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Life's Leathal Twists

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A simple story about how Shay shapped Shane's life.

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Shane’s life was a normal and routine that revolved around her friends, the girlfriend she has at the time, working as a part-time hairdresser and co-owning a business. She never thought her world would change, until she met him. Her little brother, Shay, had had the same thing happen to him as Shane had happen to her when she was his age. She had hoped she wouldn’t have to think about it ever again, but she new she’d have to.

When Shane was a little girl, her parents abandoned her on the streets to live on her own in the harsh world. She was unable to hold a job due to her age and couldn’t attend school, so she was forced to wander the streets, stealing what she needed to get by. Once she came over age, though, she applied for a job to pay her way into hairdressing school. When she was little she idolized hairdressers through the windows. Now her brother has had the same misfortune happen to him, but he was luckier than she was to have someone to fall to.

Shane never new what Shay could do for her life until he was there. He caused her to meet a woman whom she enjoys being around and allowing her to settle down and know what it’s like to have a family and the stress to hold up a family other than just herself. Shane even became a role model for Shay and new the price of sacrificing everything for the need of another, Shay.

This all was true until that one awful day. Every single moment of every single day, Shane wishes her little brother would come back to her. She misses him so much, but knows she will never see him again.

A/N: I'll leave it up you all of you on what actually happened to Shay. :) Reviews are always nice. :D
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