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Passion For Him

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A love disease stricken girl turns her emotions into writing.

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A/N: Whassup folks? I didn't write this. I did edit and revise it though. My friend Amber wrote it. It's her first this. I hope you guys like it.

Passion for Him

Why do I feel this way? What has possessed my mind into thinking such a thing? Why does it only feel like it's me feeling this way? The reason is him!

When I look at him, my heart flings around in my chest. Can't he see that. No, it's on the inside, hidden away. My voice bounces involuntarily which of course, is not the most controllable thing... He's not in a huge clique and other people don't see him beautiful. I think he's the ideal human in the highest clique. So why haven't I told him? Two reasons: 1) He's going out with someone else. 2) He's my best friend!

My loved one, my sacred one, my best friend. What should I do? If I'm to do anything, it should be soon! My heart will be thrown against the wall and shatter into what could have been. My tears mark my face with love not given. Damn it. Why doesn't it go away? I'm not lovesick. It's so much more than that. It's my disease. Love, love, love! Damn it. Deny thy, and refuse thy girlfriend!

I don't want to feel this way. Trust me; loving him is not I had in mind, because I love our friendship. Yet it still haunts with it's melody calling to me me like a siren, swimming in my distressed mind. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's just a little crush I've had for 2 years. You know I'm still an amateur at love. I could be mistaken only I cannot have a dream without him or it becomes a nightmare!

Advice? Wait until he breaks up with her...Don't even tell him, it'll ruin your friendship...kiss him. Exploooooooooooooooodeee! All these are wise, but the harsh reality is I don't believe they will work. Why is love such a cruel, abusive emotion?

Maybe I don't give,"I need you to love me," vibe. I think that might be it!? I have a lot of good men friends that are very charming (for a fact0. I guees they don't feel my passion for love. Maybe that's why he doesn't feel any emotions toward me! Wait, he thinks of you as a sister! Shut-up! Damn it, I want more. Need more? Or something different?

I need a boyfriend to take it off my heart for a while. That's I crave for! Maybe, but I'll spill the beans to him anyway. Please, God, let him see the love I hold inside for him, I love Him!

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