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Under the Moonlight

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When Hotaru visiting Chibiusa her usual midnight, she hope Chibiusa realize about her feelings. This part LiveJournal 55themes

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Disclaimer: Characters of Tomoe Hooter and Chibiusa don't belong to me; they belong to Takeuchi Naoko and Toei Animation. I just using they for entrainment purposes.

The alarm rings prompt Hotaru waking up at midnight to her nightly ritual for past two weeks.

To see her best friend and current crush Chibiusa at the Tsukino household and growing feelings of love building within. She left note for her parents to take walk outside to seeing her.

The cool, spring air felt onto her face where she walks toward her destination. At first she was confused with these feelings but after talk with Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna she did realize that she falling for her best friend.

For couple weeks of now she making her daily visits to Chibiusa's bedroom was formerly Usagi watch the pink-haired princess from the future. It one-sided and feels she couldn't compete with Helios because Chibiusa reminding him of his maiden.

"The moon is beautiful tonight", Thought Hotaru. "It reminds of her," She just reaches the Tsukino's house and climb through the window. "She's beautiful with moonlight making her a goddess,"

She watching the sleeping Chibiusa with melancholic looks on her eyes and feels she can't have something unattainable like her best friend.

She wants to curse Helios's name because he loves her and she want marry him in the near future. She is a Sailor Senshi and denied by the fact it forbidden between a princess and her guardian.

Lucky her parents able still be together in spite being Sailor Senshi and forgiven by Usagi when they tried kill Hotaru after the Pharaoh 90 incident. Chibiusa have her mother grace and purity that reflects in her eyes.

Chibiusa felt a presence in the room. "Who is there?" Hotaru is silently praying for gods Chibiusa not noticing her among the shadows. Chibiusa adjusting her eyes in the darkness of the figure in the room.

Hotaru in the corner of the room hearing her heart beat heighten with fear. What if she has discovered her lingering over her? "I want know who is in the room with me?" Hotaru try regaining her composure and felt pair of eyes watching her.

"H-Hotaru that you there?" "Shit! She seeing me in this pathetic state and wondering why I'm in her room," "Hotaru why you doing in here?" Hotaru fanatically trying find an excuse.

Chibiusa got out of the bed and walks toward Hotaru. "Hotaru what the problem?" Chibiusa Asks calmly. "I have insomnia and took a late night walk." Hotaru laughing sheepishly. "How you end up in here? You could wind up waking Kenji-papa, Ikuko-mama, and Shingo," "I-I don't know. Hotaru is lying through her teeth.

Chibiusa examining Hotaru for the truth and believes her. "Hotaru you sure anything not wrong with you? You're breathing hard," Hotaru turn her head away from Chibiusa.

"Nothing wrong with me," She force a smile. "We need go out for walk and discussion your insomniac problem." Chibiusa starts changing clothes in front of Hotaru. She stares at Chibiusa's body and how she develops over the years. Hotaru caught herself staring at her. "Geez I just ogling at Chibi-chan," A pink blush appears on the cheeks.

"What happened Taru-chan? Your face red all over," "O-Oh that nothing," Both left through the door without disturbing anybody. Hotaru kept looking at her duration of the walk. "She just most beautiful woman I ever met," Chibiusa watching Hotaru with great interest. "Taru-chan what you thinking about?" This snaps from her reverie and back into reality.

"Thinking how we're still friends and we always keep in touch with each other," She struggles with coming some words. Chibiusa spotted a park. "Let's talk about it," The two of them sitting on a park bench. It was silent until Chibiusa broke the ice. "Your behavior are puzzling and isn't like you," Hotaru lowered her eyes. "I like this person but I am afraid that person won't knowledge the same thing I have felt," "I have these feelings for that person and she in love with another. I feel I can not compete him for her,"

She was staring at Chibiusa with sadness. "That person is you Chibi-chan," Chibiusa examine her features and start to smile. "I am flatter Taru-chan. I guess you like me," "Chibiusa you are part of my world without it isn't worth living," Hotaru not looking at her.

"You love Helios, Chibiusa?" "I assume don't have any room in your heart for two people," "I am in your way between you and Helios?" "Give the word and I stop loving you,"

Hotaru start ready to leave and Chibiusa stopping her. She reaches toward her and cup her chin. "No Hotaru the person I love is also you," This surprises her. "Every night for past two weeks I sensing you in the room and felt your presence," "Mama said the person whom you end up with are your side always," "Yes I used love Helios but it a stupid childhood infatuation and felt sad for him because I reminding him of his maiden from the past," "I always love you Hotaru because you are my angel,"

Chibiusa gave her deep passion kiss linger over a few minutes. "Wow! That a kiss!" "That more to it," Chibiusa resuming the kiss and aftertaste felt in her mouth. "Hotaru let's go home so before our collective parents having a fit," "Chibiusa thanks for returning my feelings," "I relive because I'm afraid ruining our friendship," "Hotaru you're my friend and now my lover I won't leave you alone anymore,"

Both of them walking back in hand and hand.

Author Note's: This story I done for LiveJournal 55themes community and it little angst but I usual write shoujo-ai angst with happy endings. Bye everyone

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