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Introducing Cami.

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A short introduction, that i'm also calling the first chapter, cause i'm lazy. enjoy!

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Nearly all the guys wanted her. Almost every girl wanted to be her.
Camille, the girl who years before, no one knew.
She came to Washington High School a freshman, wrapped in an enigma, shrouded in mystery, tied up in one gorgeous package. Now a junior, considered the most 'popular' girl in school. She could definately get any guy she wanted, any time she wanted.
But she didn't want any of the Washington High boys. A bunch of mindless jocks and creepy geeks, all of them. They weren't her type.
You could say she was the 'darkest' kid in her small town. She wore black most every day. Somehow, though, she made friends with all the preppy girls. They secretly hated her, and she openly hated them, but they would still hang out.
Camille certainly wouldn't be seen outside of school with them.
Of course not.
In more public places, she'd walk alone, catching the eyes of many. It was mostly a mix of envy, desire, and disapproval that she got. She enjoyed, even preferred to be alone, but all that changed when her school got a transfer student.
A student by the name of Mikey Way.
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