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We're Just Two Men as God had Made Us

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Em, the girl next door is a valuable member of Panic! At the disco. Singer, dancer, lyricist, choreographer, lead female, and all round fantastic addition to the team! Join her as we watch how she ...

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A plot bunny that wouldn't leave me! This may change rating later, depending how far I take certain scenes.

Yeah, the character of Em is based loosly around me, the feelings I have for certain band members (hint hint) and all lyrics and poetry in here are original.

Various guest celebrities coming soon.

And I don't know how we're just two men as god had made us.
- My Chemical Romance

It’s funny how one person can count something in their life as being simple, and not of great importance, whereas another can think it’s a huge deal and make something big out of it. I am in the initial category. I am best friend with three of the four members of the new hit band to come out of the U.S, Panic! At the Disco. I myself am originally from Britain, then I moved to Australia for Middle High, and then to America for Freshman Year of High School. It was the year I met Ryan Ross, a senior at my school with a passion for music, just like me. We met one day in the music rooms at lunchtime, where he was working on something, and I came in to practice my singing. We became friends quickly, partly due to the music room thing, and because we seemed to have a lot in common – we both liked the same style of music and bands, the same books, same movies, same everything so it seemed – and through Ryan, I met Spencer Smith. Ryan graduated at the end of that year, I became a sophomore, Spencer became a senior, and I was introduced to another of Ryan’s musically inclined friends, Brent Wilson. Halfway through that year, Ryan and I met Brendon Urie in a guitar class and we became close friends. Within a month, we had started up a band and posted demos on the internet; Brendon on vocals and piano, Ryan on guitar and backing vocals, Brent on bass and Spencer on drums. I was there to dance – I wanted to be a choreographer – and to do some singing as well, although I didn’t get recorded. A few weeks later, Panic! At the Disco and I, Em, met Pete Wentz from the hit band Fall Out Boy, and became official recording artists. But you all know how that turned out. We sold multi-platinum copies of our debut album, ‘A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out’, won many awards, did many tours, lots of interviews, and much more. But I am telling my side of the fame and fortune, starting five months ago, at a show in Fairfax, on the 11/11. It was a day that changed my, and Ryan’s, life forever. If you haven’t already worked out, I am noticeably younger than the rest of the members of Panic. Jon has turned 21, Ryan turns 21 in 5 months, Brendon and Spencer are 20 later this year, and I am only 16 – I turn 17 all of three days before Ryan’s 21st birthday. But on that fateful night, my age difference didn’t matter.

So, Panic At the Disco have dropped their exclamation point, annouced that they're headlining the Honda Civic Tour, put out a sample of a song on myspace and announced the title of their album released on March 25, Pretty. Odd.

What do you guys think of it all? Personally, I think it all rocks, but the lyrics to We're so Starving are pretty...well...un Ryan Ross-like... you know what I mean?

Anyway, comment on it all

Also, do you like the new looks Spence, Bren and Ry have gone for?

Tell me what you like

You know you love me - Xoxo
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