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Don't Go there

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Torchwood. Jack finds out the internet can be a dangerous thing.

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Captain Jack Harkness was in his office, looking at the internet to see if there were any traces of the Doctor online. He thought that his best bet was to search Wikipedia, since it was one of the worlds fastest growing databases for well, everything.

After loading the internet, and Wikipedia, he typed ‘the Doctor’ into the search bar, hoping it would show some information on his whereabouts, or what he was up to.

“Come on Doctor, give me some help.” He muttered under his breath. Jack clicked on the link of companions, to see if anything about Martha could be found, and after finding the ‘Tenth Regenerated Doctor”, clicked again. He saw his own name listed, and just had to take a look at what Wikipedia had to say about him.

“The Boeshine Peninsula, well, they’ve gotten one thing right. And yes, nickname true. I wonder what would happen if I searched my nickname…?” So Jack typed in ‘The Face of Boe’ into Wikipedia’s search bar, and was repulsed to see what he would truly become.

“I’m…A giant head in a jar!?” Jack exclaimed. He his the desk in horror at the thought of being a giant head in a glass jar, and printed off the pages of proof.

Once the pages were printed, Jack marched back into the main hub, where stood Ianto, Owen and Gwen, yelling as he went.

“Guys, I’m going to turn into a giant tendrilled head in a jar.” He started to sob quietly.

“Sir that will never happen. You’re too sexy to turn into something as ugly sounding as that.” Said Ianto, walking up behind his Captain and giving him a kiss on the back of his neck. Jack turned around, and shoved the print-outs into Ianto’s hands.

“Read that, and then tell me otherwise.” Ianto got busy reading the papers, and took in a sharp breath.

“Holy shit! He is going to be a giant head in a jar.”

The End…

Please don't ask where this came from, and even better, don't ask what drove me to post it!
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