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An Odd Meeting

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Doctor Who/Torchwood crossover. This was written for my friends, Iryna and Lauren, and it’s totally a joke about our “fan-dom” for Doctor Who. The Italics are thoughts, and the Italic Speeche...

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The Master and Captain Jack Harkness were waiting out on the street corner, hoping to get their ‘meeting’ underway.

“Dear God, what is taking the Doctor so long to get here?” Commented Captain Jack. The Master just shrugged his shoulders. Three minutes went by, and still no sign of the Doctor.

“Maybe he’s over the rainbow in La-La Land.” The Master said sarcastically. He kicked a passing can towards Jack, and Jack just stepped on it, not looking very amused. Suddenly Jacks right hand went up to his right ear.

“Hello? Yes Ianto? Oh, Russia huh? Okay, thanks. I love you.” Jack pulled his hand away from his ear.

“It appears that our good friend, The Doctor, is in Russia. That was Ianto, one of my employees at Torchwood informing me of his whereabouts.”

“Do you say ‘I Love You’ to all of your employees?” A smirk came across the Masters face.

“No, only the employee that I’m having sex with.”

“Whoa, too much information man.” Jack looked at his feet blushing. All of a sudden, the sound the TARDIS makes when it reappears could be heard all around, and it appeared right next to where the Master was standing, causing him to fall over in surprise, right onto Jack. They toppled to the floor, and a smile of contempt came over Jack’s face.

The Doctor poked his head out the door of the TARDIS.

“I’m not late am I?” The Master sprang to his feet, and Jack looked a little disappointed.

“Yeah, only about an hour.” Said Jack, walking towards the Doctor.

Suddenly, music could be heard.

“I’m A Barbie Girl, In a Barbie World…”

Everyone looked around, trying to find the source of the odd music, until the Master pulled out his mobile. The Doctor and Jack started cracking up laughing.

Damn wife, changing my ring tone like that, thought the Master.

“Nice ring tone Saxon.” The Doctor continued to laugh, but Jack stopped.

/Oh how I miss Ianto...this is his favourite song after all/, thought Jack.
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