threw me over his shoulder before I could do anything.

“Mikey! What the fuck are you doing?!” I screamed.

“I’m not letting you kill each other.” Mikey said angrily.

“If it’s anyone I’m going to be killing, it’s Gerard!” I shouted.

“Put me down Mikey!” I screamed, struggling to get free.

“No Rachel! Shut up!” Mikey screamed.

Mikey opened the door violently, and placed me roughly in the couch.

“You’ve got to stop this shit where all you do is threaten Kara.” Mikey sighed.

“I do it purely on self defense!” I defended.

“I’m sure you do.” Mikey muttered.

Gerard then angrily walked through the door and slammed it shut.

“Will you kids be more careful with that door?! It’s going to come off its hinges one day!” Donna yelled from the kitchen.

“Oh and Rachel… I shouldn’t be encouraging violence, because it’s wrong and you shouldn’t do it… But I sure hope you hurt her.” Donna said loudly, walking into the living room.

“And Mikey, thank you for stopping Rachel and pulling her away. If you didn’t, well, who knows what could’ve happened… And Gerard, well, we’ll talk about you later…” Donna said before disappearing into the kitchen again.

“Stay out of this Ma.” Gerard muttered.

“Your Mum really doesn’t like Kara does she?” I asked, looking at Mikey.

“Nope. Hates her guts.” Mikey replied.

“Mikey, can I talk to Rachel for a minute?” Gerard asked quietly.

“There’s no point of trying Gerard, cause I’m not talking to you…” I said, avoiding looking at Gerard.

“Will you please at least just hear my side of the story?!” Gerard said hysterically.

“What other side is there Gerard?! There’s no other side!” I said loudly, standing up.

“Just please.” Gerard pleaded.

“No Gerard. I’m leaving.” I said simply.

“Oh, REAL mature!” Gerard said sarcastically.

“Oh, and you think ignoring your girlfriend all day just because she told you to stay out of something that didn’t concern you and sneaking behind your her back and hooking up with your ex is mature Gerard?” I asked smartly.

“I didn’t sneak behind your back, and I didn’t hook up with her.” Gerard yelled.

“Well it sure looked like it to me!” I screamed.

I saw Mikey slowly, and sneakily walk up the stairs.

“Do you really think I need this shit right now Gerard? I mean, cause I haven’t gotten enough fucking things to worry about.” I sighed.

Gerard looked down.

“There’s no way you couldn’t have wanted that at all. Even just a tiny bit.” I said.

“How?” Gerard asked loudly.

“She was straddling, kissing and feeling you. There’s no way she could do all that without you wanting it.” I pointed out.

“Rachel, my Mum’s right there.” Gerard mumbled, slightly turning red.

I looked back; Donna was standing in the doorway, drying a glass bowl.

“Don’t worry, she’s seen you do worse.” I smiled sweetly.

“And when she rubbed up against you, and you groaned… Come on Gerard, stop screwing around.” I fake laughed.

“You can think what you want Rachel, but I know what’s true.” Gerard said.

“Well good… Cause Kara can have you, I don’t give a fuck anymore…” I said, walking to the door and opening it before walking out.

“You’ve done it this time Gerard.” Donna sang as she turned to walk into the kitchen again.
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