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The leader of the pack falls in love with her comrade Vince Neil.

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Their the teens of America.
Always getting in trouble,
Sex, Drugs N' rock N Roll, and most of all...
They were a gang.

KC Lee, the female leader of the gang. Rarely had time for feelings and hates it when men try to flirt with her, she also has a hating for Nikki(in the other gang), but LOVES hanging with Mick. Also KC hangs around with Vince alot, they invade couples making out, terrorise middle aged women with rats.
Tommy, Mick, Chloe and Jennie go to the Whiskey alot and get hammered.
Becke just hangs with KC.

Here is the gang:
KC Lee
Vince Neil
duff McKagan
Tommy Lee
Mick Mars
Rebecca Macken
Chloe Saunders
Jennie Robertson
I used my 3 best friends names and changed 2 last names so they don't go mad - lol

Lawless gang: main gang's enemies
Blackie Lawless
C.C DeVille
Nikki Sixx
Billie Foster(1 of KC's worst enemies)
Steven Adler
Steven Tyler
Joe Perry
Dave Mustaine

That's all the guys for now - might think of more for later addition.


K.C and Becke walked around the Strip, bored.

"We need to find other stuff to do ya kno" Becke said,
"yeah...if this was the Wild West we'be shooting Lawless...but then it'll get boring once they're dead...just think they're the ones we have fun with, considering it's boring without them" Kerry pointed out.

"I agree oh and speak of the Devil, there's Mr Mustaine approaching us" Becke warned,

"No trouble at all, he doesn't scare me, I'm over that phase of terrorization" KC shrugged,

"Hello Ladies" Dave greeted,
"Hi sexy" KC flirted.
"Lost are we?" He questioned suspiciously,

"Nah, we're just walking round as it's shite, so boring round here at times" Becke shivered,

"So maybe tonight we aint looking for trouble or we could be, who knows?" KC said.

"Oh yeah, fiesty KC aren't we?"
"You bet"

"Wait a minute, I thought we were enemies?" Becke asked confused,

"We do this all the time" KC and Dave said at the same time,


Nikki Sixx approached.

"You may not be trouble, but we are" Nikki smirked while he pushed KC over.

KC shot back up and stared at him coldly.

"Then again, maybe we are" KC said coldly.

Adrenaline rushed through Becke's veins.
Blackie, Billie, Steven, Steven Tyler, Joe and C.C; joined Dave and Nikki.

KC wasn't scared, but deep down she was.
"So it's little KC Lee and Rebecca" Blackie snarled,
"Shut up we're jus passing" KC hissed.

KC grabbed Becke's arm and as she was dragging her away; Dave knocked them both over.
KC Immediately turned round attempting to deck Dave.
Blackie pulled her towards him and had a hold of her by the back of her waist. He passed her to Nikki, while he got Becke.

KC was strong, but her against a group of more than 4 was impossible.

Nikki had a hold of her, she struggled to get loose and failed miserably.
The only hope she had was the others, and she didn't know where they were.

Becke hated violence, she experienced it as a child; getting attacked all the time. She was terrified; wondering how many ways Blackie will torture and kill her.

Blackie pushed Becke down onto his bed "STAY THERE!" he made sure his window was locked and left without forgetting to lock the door.
Becke burst out crying, still afraid, she wanted to see if KC was ok.

KC laid there on Nikki's bed, staring at the ceiling.
It occured to her that she likes Vince; he's the only person (other than becke) she is worried about and misses.

VINCE: What babe?
KC: Can I hang with ya? I'm on my own usual. My parents are arguing and stuff
Vince: don't you mean tonight?
KC: yeah, its 11pm
Vince: I'll come to your window in a min, I'm not having ya walk yourself at this time
KC: ok, luv ya!
Vince: luv ya! Cya in a mo!
KC pulled her duffelbag out, she started packing her fave stuff into it. As she was picking up her picture of Vince and herself; a noise startled her. Vince himself half in half out the window.

"Vinny!" she flung herself into his arms.

"You're comin' with me babe, you're parents are too violent for ya, you're dad hits your mom, no doubt you next"
She walked towards the window.

As she did, she heard her dad's voice "KERRY!"

"C'mon!" Vince pulled her, he led her across the bricks, only holding onto the white fencing.
The fencing snapped and KC fell, she caught ahold of the next part of fencing, and Vince had her other arm.

Vince lowered her down and took her duffelbag for her.
Her dad ran out the house raging,
KC: fuck off!
Vince: that's my girl

Later KC and Vince formed a gang, they'll be known as rockers (they couldn't think of anything else)
Of course every gang has its enemies: The Lawless gang.
KC: try this!
KC spray painted all over the Lawless' van.

Blackie: BITCH!
Nikki: what the?! MY VAN!!!!
{End of flashback}

"Finally I have little KC away from those men" Nikki smirked,
"piss off!"

"you're a fiesty one aren't ya? Well I guess Vince has ya well trained"

"Will ya stop going on about Vince" KC sighed frustrated.

"Well Tommy then"


"Ok, so you're staying there for a while, This kidnapping idea is fun. This'll get em ere for a finalle"

"Nikki can I ask, why the fuck are you doing this? We WERE CHILDHOOD FRIENDS FOR FUCK SAKE!"

"I Dunno, peer pressure I guess" Nikki said, sitting down next to her.

K.C scooted away from him "get away from me!"

Nikki was so saddened he'd realized what he'd done, here comes the words she never thought she'd hear Nikki Sixx say "I'm sorry"
The words really did her in. So she opened her arms and embraced him.

~Nikki's POV~
(This isn't from the Heroin Diaries) Diary entry
I shot up again, big time. When the hell am I gonna stop this madness? And she seen me do it. I was so strung out though, I didn't notice her grab my shotgun and shoot the lock off. I came to when she was already down the corridor aiming the Gun at Blackie.
She ended up going into Blackie's room and getting that other girl Beth or whatever her name is.
They ran out the house and off they were.
I never got my gun back...damn and Blackie is major pissed at me, well besides being strung out, I just let her go. She's beautiful, I'm in love with her, yeah so what? Urgh I better go, that stupid bitch Vanity is at the door. Better get ready to go home,back to Van Nuys.

Okay I look like an idiot running down the street holding a fuckin' shotgun!!!
Becke hid it inside her long coat, just as well she had that on.
I stoppped and hailed a cab, whilst gasping for breath.
"We didn't run far.." Becke trailed off, "Well in school you ran alot especially in Fitness class and you did Dance for your GCSE's!!! I Skipped gym class on my 1st two years of high and then finally started in third and we didn't do a lot! And face it I might not be fat but I'm unfit" KC said in one breath.
"Oh sorry"
"Where to?" The cab driver asked,
"Umm...The Whiskey" Becke answered.

KC pulled out money from her back pocket, she had around $10, she paid the driver when they got out and immediately she went to a late night corner shop ordering a bottle of Vimto. She stumbled over the drunken frizzy haired dude just sitting there leaning against the wall. My - he looked hot.

"Dude?KC nudged him with her foot, he groaned muttering about people disturbing his peace, he stopped however when he seen this brunette stand over him, "There's a gang over there, they might rob you or something, you're best off comin' with us or by the way,I'm KC, who are you?"
"Name's Slash"
"I think I know you, you're in GNR! One of my new fave bands on the strip" KC smiled at him, he drunkenly smiled back, which couldn't really be seen with the lack of hair covering his face.
He made sure he picked up his Jack Daniels, "Gotta make sure I have this" he stumbled a little.
Becke tapped her on the shoulder, "KC, I think we should run..."
The gang was walking towards them.
Slash was ready to rumble, but he was too drunk to fight, so KC had to get him outta there, basically they were gonna DIE!
"Slash we gotta run!" she yanked his arm. Slash relectantly ran with them. They sped down the alleyway and eventually found the Whisky. KC led Slash over the place, he felt the Jack in his system ready to come up. KC left Becke to walk over to the rest of the gang, while she dealt with Slash. She pushed him into the bathroom, in there she spotted Vince with a waitress.
'I'll deal with him later' she thought, she dunked Slash's head slightly into the toilet and held his hair back.
Vince obviously scooted the chick out, so he can try and sort things out with KC.
"KC, listen I'm sor-" Vince stumbled over his own words,
"Save it Wharton! Becke and I were just taken by BLackie and I took Nikki's shotgun and now they're after us and I met Slash and some gang are fuckin' after us, so Vince I'm really not in the slightest mood to hear your apologies, now go fuck the hooker" she said in one breath.
Vince gave up and stormed out.
Slash pulled his head out,
"You ok?" she asked sympathetically,
"Yeah, thanks."
She hugged him, "Are you comin' back out, staying here or goin' home?"
"Umm...I'll come back out" he said.
KC helped him up, just as she was about to say something, the whole bar went silent and a couple of loud voices could be heard. "Now can someone tell me where the fuck they are?!"
KC held onto Slash, "Becke's out there! What if?!"
"Umm...hopefully she'll be okay...if you want I'll go get her?"
"Slash they can recognise you a mile away with your hair!!!"
"I'll do it, I have Nikki Sixx's shotgun anyway...well Becke does"
"I'll come with you"
"Oh alright, just don't get in the way, stand in the shadows, they'll probably check in here anyway" KC sighed.

They walked out, past that waitress who had her arms around Rikki Rockett...slut (she's using Rikki now),
Tommy was at the table with Mick and Chloe.
Duff and Jennie were at the table next to them. Becke was next to an upset looking Vince - standing against the jukebox.
"Damn that's across the room and Vince is with her" KC muttered.
She started to slowly walk round, in the shadows.
Meanwhile the guy was at the till, a frightened waitress having to hand him cash. Another Waitress pressed the silent emergency button.
KC aknowledged Slash to stop while the gang turned their attention to some helpless groupie.
The groupie was scared shitless, she didn't know what to do.
KC continued against the wall.
"Psst, Becke" she whispered.
Becke quickly turned round and threw the shotgun into KC's arms. She cocked the gun and aimed it at the guy who had his arm around the groupies waist,
She did the attention whistle
"I don't think you should be doin' that...hand over the girl"
The girl looked around seventeen, she was that terrified she was so frozen to move.
"Don't come near, or I'll kill her" The guy put a knife to her throat. KC rolled her eyes, "If you try or do so, then I'll shoot your comrades" She aimed it at waht looked like the Rookie of the group. "Well I'll shoot her, if you shoot anyone of mine"
"I'll shoot him, if you shoot anyone in this room including her...So I guess we're even" KC smirked.
A guy started shooting at her. KC rolled over, taking a table with her. She used the table as a shield.
Everyone was running around screaming. They all hid at parts of the room. Vince jumped down the side of the table next to KC and dodging a bullet.
"Vince there's no time for this discussion!"
"I know...hand me that"
She handed him the shotgun reluctantly and he fired at one of the men. He fell yelling about his leg. A kid with strawberry blondish hair ran in the way of the shooting, he dived down by a table and pulled out a switchblade knife, he stabbed one of the guy who chased him.
KC dragged him down next to her.
"Kid, what the hell you doin? You could've died and got shot by those dicks or this one here" she meant Vince.
Vince glared at her playfully.
"Well this dick was chasing me across the place and I stabbed him"
"Ok, now just stay here...what's your name anyway?" She asked as Vince kept firing back.
One of the guys dropped down dead, the kid ran over and grabbed it, another guy dropped his so he took that too and handed one to KC,
"Don't do that again...and thanks"
"Oh the name's Sebastian Bach"
"Cool, I thought you were Axl, you know that kid in Guns N Roses?"
"Yeah, well it's the hair" he smiled.
KC fired at one of the guys, he fell over and tried getting back up.
Vince fired the shotgun at the guy who robbed the whisky. The waitress snatched the sack off him and hid under the bar with it.
"You know I'm gonna be a star someday, I wished it and half's comin true" Sabastian told her.
(And he was right when he formed Skid Row - more on that later).
"Be careful what you wish for, and who knows you might make it, what's your band called?"
"Skid Row, I'm the vocalist".
"Sweet I gotta come to a show sometime".
The cops EVENTUALLY arrived and arrested the remaining survivors of the gang and the dead ones were taken away. The police questioned KC, Vince, Sebastian, Slash and witnesses. The good thing was KC, Vince and Sebastian didn't go to jail as it was applied as 'Self Defense'.
'Vince and I are not together, but why was I shouting at him when he was with that waitress?' KC wondered.
Vince had his arm round her
"Well what a night, I think we should call it a night"
"The bad thing is Tommy didn't get shot" Mick mumbled,
"Aw doll! You're a sweetheart" Chloe kissed him.
Tommy was following behind "I want my Terror Twin back" he sobbed.
"I think we will get him...before ya'll ask...looooong story"
"Okies...we won't bother" Mick said cheerfully.
When they got back to the Motley House, KC stood up with Slash.
"What do ya's all say about Slash here joining?"
"Fuckin A! My best bud joining" Duff smiled.
"OH NO!" Jennie shock her head.
"That's a yes" KC said.
"That fuckin' rocks guys, now I need to pass out somewhere..." Slash trailed off.
"Nope, you'll piss the bed, firstly the john" Duff pushed him into the bathroom.

Nikki Sixx
Diary entry from Heroin Diaries
Van Nuys 3.15 a.m
It's pouring rain outside. I'm alone again, sitting here with this one pen in my hand, trying to no reach for my dope. I can't stop I'm so strung out and I can't get off...I don't think I will ever be off drugs. I think this is my purpose in life. I'm gonna be the guy who had it all and lost it all 'cause he couldn't stop-or just another dead rockstar.

The rain is making a beautiful rhythm on the roof. It's hypnotising. Sitting here reminds me of when I was a kid, laying in bed, listening to the rain, wondering where my mom was, or if she was even coming home. I feel the sorrow still, it stings.

Everybody thinks I'm so tough as nails. If only they knew.

KC woke up to the sound of stuff getting thrown across the room.
Of Course she was on the floor behind the couch for some reason, Vince was passed out on the couch, everyone else was all around the room and Slash was no where to be seen.
She peeked from behind the couch and noticed Dave, C.C and Blackie across the room searching through all the furniture.
She was so confused, she sat there and watched them. Nikki walked into the room, one is passed out in the bathroom, and Billie is searching KC's room, she just got here".
"Ok Sixx, now you try and get Vince, Tommy and KC into the Van, and then we'll go and pay a visit to Mick".
KC's eyes widened, she realized someone was lying next to her.
She quickly closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep, as Nikki picked Vince up.
Billie entered the room, she kissed Blackie and asked what to do next, Blackie informed her to search KC.
KC pushed her wallet under the couch.

Billie searched through her pockets, hoping for something suspicious and just as she was about to pull KC's letter to Vince out, KC swung at her.
Billie hit the floor with a thud, KC grabbed her wallet and started hunting for the shotgun, Blackie aimed a handgun at her.
"Oh please" she mumbled.

"Sit" he informed her.
KC however didn't do as she was told, she ducked behind the couch.
Blackie started firing, this woke everyone up.
Nikki arrived just as Blackie ordered him to get Tommy.

Nikki's POV
'Tommy's my best friend, same with Vince, why's he wanting me to get my band? Oh shit, I better get in there and help KC.Wait I can't!! Nah I'll do it!'
"Fuck you!" I whipped out a beretta (handgun) that Dave gave me last night.
I ducked down next to KC who is looking terrified having three people shoot at her.
"Don't worry, I'm here for you" I informed her with my famous smirk.

Third person POV
They fired at each other for what seemed like five minutes until Dave got shot on the arm.
KC stuck her upper body out and started firing at Blackie's direction, just as she aimed at Blackie, Billie shot her on the torso.
"KC!" Nikki cried as she hit the floor.
He took the shotgun and sirens could be heard in the background.
Nikki wanted revenge.
The Lawless gang were off. Nikki smirked at the thought of Vince and Tommy waking up in the closet.

KC sobbed, "Where's Vince?!"
"In the closet with T-Bone, don't worry everything's gonna be fine, Duff will you watch her while I get Vince?"


Seconds later Nikki emerged with a worried looking Vince.
"Vin, I shot Dave, I'm so fuckin happy",
"Knock Em Dead Kid!"
The others were at the window.
"Vin, Am I gonna die?!" KC cried into his shirt.
"Of course not, you're just hurt, the Dr's will repair that in no time" Vince smiled weakly.
He was worried about her, deeply, well we all know folks, Vince is in love with her. And Vice Versa.

KC pulled him down for a kiss.
"Can you Kiss me before I die?" She asked.
Tears poured out his eyes, "for the last time, you're not gonna die" he said as their lips parted. Vince kissed her deeply. KC stuck her tongue in his mouth. They got distracted however when Nikki pushed them apart.
"Nikki I'm dying!!!" KC shouted.
"No you're not!" he snapped back.

KC's eyes shot open, she hoped that what happened wasn't a dream. She turned her head to the side and seen Vince sleeping peacefully.
She smiled and picked up the phone, she dialed in Tommy's number, "Hey T-bone!"
"OHH Miss trouble, where you and Vinny boy been?! Huh?"
"When you comin home?"
"When Vin wakes up..."
"NIKKI!!!! NIKKI!!!! KC N VIN FUCKED!" Tommy practically shouted and could be heard miles away.
Vince woke up, "Tommy I guess..."
KC giggled, "Tom Lee! You're dead dude!"
"For Years, I thought I was seriously..."
"Smartass!" KC laughed.
Vince was getting ready, "Where are my jeans?"
"Oh um...didn't you like strip when you were like in the shower or somethin...?" KC trailed off.
"Oh okay".
"I wanna put some music on" KC wined. She switched the radio on and Motorhead were playing.
"WOO! So Tom What you up to?"
"Just layin and playin' you? Same I pressume....oh Nikki just there...OH NIKKI!!!"
"Thomas Lee Bass! Don't you dare have an orgasm down the phone!!!"
"Sorry.... but hey you checked him out, he's STUNNING OH I CAN'T WAIT 'TIL VALENTINE'S DAY, WE'RE GONNA GET MARRIED!"
KC couldn't stop laughing, "I gotta go now...cya later"
"have fun!"
"Will do, Bye hon"
Vince smiled, "I guess I heard everything"
"Yeah Tommy's a sicko...lets get going...oh I need to get dressed first...I'll just shower tonight"
KC found her clothes, they were everywhere. Her t-shirt was on the lamp, her pants were in the bathroom and her underwear were under the bed.
"Okay...weird places...what have we been drinking?" she wondered.
Vince laughed, "Lets go!"
They signed out and off they went out to the mall.

Storm gazed up at her dad, "Who's that?"
"It sure isn't any of the kids...Brandi Or Donna would've called me and knocked on the door".
"It's not Mom and Vin either?" Storm asked suspiciously,
"They just left ten minutes ago" Nikki pointed out.
"Wait here..." Nikki told Storm. "And hide under your bed" he warned.
"Ok dad" Storm hugged him and he started wandering the house.
It was quiet...well he did hear voices from the living room...something that haunted him years ago...Lawless...
Well that's all he could remember before he was hit on the back of the head and passed out.

Back in time!
"Oh Vin, check that Motley tee out!" KC pulled him over to a Theatre of Pain cleavelege showing t-shirt. "I like that...I'm gonna buy it!" she informed.
"Nah, I'll buy it"
"Umm no, that's your money"
"Well it is the ban i'm in and you're showing support so the least I could do is buy you's only a few dollars and I have thousands" Vince smirked.
" win"
"What's you size?"
"OK...there we go" Vince handed her it.
KC smiled in delight, lets go to the leather pants!

Later when they arrived back to the Motley house, Nikki was sitting there with a happy looking Tommy.
"Tommy!" KC threw herself into his arms, "NIKKI!" she added and did the same.
"Where's the others?" Vince asked,
"Out for a drink" Tommy replied.
"Ok cool".

KC smiled, "Lets go get Booze!"
"OK...we'll be back T-Bone, tell the others if they return"
"Gotcha" Tommy replied.

When they headed out, KC linked to Vince, "You know last night...were we drunk? And if we were do you regret? Cos I don't..."
"Well...I don't neither...the truth is...I love you" Vince addmitted and continued walking.
" love you too" KC smiled.
"You know after everything that's happened...will you be my girlfriend?"
"Yeah of course!"

They continued over to the shop, KC enetered and immediately strolled over to the booze, she picked up a bottle of JD, Vince picked up some Vodka and another Jack. When they got to the point of paying, KC ran over and grabbed another two bottles of Jack.
She smiled innocently at Vince and got her credit card out, she smirked and swiped it, entering her pin.
"I could've paid for 'em!" Vince protested.
"It's's me who requested them" KC said.

They exit the shop and turned the corner, Vince noticed something in the distance...a shadow.
"What is it?" KC asked,
"This street is empty KC so I think it might be Blackie" Vince warned, "Don't go that way! Come this way!" Vince pushed her down an alleyway.
"C'mon we gotta run!" Vince grabbed her free hand, he took her bag of Vodka, whilst she held the other bag with two Jack's in it.
They ran all the way back to the apartment.
Slash was sitting there with Duff, Becke, Jennie, Chloe, Mick, Tommy and Nikki.
"We're off back home!" Mick said joyfully pulling Chloe along with him.
"If you want sex have it in there, you know because Lawless' are prowling outside" KC warned.
"Well we'll go to Nikki's old room then..." Chloe trailed off and out they went.
"Right everyone we gotta arm ourselves incase they like ambush us or something" Vince said.
"Nikki Can I use your shotgun?" KC asked innocently.

"I wanna use your shotgun though!" KC whined.
"NO! Well...are yu any good with it? Like do you hi walls instead of the target?"
"Well yeah!"
"Okay...don't break it or blow Vince's head off"
"Hey! Just cos I'm a girl, doesn't mean I dunno how to shoot" KC snapped.
Nikki handed her the shotgun, "Ok so when one of the Lawless' walk in you just shoot 'em!"
Duff was just about to light up a cig, "Duff wait!"
KC smelled gas...
"Ok, everyone grab valuables fast!!!" KC demanded.
"Why?" Duff asked stupidly,
KC rolled her eyes "just don't do anything and that includes you and your little cigarette"
"Okay..." Duff ran over to his record player.
The guys, Becke and Jennie ran over to KC, "Now what?" Nikki asked.
KC noticed a movement in the corner of her eye, "GET MICK AND CHLOE NOW!!! AND GET THE FUCK OUT QUICK!! THIS PLACE IS GONNA BLOW!"

Nikki pushed everyone out the Motley house, KC kicked open Nikki's door and Chloe shoved her clothes on, Mick quickly zipped up his pants and was just putting on his t-shirt as he was pushed out the house. Steven and Joe could be seen diving out the side window.
"Away from the house!" Vince pushed the gang away.
It was like a scene out of Die Hard or something when they did the jump during the explosion.

"Umm...are we all alive?" Tommy yelled.
"OW! My Ankle!!" Chloe screamed.
"Injured girl!" Tommy shouted, Nikki was sure the whole neighbour hood can hear him louder than the explosion.
Mick picked her up, "Where's that place where you are concieved and you die in, and it's demented and white? That place named a hospital!"
Vince rolled his eyes, "Lets just call a cab...who owns a cellphone?"
"Mine there" Jennie muttered.
"Here!" Nikki handed his.
After Vince made the call they sat at the sidewalk waiting.
Cops and Ambulances decided to show up instead.
"OKay...we better get over there, Mick take Chlo to the hospital and we'll all handle this" KC announced.

Storm heard a loud thud and shivered.
What if her dad was hurt? And they're gonna get her too?
'I'm gonna die!!!'
Someone entered the room quietly.
"Storm?" the voice called out sweetly, it was a woman's voice.
"Blackie, I dunno if she's here...or she might be hiding..."
Storm moved across the bed a little, she wanted to run, but she couldn't leave her dad.
Hysterically shaking Storm just tried to sit still, it was a bit hard to do so. Blackie explored the room, he checked in the bathroom, as it's an en-suite.
The mysterious woman started lifting the sheet, this scene reminded Storm of that scene in Matilda, (she used to watch it when she was younger).
Storm crawled over to the side of the bed which is nearest to the door, the woman lifted the sheet as Storm lifted herself out from under the bed, she ran out the door. She found her dad lying on the floor. She shaked him to wake him. "Dad! I'm gonna die here, I need you to wake up! I'm gonna die!" Nikki groggily muttered something and realized the situation his daughter and himself were in. He stood up and lifted his daughter up bridal style. Fourteen year old Storm went along with it, "Front Door!!" Nikki couldn't even open his own front door.
"Dad I'll go this way, you go that way and I'll get my keys, they're in the ktichen!" Storm jumped out his arms and ran.
"STORM!!" Nikki ran in the other direction to the dinning room.

Storm stumbled over broken furniture in the kitchen. She picked up her keys from the top of the fridge and made a runner into the living room where Dave Mustaine and Blackie Lawless sat.
Storm made a u-turn but was yanked back by Dave, "Let go of me!!! I LIKE MEGADETH!!!" She smashed the glass of the shelf and pulled out her dad's apollo 13 lunchbox (yes he still has it, he said in an interview the other day).
She swung it, smashing it into Blackie and Dave.
Running out the room she bumped into her dad, she accidently hit him with the lunchbox.
"Sorry!!!! ARGH fuc!!"
Nikki nursed his face.
Storm unlocked the door and as she was just opening it, someone decked her. "You're not going anywhere you stupid little punk!" That woman sneered.
"Billie!" Blackie ran in.

Storm nursed her face, "You fuckin' hit my daughter?!" Nikki decked Billie. Blackie went after Nikki and while they were fist fighting Storm called Vince and her mom.
"Vin! Can you come and get me"
"WHy what happened?!"
"Blackie Lawless and Dave Mustaine attacked me and dad".

Mick paid the cab and lifted Chloe up again. e carried her into the hospital, "You know to save cash, we could've gotten an ambulance!"
"Ah well, at least we're here!" Chloe shrugged.
Mick slammed his hand on the desk, "We just had a near death experience, well yeah? My bandmates apartment blew up and we were inside, luckily we escaped and as we were doing what looked like a movie scene when we were jumping in the air away from it, Chloe here did something to her ankle, can you guys like fix it?!" Mick demanded.
"Sir, I'm sorry, you're going to have to wait like everybody else!" The receptionist snapped.
Mick pointed a finger at her, "Mick don't! I just wanna get fixed and get out!"
Mick guided her over to a chair. "Ahh! I wanna kill the Lawless'!" Chloe yelled.

Nikki and KC explained everything to the cops, "Yeah, well you kids caused the apartment to blow up!" the officer snapped at them.
"NO WE DIDN'T! IT'S OUR HOUSE, THE LAWLESS' DID IT! ARRREST THEM! NOT US!" The cops handcuffed Nikki and KC. "You two will be sharing a cold dark cell for a loooong time!" The cops said.
"You can't fuckin' arrest them!" Tommy protested.
"Well theyy're the main ones, of course we will!" the cops pushed them into a cop car.
KC sadly gazed out the window at Vince.
Around the corner Steven and Joe were laughing, the plan has worked!
"Lets go inform Blackie!" Joe suggested, "great idea!" Steven hi-fived him and off they went dancing with excitement into the darkness...

Nikki and KC were thrown into the cells for the night, well for now.
"You now if it wasn't for me! Some of them would've died!" KC shouted at the police officer who is locking them up.
"Shut up you stupid bitch" he snapped back at her.
"f-" KC was interrupted by the police officer whacking her with his stick, "I said shut up!"
"Don't you fuckin' touch her!" Nikki warned.
"What, you gonna kill me with your makeup box!"
Nikki clenched his fists. The cop guy exited the area,laughing with himself.
"he's a fuckin' prick!" KC mumbled, "We're not going to get outta here...might as well" Nikki made himself comfortable on the bottom bunk.
"I've never been in jail before.." KC trailed off,
"It's just like being grounded, but it can last for years and you have to piss in a bucket over there, you'll only get food twice a day or so" Nikki informed her.
"Okay...that's real bad"
"Yep, that's why it's bad, it's for bad people".
KC laid beside him, "You're my Jail boyfriend" she joked.
"You're my Jailbird!" Nikki hugged her arm. She smiled and sat up. As she heard footsteps,
"HEY BITCH! You're getting out!"
"This guy's bailed you out!"
Blackie emerged, "I don't wanna..." she trailed off, knowing that she can't go with Blackie. "I'm safer in this cell" she said coldly.
"Not you girly over there, just her" the cop said to Nikki, "But she's with me!" Nikki protested,
"Shut up!" the cop rolled his eyes.
"I'd rather stay here than go with him, he's the reason my apartment is nothing!" KC screamed.
"Ok...maybe you should just leave her" he cop handed the check back.
"As for you two, you both can make one call each" the let them out the cell.
KC went first she called Vince, " are we gonna get out?"
"I'm comin' don't worry! Jennie is dancing in the tropicana to get more cash to help bail you out and we're all gonna split in to get you both"
"Vince you don't have too...oh by the way Blackie tried bailing me out, and not Nikki"
Vince wondered why.
"I gotta go" KC hang up and handed the phone to Nikki.
He called Mick.

Mick's phone rang, he looked around at the nurses and patients just staring at him in the waiting room, "Hi it's E.T, what do ya want?"
"Mick we need help, KC and I are in jail, they think we blew up the house, and Blackie tried to bail only KC out for some reason! After Chloe will you come and bail us out?!"
"Yeah, yeah, yeah I got it! Sure!"
Mick hung up.
"CAN YOU HURRY UP! SHE'S IN PAIN AND WE NEED TO SAVE INNOCENT BEINGS FROM JAIL!" Mick shouted at the receptionist who just glared at him.
FINALLY Nurses attented to Chloe and they fixed her up.
"NO I DON'T WANNA BE KEPT IN FOR THE NIGHT, IT'S JUST AN ANKLE!I WANNA SAVE KC AND NIKKI FROM JAIL!" she hobbled across the room pulling Mick with her.

Jennie finished her dance and joined the rest of the gang after she got changed.
The manager gave her $100.
They hailed a cab to the police station and Jennie zoomed over to the desk, "Can I bail out KC Lee?!" she asked,
"Ok, that'll be $100 but lemme just see if she'll go with you, as she didn't with the other guy"

"FINALLY, HAD FUN AT THE STRIP BAR?!" Nikki yelled sarcastically,
"HEY!" Vince snapped.
"We bailed you out!"
"No you didn't bail him out, you bailed her out"
"Well I wanna Bail him out" Vince piped up.
"No, you're not allowed to do that"
"WHAT!" Vince shouted outraged.

KC was let out, she immediately embraced Jennie and Vince, "Thanks guys...what about Nikki?"

Later they stood utside hatching a plan to get Nikki out, "Jailbreak?"
"Nah they know his name and they might jail him for years or something" Vince said.
"Mick?" KC asked,
"Yeah he'll bail him out, now we'll just have to wait for him" Duff sat down on the sidewalk.
Shortly after Mick arrived, the others waited outside whilst Chloe hobbled in.

"Can you let my boyfriend Nikki Sixx out please? He was accused of blowing up his own apartment, I was inside and some other men did it, my brother had to take me to hospital cause I broke my ankle. Oh please officer let him go"
"Oh alright".
Nikki was released, Chloe wrapped her arms around him and acted sad. She handed the cop cash and left with him. The others were already in Tommy's van waiting.
"Where we gonna go?" Nikki asked.
Everyone looked at Mick with pleading eyes, "You can all stay at mine until you all get your own homes".
Chloe kissed him with apprieciation. "You're sweet!".

"Blackie Lawless and Dave Mustaine attacked me and dad".
She hung up as Dave Mustaine was chasing after her, she ran all the way around the hall way and upstairs. She hid in her dad's closet.
Dave searched for her, he checked her room and there was no sign of her.

Storm noticed her dad's closet looked about the same size as a small bedroom, she hid under piles of stuff. She heard dave enter the room and look around whilst cursing to himself.
She dug through her dad's stuff and found her old pellet gun and ammo, her dad took off her as it was dangerous for a thirteen year old to play with. So it's been lying there for about a year.
she aimed it at the door, when Dave entered she shot the whole round at him, and ran past him while he was yelling about his wounds and 'I'll get you'.

Stormran downstairs as she just witnessed her dad knocking Blackie out, "BLACKIE!" Billie came swungign at Nikki.
Nikki dodged and ran over to Storm, "Dad why are these guys here?!" she wanted an answer.
"I dunno and I'll have to tell the long fuckin story another time!" Nikki yelled.
He picked up Storm and carried her to the door where his face met with Vince's fist, "NIKKI! You told us they weren't coming back! And Storm's in danger!" Vince hauled at him and off they went fist fighting.
The weird thing was as KC stumbled in behind Vince, Van Halen - Jump, started. It was like a scene from Shaun of the Dead.
Storm raised a brow, "It's on random" Nikki practically answered her unspoken question.

Dave ran over to Storm, "AH! DUDE I'M LIKE A NUMBER 1 MEGADETH FAN!!! AND LIKE THE VOCALIST IS GOING TO KILL ME!" Storm cried out to no one in particular.
Nikki was trying to get Vince off him, but it was useless os instead he just whacked the softy off him.
"Get.Off.Me" he said sternly to Vince.
"Nikki you're a fuckin' asshole ya kno that! Fuck this shit again!" Vince whacked him again, "Stop being a fuckin softy!" Nikki screamed down Vince's ear.

"Right gang we gotta make a plan" KC pulled out a flipchart.
"Oh cool I never knew you had one of those!" Slash jumped for joy.
"Well yeah, we write plans on em!" KC said smartassed.
"Slash you better not piss yourself...again" Duff warned.

"Right we gotta infiltrate their apartment, and we kidnap the rookie who is...who is?"
"STEVEN!" Duff shouted. Everyone stared at him.
"Yeah Sherlock which one?"
"Adler...but he's in my band!"
"Well you'll get your drummer BACK then!" KC replied.
"End of plan" Nikki announced.
"That it?" Vince asked,
"Well yeah, we've done everything and there's nothing else we need to do!" KC pointed out.
"'ll be back shortly" Vince kissed her softly.
"Okay...where you going?"
"...For a Cocktail"
"More like a Bj" Jennie murmered.
"I heard that!" Vince remarked.

Vince wandered round to his favourite strip bar 'the seventh vail' he went inside and ordered cocktails and watched the show to keep his mind off things.

KC chilled with Nikki and Slash, the others were just setting up a strip - poker game.
"You three wanna play strip - poker?" Becke offered.
"yeah, why not?"
KC went over with Nikki and they sat next to each other in between Duff and Becke. Slash sat down next to Jennie.

Later Only Nikki, KC, Becke, and Tommy were the only ones left. (Mick's the dealer).
"Ok Becke take off your panties and have a straight shot of Jack, you're out!" Mick announced.
Becke did so and sat with the other naked ones, Slash was already the first out and the others slowly followed.
Only KC, Nikki and Tommy were left, Tommy just had his jeans on, Nikki was fully clothed and KC was fully clothes besides her hoodie.

"Tommy, you're out!" Mick informed him. Tommy got up, "Lets do the naked run!"
Everyone followed him besides Nikki, KC and Mick. They ran outside, around the block doing a nude run. Mick ran outside to watch the spectacular. Nikki and KC just sat there, "You're very pretty" Nikki admitted,
"Ditto to you" KC smirked.
Nikki came onto her and they staretd rolling around in a makeout session, she was so excited and turned on she pushed Nikki into the guest room and locked the door.
Nikki ran to the stereo and blared some Van Halen.
Then he pushed her on the bed...

KC woke up with the hugest fright,"FUCK!!!" she fell off the bed in the process.
"Well Good Morning to You!" Nikki buried himself in the duvet.
"What the fuck have I done?! I've cheated on Vin! The guy I love! FUCK!" She started wailing.
Nikki raised a brow, "What the fuck?..........OH!"
"TOMMY!!!!" She let out some muffled war cry of some sort.
Tommy entered and stared at her, then at Nikki. "....OH! C'mon I better get you some breakfast" he winked to Nikki.

"Help! KC's gone pyscho!" Tommy cried out to no one in particular.

Vince stumbled in hungover, "Where have you been?" Tommy asked confused.

"Where have you been?" Tommy asked suspiciously.
"Umm...I dunno?" Vince answered.
"What do ya mean you dunno?! You were gone for like the whole night?" Tommy yelled, "Cut it out! My ear!" Vince snapped.
"You've been drinking and you passed out somewhere! Haven't you Vince?!" Tommy knew what he was going on about, "and you got laid!" he added.
"GAH!!!! SAVE ME FROM THE..THE SNOWMEN!!!" KC randomly shouted out,
"It's November! Not Christmas!!" Tommy practically shouted over at her.
"DON'T YELL AT ALL TOMMY!" Vince screamed at him, "Well you're screaming" Tommy mumbled.
"SHut up! Now someone tell me why KC is on something?!"
Chloe ran in and examined her, "SHE TOOK HEROIN!"
"HEROIN?! OUT OF EVERYTHING...SEX, BOOZE, ROCK N ROLL, STRIPPING, DANCING...HEROIN!" Vince could probably be heard from China.
"It's nto like she's in lurrrrrrrrrvvvvvvvve with it or anything" Tommy mumbled on with himself.
"Well the world where I come from she's an adult and i'm nto a fuckin babysitting" Tommy argued.
"TOMMY WHAT AM I GONNA DO?!" she shaked him, "AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" she noticed Vince. "SAVE ME FROM THE PENGUINS!"
"There's no penguins babe" Tommy sat her down,
"Tommy, she slept with Nikki no wonder she's insane, well I guess when you're intoxicated you take Heroin, then fuck someone..." Jennie trailed off and noticed Vince. As she was in the room the whole time talking to Nikki.
"JENNIE!" Tommy rolled his eyes, "SON OF A BITCH! I'LL FUCKING KILL HIM! NIKKI YOU BETTER HOPE YOU'D SURVIVE TODAY!" Vince ran into the guest room.
Tommy took KC out the house, "We'll uh stay in a hotel until things calm down" he led her into his van and they drove off into the daylight.

"Can i have a room for two?" Tommy asked the receptionist,
"You have I.D?"
"What is this?! I'm Tommy Lee, the drummer of Motley Crue and I'm getting I.Dd!" Tommy yelled causing a scene.
"Sir I can't let you have a room"
"WHY?!" Tommy banged his fists on the desk outraged.
"Please Leave!"
A guy in some suit whispered something in her ear, "Oh Tommy Lee! Sorry would you like the en-suite for 2?"
"okay...let me just register you to that room" she then handed him the keys, "THANK YOU!" Tommy snapped.
KC trailed behind, "That was...funny".
"I get that bullshit all the time" Tommy shrugged, "lets call Mick".
After a phone convo with Mick he sat KC down, "The fucked-up-ness gone away?"
"MY HEAD!!!!"
"Okay...I'll get a wet towel for ya"
"Yeah one of those flannel things".
He closed the curtains and turned off the light, then he turned the lamp on.
He went into the bathroom and shortly emerged with a wet towel and a glass of water.
" that a tiny man with a gun...?" she pointed at the floor,
"No honey that's just Heroin getting to you"
"Heroin on the floor?"
"No Heroin inside you is making you see things that aren't there" Tommy pointed out.
"What about Becke?! Or whoever it is you're dating?" KC wondered about his girlfriend.
"Actually I'm dating Bullwinkle...but things aren't working out between us...she's a pyscho path and I'm single"

"Okay...are we like goin' home now..whereever it is?"
"Not yet babe, we'll let Vin and Nik sort it out"
"But aren't I involved or something?"
"Shh...just lay down and go to sleep. We'll go when we wake up" Tommy assured her.
"But what about the little men?!"
"Don't worry about it!" Tommy laid her down.
Tommy laid next to her watching her sleep, it occured to him he has a huge crush on her.
'Ok she's Vince's, or Nikki's. Cut it out dude!' his mind shouted at him.
He stroked her face and moved her hair away from her eyes.
The phone rang, he sighed and answered it, "Hello?"
"Mr Lee, a man down here wants to see you" that snobby receptionist informed him. "What's his name?" Tommy asked.
"he won't say, but he says it's an emergency" she said.
"Okay, I'll be right down". Tommy hung up.
He went over to the desk and the first thing he noticed was Steven Adler...'THE ROOKIE! JUST LIKE KC SAID IN THE PLAN! NOW I GOTTA GET HIM!' he smirked evily and approached.
Steven stood there acting smart,"your girlfriend is gone..sorry dude" Steven informed him.
Tommy turned to the receptionist, "Lemme sign out!"
He signed his name and grabbed Steven's shirt, "RIGHT DUDE YOU'RE COMIN WITH ME!"
"No! You're my idol, I'M SORRY! AH!" Steven panicked.
Tommy dragged him outside as he seen Blackie with KC over his shoulder, he dashed over to them but was too late as they got in Nikki's old van and drove off.
"FUCK!!!!" Tommy cried out and kicked the nearest wall.
He threw Steven into his van, "Dude I'm like sorry!" Tommy ignored him and sped off into the distance.

Vince was having a little fist fight with Nikki.
Nikki was trying to pull him off, but then he gave up and just fought back. "NIKKI, CAN'T YOU KEEP YOUR DICK TO YOURSELF AND STOP FUCKING MY CHICK AND MOST IMPORTANTLY GIVING HER HEROIN!"
Nikki decked him.
Tommy ran into the room dragging a Steven Adler with him, "MY...MY DRUMMER!" Duff embraced him.
Nikki and Vince continued fighting, "STOP FOR FUCK'S SAKE! KC'S BEEN KIDNAPPED AND YOU BOTH ARE FIGHTING! IF YOU START THINKIN ABOUT SAVING HER THEN MAYBE THAT'LL BE A GOOD FUCKIN HELP!" Tommy yelled and of course you could probably hear him from China.
"WE GOTA GATHER AND CREATE A PLAN!" Nikki shot up and ran into the living room, he went straight over to the flip chart and everyone gathered together.
"Ok Rockers, our leader has been kidnapped, but luckily we have kidnapped their Rookie, Steven , so half of our plan worked. Now we need to figure out a way to like get her without getting shot!" Nikki said in one breath.
"Why don't we go through tunnels?" Slash suggested,
"It's not mission impossible, but we can give it a shot" Becke nodded.
Vince, Nikki, Tommy, Mick, Chloe, Duff, Slash, Steven and Becke all turned their heads sharply at her.In shock.
"IS SHE?!" Nikki shouted.
"FUCK! She might have a miscarriage!" Chloe cried out.
"Or die!" Jennie added scared. "Sorry".
"Let me help!" Chloe got up and stood next to Nikki.
"As Duff said, we'll go through tunnels, now the only problem is where are they? Are they at their normal lair or somewhere else?!"

"Well we then have to snatch the Maiden and escort her fragily to safety!" Chloe announced.
Jennie raised her hand, "Why fragile?"
"Well she IS pregnant!"
" I was only joking!"
"Were you?!" Chloe froze, "I'm gonna fuckin' kill you!" she chased Jennie all the way around the room.
"Well we have to firstly find out where they are...Slash, Duff?"
"Yes Sir!" Duff saluted.
"Okay..." Nikki raised a Brow, "You and SLash will invade tunnels and head into theie place, just see if they're all there, You'll get walkie talkies and stuff to find out. Then you tell us, Vicne and I will lead the rest of the group out, then we'll get into positions around the house and then we'll secretly brake in. Lastly we'll rescue the damsel and blow their shit place up...VENGENCE!" Nikki raised his fist at the last setence.
"COOL! Lets go Slash!"
"Remember you can't be soon, for fuck sake if you are both seen then our plan with probably fail and we'll have to RE-PLAN! I'm not fuckin' doing that again!" Nikki warned.
"don't worry Sixx! We won't let ya down"
"Here's the walkie Talkies" Tommy handed them over.
"Good Luck!" Jennie kissed Duff lightlty on the lips.

"Where's the fuckin' tunnels?!" Duff's first words as he approached the Lawless' apartment.
"Maybe under the house?" Slash suggested.
"Nah, but workmen are doing work around here so we should be able to ya know...crawl".

KC opened her eyes a little, she felt unwell REALLY unwell.
She coughed, "Where's my breath going to?" she mumbled.
She could rarely remember what happened before she passed out, she remembered seeing a little man and Tommy, they were in a hotel and some snobby bitch.
She ended up vomiting into the toilet.
Yes she was locked in the bathroom.
'Why do I feel sick? And why can't I barely BREATHE...Heroin isn't this bad to you, it doesn't kill you on the spot. This is like smoking twenty cigs at the exact same time and choking to death!'
she couldn't feel her lungs. The Air didn't really feel good for her either.
She managed to stumble up, "VIN!" she coughed.
After a coughing fit, Dave opened the door, he's just been outside in the yard. And he comes in to find KC lying on the floor coughing to death.
"What's up?" he asked not really bothered.
"GET ME TO A FUCKIN cough HOSPITAL!" KC cried out.
Dave shouted Blackie, Blackie came running in and picked her up.
"I think there's a gas leakage or something in the kitchen below this room, everyone get out the house!"
"SHE'S FALLING ASLEEP!" Dave panicked.
"She won't die on me!"
He threw water on her, Billie came stumbling out with some skimpy suit on, "GET THE CAR!" Blackie yelled at her. She drove the car right up next to them, Blackie lifted KC in and off they drove to the hospital, Dave remained where he was watching the place wit Steven and Joe.
"Dude!" Joe walked over, "We don't wanna do this anymore, this sucks, we just wanna go and play rock n; roll again. Like the Aerosmith we were".
"Well Blackie's gonna kill ya both when he gets back!"
"Nah he won't we were good men, but we just don't wanna do this shit anymore, we're fed up" Steven told him and off they went back to their homes and wives.
Duff and Slash watched the whole spectactle from across the road.
"Sixx, this is 4, we've just witnessed Blackie and Billie take 1 in a car to the Hospital bro, it seemed bad, Blackie actually looked concerned, and Steven and Joe have quitted the gang. They've left Dave all on his own" Duff informed Nikki.
"Ah Fuck!"

KC woke up, she had some IV's in her arms, which she then ripped out. Other than that she felt better. Better than when she last woke up, choking to death.
"I'm off!" she mumbled, she slipped her Black chucks on and stormed out. Not realizing Blackie was trailing behind.
"Come with me" Blackie's first words were when she stepped outside.
"Back to the Lair" Blackie said as if it was no big thing.
"Fuck you!!"
Billie pushed her from behind, "Fuck off!" KC swung at her. "Why was in there anyway?" KC pointed at the door. "OD?"
"Carbon Monoxide Poison" Blackie imformed her, "Nice".
" ya coming"
"NOPE!" :)
KC swung at him, "I fuckin' nearly died because of YOU! You sonofabitch!" KC was letting out her fighting skills again.
A kid approached, a very familiar looking kid.
Sabastian Bach.
"hey Bach!" she waved at him,
"Hey!" he embraced her.
"Now's not time, Blackie and Billie..."
"We need to go!" KC left Blackie and Billie standing there speechless.

She headed straight into the apartment, "Guys?"
No reply.
She kenw that they'd be at The Lawless Lair.
"Aw fuck! Bach can I use your help?" she asked.
"yeah sure, anytime for you."
"Oh one more thing, what happened that time I woke up next to you on the floor,just before I was flung in hospital for getting shot"
"Well I came over to chill with ya for a while, you were so drunk! you must've forgot about what happened. Nikki came onto you and you were like 'Ah! I love Vincey and the penguins!' Sabastian did an impression of her.
"Oh well I guess everyone's insane!" KC laughed.
They seen Nikki's new porsche outside, KC got an idea.
His keys were in the car, as always. Off they sped to The Lawless apartment.

Eventually the others arrived, waiting for the Lawless' to arrive back. Tommy and Mick went ahead inside to sort out Dave.
Slash, Duff and Jennie kept watch.
Blackie and Billie arrived back, Duff was confused how KC wasn't with them. Slash must've knew (well Slash HAS common sense) that KC would've probably ditched Blackie and stormed outta hospital or something.

After a couple of minutes Nikki's porsche pulled up at the sidewalk.
That kid Sabastian, with KC emerged. Nikki nearly dived out of his hiding place, "NIKKI! WE'LL GET CAUGHT, YOU FUCKIN' IDIOT!" Vince dragged him down.
"...Are we still going through tunnels?" Slash asked out of the blue.
Chloe rolled her eyes and signalled KC and Bach over.

"Now we're just going in there with the guns and assasinating them all!" Nikki grinned.

"Dude, we don't have guns O_o" Duff scratched his head, he whispered something to Vince and sniggered.

"Well we have the damsel now we just have to.....", Duff thought for a minute, "Kill em?"
"I'm NOT a fuckin' damsel" KC rolled her eyes.

"Well...we'll fight to the death!" SLash raised his fist,
"Whatever, lets go" KC grabbed a hold of Sebastian's arm.

"Lets go through the front door!" Steven suggested.
"that's just ruined the plan" Jennie groaned.

"Back door it is" KC led them.

When they ended up in the ilving room, The Lawless gang were just sitting there, Billie was sitting on Blackie's lap, while he was having a long drag out of his cigarette. dave was smoking and reading an issue of the Rolling Stone, C.C was just standing in a corner.
Tommy and Mick were heard fadingly banging on a door.

"hi" Dave greeted them and placed his issue on the table.
Billie turned around and aimed a gun, she shot it right at the first person she seen...........
Becke dodged the bullet, she rolled over and hid behind the chair Dave was sitting on, everyone raised a brow at her actions, they must think she's scared?
She pulled out a gun and shot it right at Billie, it knocked her gun out her arm, "OW! MY FIRING ARM!" she dropped her gun and clutched her wound.
Becke sniggered and held her gun ready.
dave and Blackie backed up to the fireplace, getting ready for the attack.
"i thought you all said we didn't have guns?" Nikki asked confused,
"Shut up and defend!" Chloe handed him her switchblade, she ran off in the direction of Mick and Tommy's curses.
"Why don't we settle this like men?" Blackie asked Nikki.
"What are we here for show?!" KC snapped talking about herself, Chloe, Jennie and Becke.
"Well Jennie, Becke we'll go for Billie, Nikki and Vince can have Blackie and Duff and Slash can have Dave". KC planned.

They all spread out thorughout the room.
Jennie swung at Billie.

"hang on Mick, I'll have to get a crowbar!" Chloe yelled through the door, she ran into the kitchen looking for any tool to burst the door open.
"OKay hurry, cos it's a bit breathless in here!" Tommy mumbled,
"Oooh Mick and Tommy sitting in a-"

She found a hammer, and started hitting it against the side of the handle, eventually she decided to make a hole in the door, she kicked it through and hit it with the hamer.

"What about C.C?" Steven asked,
"Oh I forgot about you!" Nikki turned round, he aimed Chloe's switchblade at Steven's neck.
"Leave us the fuck alone or HE gets it!" Nikki warned.

Blackie twisted KC's arm, she bit him and whacked him on the face.

"Alright we'll go, this is the last of us! No one's won! We're better off just stopping this gang shit and get back to our bands" BLackie announced.

Dave glared at him, "But it's fun! CC even likes it!"
"No I don't! even Steven and Joe hated it and they're gone, not comin' back, that's gonna be the same with me!" C.C protested.

Nikki nodded in agreement, they all sroppde whatever they were holding.

Chloe finished smashing up the door, Mick and Tommy came tumbling out unable to breathe, Tommy embraced her and whispered a thanks, with a kiss on the forehead, he left into the scene in the living room. Mick tumbled out after him and forced Chloe into a hug, "thanks you saved me from dying of suffication and the annoyance of Tommy Lee!" he kissed her, she deepened it and they had a make-out session against the wall.
"I forgot where we were then" Chloe adjusted her top, they headed into the living room.

"Bye!" KC actually hugged Blackie.
Billie sat in the corner with a grumpy looking Dave, they may have missed the scene, but they had a good make out session and ending.

All of them boarded Tommy's van, Besides KC she got Sebastian out of his hiding place, well he wasn't trained for all this.
They sped off back home in Nikki's porsche, ahead of Tommy's van.

The next day after the certain events that occured, Storm headed home from her last day at school before Christmas, she headed in for a shower, while her dad laid downstairs snoring on the couch.
She had a small cassette player in the bathroom, so she decided on putting her Ozzy - Blizzard of Ozz album on.
She heard some weird noise but shrugged it off, when she finished and wrapped her towel over her, it was halfway through Mr Crowley.
She started having these images in her head that she has never seen before, it looked like that woman Billie or whatever her name was, looking younger...but she never seen waht she looked like when she was younger, and she didn't wanna.
She picked up her bathrobe and put it on.
When she got into her Bedroom, she poured out a glass of smoothies, as she was drinking it she could've sworn she seen Randy Rhoads. As she turned round she dropped her glass in shock.

Nikki woke up to the sound of thunder, it was dark already and it was 5.30pm, Storm should be home now, he heard her voice, as if she was talking to someone, probably on her phone, he turned the T.V on and browsed the movie channels, he settled with Young Guns 2, he started thinking about KC he still did love her, but she's Vince's girl...which sucks.
After the movie he still heard Storm's voice, now this was a really long conversation, her cellphone was downstairs and she wasn't on the house phone. 'Maybe she has a friend in?' he decided to go upstairs and investigate, 'what if it was a stupid boyfriend?!'.

Storm's jaw dropped, "What the?"
"This is getting more freakier than that time Tommy kissed me!" Storm muttered.
He started an introduction, of 'I'm your guardian angel' Storm listened intently, she nodded at some stuff he said and she started understanding why he was her guardian angel, and of course he is dead, it's his spirit.
She wasn't religious, but she liked it.

Nikki knocked, when he entered, Storm was just sat there...alone.
"I Heard your voice for two hours straight were you talking to anyone?" he asked curious.
"Nope, maybe you were hearing things, well I was singing"
"Oh I thought you were at ransom or something...sorry" he left back downstairs.

A few soloutions:
KC and Vince got married
Chloe and Mick married too, had kids.
Duff and Jennie were engaged, had a kid. Until they split and Jennie married C.C DeVille.

Becke was married to Tommy, they divorced and he married and divorced Pam.
Becke is now dating Izzy Stradlin. They had 2 kids.

Blackie and Billie married and they had one kid, who is the same age as Storm.

Dave went back to his work with Megadeth instead of annoying KC and the others.

Sequel up next!
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